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Keter (ケテル, Keteru?) is the First Region in the Neighboring World and is associated with Origami Tobiichi.


When Kurumi arrived in Keter, the layout resembled a town once lived by humans, even complete with a replica of her old school. However, Kurumi theorizes that Keter was originally empty, and the changes in scenery were caused by Sawa arriving there first and gaining the title of Dominion by default. During their final battle, Sawa uses her power as Dominion to recreate her house from her own memories in order to gain a home-turf advantage against Kurumi.


Since Keter is rumored to be able to send someone back to the real world, it is the main goal of Kurumi Tokisaki, as well as the White Queen’s objective. According to Maya, opening a portal to the real world is possible in the First Region Keter. However, that also has a good chance of collapsing the entire Neighboring World upon opening the gate.

Due to no records of any Quasi-Spirit ever reaching Keter, the position of Dominion ended up going to Sawa Yamauchi, who was the first person to arrive there. Just before Sawa passed away, she handed down the position of Dominion to Hibiki Higoromo. However, that act was shortly-lived, as Hibiki abdicated the position moments later to depart for the real world. Afterward, the position of Keter's Dominion remains vacant, with Maya noting that finding a replacement there isn't a high priority when compared to the other regions.


Keter's Compile presumably allows access to Origami Tobiichi's memories. However, during the brief visit to Keter, no Compile has been documented.

Known Inhabitants[]

Unlike the other regions, Keter's near-mythical status meant that it was never accessible to other Quasi-Spirits. Consequently, this meant that there were no Quasi-Spirits living there at all prior to Kurumi and Sawa's entry into this region.


Keter is directly connected to Binah and Chokmah via closed pathways. It has been stated to be sealed off with no method of contact between other Regions, and the other Dominions have stated that traveling there is nigh impossible. In truth, this is a masquerade that Maya Yukishiro wishes to uphold. The gate to the First Region Keter can be found in the Reiryoku pipelines underneath the Second Region Chokmah.

Keter also contains a gate that is connected to the real world. Opening the gate requires authority granted from Keter's Dominion. Due to the impending catastrophe to the Neighboring World caused by Mio Takamiya's demise, Hibiki opened the gate with the intention of severing the Neighboring World's connection to reality afterward. Departure to the real world is also extremely risky, as voyagers are required to relinquish their Reiryoku-made bodies in exchange for physical bodies made of flesh and blood. For Quasi-Spirits who have no recollections of ever having a physical body, the perilous process of physical incarnation can lead to them losing themselves in the process.


  • Keter means crown in Hebrew.
  • In the Kabbalah, Keter is the topmost of the Sephirot of the Tree of Life.
  • Keter is associated with the color white, which matches the color of its corresponding Spirit Origami and her Sephira Crystal.



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