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Itsuka Residence

Itsuka Residence

Location Information
Kanji 五河家
English Itsuka Residence
Novel Volume 1
Anime Date A Live Episode 1

Itsuka Residence (五河家?) is a private two-story house where the Itsuka family live.


The house was purchased in the past by Kotori's parents, Haruko and Tatsuo Itsuka. This is a spacious two-story building designed for an entire family, which is why some rooms are empty. There is a large balcony and a garage that is not in current use. The living room is connected to the kitchen and forms one large room. In the living room, there is a large TV and a games console, so the Spirits occasionally come to play various games. In general, the room is standardized to include: a kitchen, bar counter, dining table, refrigerator, microwave, and other kitchen paraphernalia. In the portion of the living room where they eat, there is also a sofa, kotatsu table, and TV. Although the house is equipped with Spacequake shelter features, it is not designed for a comfortable life for Spirits, which is why sometimes incidents occur here. For instance, Yoshino can easily freeze the bathroom and break the boiler that heats the water in the house. Consequently, the Spirit Mansion was built next door to the house in order to serve as a domicile for the Spirits.

In terms of individual rooms, Shido's room is also ordinary and includes a large bed, a wardrobe with books and textbooks, and computer desk holding a futuristic personal computer with three transparent screens. The room has two windows, so Shido can easily talk to the Spirits from the neighboring building. Meanwhile, Kotori's room has not yet been shown in its entirety.



Spirit Mansion[]

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