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Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (陸上自衛隊, Rikujō Jiei-tai?), also known by the abbreviation of JGSDF, is the main branch of the Japan Self-Defense Forces responsible for the land-based military operations. It is the de facto army of Japan.

Anti-Spirit Team (AST)[]

The Anti-Spirit Team (対精霊部隊アンチ・スピリット・チーム, Anchi Supiritto Chīmu?. lit. "Anti-Spirit Unit"), also known by the abbreviation of AST, is a special secret unit of Wizards within the JGSDF which appears in the story. The team is designed to suppress and eliminate the Spirits with lethal force, although they have yet to accomplish this before the Spirits escape or return to the Neighboring World. The public is only aware that a JGSDF disaster relief corps is responsible for fixing the damage caused by Spacequakes. Their work is deemed like 'magic' by the public due to restoring ravaged towns in an impossibly short time period.[1] Every AST member has a Combat Realizer Unit (CR-Unit) and Combat Wiring Suit as standard equipment. Currently, it is shown that the AST is made purely out of females and for the most part, teenage girls.

The AST has access to its own hospital that secretly uses Medical Realizers (医療用顕現装置メディカル・リアライザ, Medikaru Riaraiza?. lit. "Medical Manifestation Apparatus"), and may forcibly remove visitors who try to see patients currently under their treatment. Additionally, under the JGSDF, they also have a secret military train for underground transportation. They have a training facility to periodically test Wizards and their equipment through mock combat sessions. [2]

As a result of DEM manufacturing their Realizers, the company has a degree of control over the AST. Westcott was even rather casually able to change Origami's removal into house arrest through the bribe of a new Realizer model. The company was even able to personally mobilize the AST to defend its Japanese headquarters. DEM Wizards also had access to AST facilities and equipment. [3] However, due to DEM's indifference to civilian casualties and Origami and Mana's warning, the AST members ultimately chose to rebel against DEM and side with Ratatoskr during the Game Over Timeline.

After the entire year without any Spacequakes, the future need for the AST was called into question by Ryouko, who noted that they no longer had any Spirits left to fight against. However, Origami reassures her former teammates that the Realizer is a priceless tool for national security purposes as a deterrent against other countries. Therefore, those compatible with such a tool would be highly valued and their positions should remain secure from that alone. [4]


Known AST Members[]

Former AST Members[]


  • Tohka originally referred to the AST as the "mecha mecha squad."
  • Based on Date A Live Episode 6, it can be concluded that there are at least 20 Wizards in the AST.


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