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Tohka Dead End[]

Tonomachi is introduced as Shido Itsuka's friend and classmate. He first notices Shido talk to Origami Tobiichi, a newcomer to their class, and misinterprets this as Origami already getting close to Shido, who didn't know Origami's name when she called Shido by his name. Tonomachi also reveals that Origami came third in a list of 13 most wanted females, while he himself came last in his own self-compiled list of 358 most wanted males.

As lunch approaches, Tonomachi becomes jealous over Shido's admission to having lunch with a girl, but calms down once he hears the girl in question being Shido's little sister Kotori. A Spacequake alarm then sounds, forcing everyone at Raizen High School to evacuate to shelter. Tonomachi then witnesses Shido leave the shelter over his worries for Kotori.

The following day, before class, Tonomachi reacts without a word when he sees Origami lead Shido somewhere.

Yoshino Puppet[]

Tonomachi is among the males in Shido's class jealous over Shido's popularity with females, after seeing both Tohka and Origami make cookies for him.

The following day, before class, Tonomachi shows Shido a reader's poll for the gravure magazine he was looking at, which asks whether the next issue should have a nurse, maid or miko on the cover. Shido doesn't agree with Tonomachi's choice, and distances himself. Tonomachi then fails to elicit a response from the arriving Origami.

Kurumi Killer[]

Before the first homeroom session, Tonomachi writes the names "Itsuka" and "Yatogami" on the chalkboard under a love umbrella diagram. Tohka sees the diagram and worries that she's being stopped from going to school with Shido. Shido glares, and Tohka worries that Shido will explode. Tonomachi responds by shouting angrily and running away.

Yamai Tempest[]

Tonomachi is in class when his homeroom teacher Tamae announces that the school trip's location had changed, and they are to be split into gender-segregated groups during the trip.

At their destination's public baths, Tonomachi leads the other males at the male bathing area as they seek to peek through the gap in the fence between them and the female bathing area. He notices Origami peek through the gap from the other side, thus blocking his view.

Later on, when classmates Ai, Mai and Mii ambush their guide Ellen Mathers, they get her to pose in a sand sculpture featuring Tonomachi. Ellen eventually breaks free from the hole she fell into, but throws Tonomachi into it before leaving.

During the journey to the airport at the end of their trip, Tonomachi pesters Shido over the "fun" he had with the other girls.

Miku Lily[]

Tonomachi attends Raizen High School's pre-festival assembly held at the gymnasium. He informs Tohka of up to 90 food stalls at the festival, then informs Shido of a student named Miku Izayoi who transferred to the Rindouji Girls' Academy at the start of the year. Tonomachi then puts his hand up to declare his nomination for Shido to be the executive of their Tenou festival committee. With other males putting their hands up to agree, Ai, Mai and Mii duly appoint Shido to the role.

Later on, during festival preparations, Tonomachi notices the cross-dressed Shido emerging from a cubicle in the men's bathroom and calling Tonomachi by name. Without recognizing him as Shido, Tonomachi duly chases him out. The following day, Tonomachi informs Shido of this encounter, still unaware of his subject's real identity.

Natsumi Search[]

Tonomachi is repulsed by Shido's inappropriate advance towards him, and informs the real Shido about it when he arrives late to school, while remaining unaware that the perpetrator was actually Natsumi in disguise.

Tonomachi ends up becoming part of Natsumi's "find me" game, and Reine sets Shido up to meet him inside a sauna. There, Shido maintains communication with Reine and is directed to touch Tonomachi. Tonomachi's response convinces Shido that Natsumi is not disguising as him. But because of this, Tonomachi is absorbed into <Haniel> two days later, only let go once Natsumi's disguise is finally found out.

Natsumi Change[]

The day after being freed, Tonomachi lets Shido know of his "body experience" having noticed that he had fallen asleep for three days. Tonomachi then finds out that Ai, Mai and Mii had similar experiences, believing themselves to have been the "chosen ones" determined to defeat the "Obscene Monster" Shido. Tonomachi casually lets the trio know of Shido's attempt to touch him inside a sauna. Later on, another <Haniel> spell suddenly strips Tonomachi of his clothes right in front of Shido, forcing him to flee again.

Shido later calls up Tonomachi to help with Natsumi's makeover, though he claims only to be inviting Tonomachi to meet a girl at a hotel lounge. Tonomachi immediately assumes the girl to be a fancy ojou. Shido says the girl is sickly and doesn't often go out, but claimed to show eagerness at meeting Tonomachi upon seeing a picture of him. During the actual meeting, Natsumi accuses Tonomachi of taking a bribe to secure the meeting, and then interprets Tonomachi's subsequent words negatively, causing her to rampage and be restrained by undercover Ratatoskr staff.

Tobiichi Devil[]

On the day after the timeline was changed, Tamae does the attendance register for her class. Tonomachi's name is called out, and he confirms his attendance. To Shido's surprise, the subsequent name called out is not Origami Tobiichi, causing him to eventually inquire.

Itsuka Disaster[]

Tonomachi reminds Shido of the physical measurements for P.E. class. He subsequently witnesses Shido break a hand dynamometer and set new records for the handball throw and 50-metre run.

Mukuro Planet[]

On the first school day of the new year, Tonomachi arrives in class early, informing Shido that he saw Tamae at the staff office. Tonomachi then witnesses Tamae's outburst at her love life followed by a meteor hitting the school sports ground.

Mukuro Family[]

On the day after Mukuro is brought back to Earth, Shido goes to his class and greets Tonomachi, but Tonomachi does not remember Shido.

Kurumi Refrain[]

On Valentine's Day, Tonomachi leads a group of his classmates jealous of Shido receiving chocolates, by taking out a piece of chocolate with Shido's name engraved on it, and crushing it with a nail.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

On the morning of February 20th, Tonomachi passes Ai, Mai and Mii on the way to school. Tonomachi lets out a sneeze, having been warned by the trio that he wasn't wearing enough. He refuses to believe the trio's rumor that Shido added another girl to his "zoo", the one who calls him "Nushi-sama". However, he agrees to investigate the rumor by bringing it up in front of Shido. Just then a Spacequake alarm sounds, forcing them to take shelter.

Mio Game Over[]

Moments after Mio is awakened, Shido is teleported away, finding himself inside the Spacequake shelter that Ai, Mai, Mii, Tonomachi and Tamae took refuge in. Noticing the absence of Tohka and Origami from their class, the trio and Tonomachi agree to let Shido go. As the trio restrain Tamae to prevent her from stopping Shido, Tonomachi holds back a P.E. teacher coming to her rescue, and witnesses first-hand, Shido's use of <Michael> to open a portal out of the shelter.

Mio True End[]

In the new timeline, Ai, Mai, Mii, Tonomachi and their teacher Tamae are cornered in their Raizen High School classroom by Bandersnatch units deployed by Isaac Westcott. Fortunately, Tohka arrives in time to save them.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

A year after Mio's disappearance, Tonomachi is in attendance at one of Tamae's last homerooms, and notices Tamae wearing a wedding ring, which means that she's getting married.