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Tohka Dead End[]

Shiizaki first appears when Kotori introduces Shido to her crew aboard <Fraxinus>. Shiizaki is introduced by her epithet as Nail Knocker, the person who brings suffering to love rivals using straw dolls. She tells him that Shiizaki will be a part of the group assisting him during his second encounter with the nameless girl.

Yamai Tempest[]

Shiizaki is the first among the <Fraxinus> crew to notice the ship come under attack. After reporting the loss of 20% of Territory on the port side, Shiizaki warns of a second attack, forcing vice-commander Kannazuki to order the crew to deploy Protect Mode. Worried about Kannazuki's handling of the situation, Shiizaki secretly makes a call to Kotori. Kotori fears the worst regarding Kannazuki's behavior, but calms down when told that the <Fraxinus> is being attacked by an enemy ship. Kotori reassures Shiizaki of Kannazuki's competence in emergency situations.

Miku Lily[]

During Ratatoskr's strategy meeting with Shido regarding how he should approach Miku the second time around, the crew at <Fraxinus> unanimously agree to cross-dress Shido. Shiizaki shows up with a various cosmetic tools, intended to teach Shido how to apply makeup.

Shido comes back from that date having been challenged by Miku to beat her school at the Tenou festival contest. Kotori has Shiizaki spy on Miku's school in order to know the performance roster in advance.

After Miku's school fails to win, she brainwashes the audience using <Gabriel> and performs another song. Shiizaki and Reine, who were away from the bridge and didn't hear Miku's performance, remain unaffected by the brainwashing, but are unable to stop a brainwashed Kotori from attempting to fire <Mystletainn> at Shido, due to the interventions of still-brainwashed Kozue Minowa and Kyouji Kawagoe. Thankfully, Mana Takamiya arrives in time to knock Kotori, Minowa and Kawagoe unconscious.

Miku Truth[]

Shiizaki is the first on <Fraxinus> to report Tohka's Spirit powers falling to a Category E reading. Hearing this, Kotori realizes that Tohka has become inverse.

Natsumi Search[]

Shiizaki informs Kotori of a call from Ratatoskr headquarters, causing Kotori to let go of Mana in order to take the call. Later on, while the <Fraxinus> tracks Shido's initial confrontation with the Spirit <Witch>, Shiizaki notices that even Kannazuki chose not to vote for the inappropriate option given in front of them.

Natsumi Change[]

Shiizaki comes across Kotori walking the corridors of the <Fraxinus>, not knowing that Kotori is actually Natsumi in disguise. She lets "Kotori" know of Tohka's current location on board. Later, during Shido's search for Natsumi who had disappeared, Shiizaki informs Kotori that the <Fraxinus> has reached the point where they can fire at the satellite falling on Tengu City before it explodes.

Tobiichi Angel[]

<Fraxinus> comes in direct contact with an enemy ship interrupting their attempt to retrieve the Spirits being attacked by Origami Tobiichi. Shiizaki notices the enemy ship throw out a transmission line to them, and Kotori orders to be connected to the line.

Tobiichi Devil[]

The Ratatoskr crew watch Shido's date with the new-timeline Origami, and when given places to choose on where Shido takes Origami to, Shiizaki wonders why a love hotel is among the options.

Itsuka Disaster[]

The Ratatoskr crew watch, from a secret underground facility, Shido's arrival at a Ratatoskr-constructed water park in the middle of the forest, where the Spirits had gathered in their swimsuits. When the crew note the effectiveness of the Yamai sisters' attempt at seducing Shido by licking an ice cream in front of him, Shiizaki and Minowa secretly suggest having the same thing done in front of their male colleagues.

Nia Creation[]

After Shido's latest checkup, he greets Nakatsugawa and Shiizaki, both of which had returned to the Ratatoskr base having gone out shopping for Kotori's favorite brand of lollipop. To hide her disinterest at Shido's conversation with Nakatsugawa, Shiizaki quietly takes a call before excusing herself.

Two days later, Shido secures a date with Nia and the Ratatoskr crew monitor it. Minowa and Shiizaki agree that if Shido complimented Nia's clothes, it would be taken as a sarcastic insult.

Mukuro Planet[]

Shiizaki witnesses Shido's attempt to make contact with the Spirit <Zodiac> in space. She alerts the crew at <Fraxinus> to <Zodiac's> interest in Shido repeatedly "reviving" himself. <Zodiac> remains unaware that Shido was controlling a Realizer from the comfort of <Fraxinus'> bridge.

As with every other Ratatoskr crew member, Shiizaki is given a dressing-down by the repaired <Fraxinus'> new AI, MARIA, who refuses to recognize her straw dolls in the bridge.

Later on, MARIA encourages Shiizaki to calm down when <Fraxinus> appears to come under attack, and Kannazuki voices likewise. As expected, several DEM Wizards infiltrate the bridge and point their guns at the crew. After Nakatsugawa knocks out one of the Wizards in retaliation for breaking his Valkyrie Misty doll, Shiizaki pulls out a straw doll, revealed to be a voodoo. She restrains the Wizard who would have shot Nakatsugawa at point-blank range, allowing Kannazuki to strangle that Wizard. In turn, MARIA reviews her policy of prohibiting miscellaneous items at the bridge.

Mukuro Family[]

The day after Shido secures a date with Mukuro, she is nowhere to be found. Shido discusses the next steps with Kotori and the rest of the <Fraxinus> crew, with Shiizaki suggesting that Mukuro ran away on her own. Just then, Mukuro appears from a spatial portal and drags Shido through it.

A while later, Shiizaki reports a heightened Spirit reading from Tohka and Origami, both of whom they were monitoring. The findings lead Kotori to suddenly remember the Spirit that she forgot about.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

Shiizaki is first seen onboard <Fraxinus> taking a command to retrieve the Spirits from the Spirit Mansion.

A while later, Shiizaki is informed of DEM's plan to attack Ratatoskr, and informs Reine of an emergency meeting to discuss countermeasures. After that meeting is disbanded due to concerns over the enemy snooping, Shiizaki begins issuing support requests to Ratatoskr's worldwide affiliates.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

When Kotori hears of a suspected Spacequake response nearly one year after the disappearance of the Spirit of Origin, she interrupts a café break with her friends, in order to monitor the situation onboard <Fraxinus>. Shiizaki greets her when she arrives, and Kotori hands over her bag to be looked after.

Tohka Good End Second Half[]

A few months after the disappearance of the Spirit of Origin, Shiizaki drives Mukuro to her former foster parents' home, on her request. Mukuro requests for Shiizaki to stop at an observable distance away from the visited house. Shiizaki alerts Mukuro once she sees the family leave their home and enter their own car.