Hiroto Tonomachi

Hiroto Tonomachi 3

Kanji 殿町 宏人
Romaji Tonomachi Hiroto
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 175 cm
Weight 62 kg
Blood Type B
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Gray
Personal Status
Affiliations Raizen High School
Occupation Student
Novel Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Episode 01
Japanese Anri Katsu
English Nick Haley

Hiroto Tonomachi (殿町 宏人, Tonomachi Hiroto?) is Shido's classmate and friend.


Hiroto is Shido's friend and classmate.


Hiroto is a teenager with swept-back spiky black hair, blackish gray eyes. He is only seen wearing his school uniform, but in Rinne Utopia's preview, he is seen wearing a red T-shirt with a white shirt. The collar of his school uniform is seen to be unfastened. He is 175 cm tall, as stated from the anime.


Hiroto is a rather straight-forwarded boy who is not shy to express his emotions to the opposite sex openly, as opposed to Shido. He seems to be able to keep his calm under any situations like a spacequake. However, this changes when he is interrupted while playing his dating sim.

Shido describes Tonomachi as a person that is the best in going with the flow, and good with his words.


  • Light Novel
    • Appearances:
      • Volume 1-3, 5-6, 8-9, 12, 14-17
  • Manga
    • Date A Live (2012)
      • Appearances: Chapter 1
    • Date A Live (2013-2014)
      • Appearances: Chapter 1


  • He plays a gal game which is known as 'Fall in Love: My Little Seed' on his mobile phone and has a girlfriend with a striking resemblance to Kotori, with the only difference that both her hair and eyes are pink in color. (Anime Only)
    • The game is part of Fraxinus' servers as Hiroto gave a name suggestion for when Shido was giving a name to Tohka.
    • He was the one that gave the name "Tome" out of the potential names, although Tohka found it insulting.
  • According to the first episode in the anime series, there is a rumor about Tonomachi that he "swings both ways."
    • In Volume 8 this is proven to be false as when Natsumi was disguised as Shido and made a move on him, he was noticeably very disturbed by it.
  • According to Shido, Tonomachi is a Nurse lover.


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