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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.


Volume 1[]

DAF Bullet 1

Hibiki introducing herself to Empty

Hibiki first appears in the story disguised as Kurumi Tokisaki: more specifically, using her body. She is first seen in Malkuth, waiting for somebody on the city streets. Upon meeting a girl named Empty, who is actually Kurumi in Hibiki’s body, Hibiki introduces herself as Kurumi Tokisaki and eludes to knowing who and what Empty is. After answering Empty’s incessant questions about her existence, she states that she’s there to meet an opponent. She engages in battle soon after against a Quasi-Spirit named Yume Inui, and kills her with ease, much to Empty’s amazement and fear. Hibiki then takes Empty with her to the school building and announces that she will kill the Quasi-Spirits in there and participate in the killing game set up by the Doll Master.

Hibiki then enters the school building with Empty in tow, presenting her invitation to a doll and, after gaining entry, enters the classroom where the other Quasi-Spirits have gathered. She orders Empty to act as either her bait or decoy. Upon entering the classroom, Hibiki introduces herself as Kurumi Tokisaki to the others and states that she is a genuine Spirit while full of self-confidence. This incites a mixture of emotions, mainly fear and anger, from the others in the room. After her introduction, she sits down and orders Empty to gather intel on the others for her. In the meantime, each of the Quasi-Spirits heads out, with Hibiki going last due to drawing the short straw.

Hibiki and Empty are immediately ambushed by Aiai Nogi upon leaving the classroom, however, Hibiki dispatches Aiai with ease and without visible remorse. She harshly rebukes Empty for questioning her ruthlessness, and the two leave the scene. At dusk, Hibiki elects to retire for the night, stating that tomorrow will entail more killing. They enter a house and Hibiki retreats into the bedroom, leaving Empty alone. However, Empty finds Hibiki sobbing incessantly against a pillow after going to wish her goodnight.

The next day, after breakfast, they go to the mall. Instead of going there to shop like Empty presumed, Hibiki plans to wait for an inevitable ambush. Once revealing this to Empty, they are immediately attacked by Ayame Takeshita and Isami Hijikata. Their attacks are largely ineffective, and Isami is killed. At this moment, a Compile event occurs. She and Empty are separated, and after killing Ayame, Hibiki is attacked by Sheri Musika and is forced to flee.

She is then approached by a doll who informs her that Empty was taken as a hostage, and she elects to go and rescue her. Hibiki, using Kurumi’s shadow powers, sneaks through the shadows and pretends to kill Empty in order to lure Sheri and Furue Tonami into a trap. It was revealed that Hibiki had taken precautions after anticipating a move a trap and ambush, and turned the tables on the two in order to throw them off. She succeeds in killing Furue, however, Sheri proves to be a tougher opponent and a counterattack costs Hibiki her right arm. She opts to chase after Sheri, who is killed.

Hibiki and Empty return back to the house they stayed at the day earlier, and Hibiki reattaches her amputated right arm. The two share some time together, and Hibiki’s façade as Kurumi falters. She hints at her true identity before Empty shakes her out of it, fearing that Hibiki is turning into an Empty. Hibiki regains her composure, but she is soon ailed by the pain of reconnecting her arm. She and Empty discuss love after Empty’s experience falling into the Compile, before Hibiki reveals that she had an important friend, and reveals that her plan is to kill the Doll Master in order to avenge her friend- later revealed to be Yue Hiryu. The two then fall asleep.

Hibiki is confronted by Tsuan the next morning, who reveals that they are the only two left alive. Hibiki accepts Tsuan’s challenge to fight, and the three leave to find a more suitable battleground. However, Hibiki attacks Tsuan stealthily and without warning. The two engage in an intense battle, with Tsuan proving to be a difficult opponent. The two are forced to a stalemate, with both exhausted and sore after a vicious battle. They are interrupted by the dolls of the dead participants of the killing game, who have been released from False Proxy's storage body. Hibiki grows enraged after seeing the disgusting parody of the Quasi-Spirits that were killed over the past few days, but has the wherewithal to tell Empty to hide, and vaguely reveals the truth about her identity to her. She doesn’t elaborate, however, and instead forces Empty to hide in the sewer system below the city.

Hibiki then fires a shot with her flintlock and sets off an explosion, detonating over 200 Astral Dresses in order to achieve a cataclysmic level of destruction that flattens a large portion of the city. Hibiki presumes victory and goes to sit down, noting that her vengeance will soon be realized. Panie approaches her after hearing her murmuring about Yue and reveals a doll. That doll is Yue Hiryu, and Panie orders the doll to kill Hibiki, stating that if she was truly Kurumi Tokisaki, she would have no issues with dispatching this particular doll. However, her horrified reaction makes it abundantly clear to Panie that Hibiki is not Kurumi. She opens her arms to the Yue doll, as if to embrace her, and accepts being stabbed through the chest.

Empty then manages to save Hibiki before she is killed, and puts distance between them and Panie in order to try and tend to her wounds. Hibiki, in a badly injured state, finally reveals the truth to Empty. She tells Empty, who is the real Kurumi Tokisaki, that she is Hibiki Higoromo and had stolen Kurumi’s body through her Unsigned Angel <King Killing> after finding her in a near-death state in Malkuth. She took her body, personality, and powers all in order to avenge Yue, in the only way she knew how. The two then return to their true bodies.

DAF Bullet 11

Hibiki crying after shooting Doll Master

After Kurumi massacres the dolls and brings Doll Master down from her headquarters, Hibiki finds Kurumi loitering in the debris. She thanks Kurumi for healing her, before approaching Doll Master. Kurumi tells her that she wanted Hibiki to deliver the final blow as it was her desire to enact revenge. Hibiki takes Kurumi’s flintlock pistol and aims it at Doll Master. Ignoring the dolls trying to protect her and after expressing her sympathy for Doll Master, she shoots her. Shortly after, she breaks down into tears as a way of expressing her mixed emotions.

Hibiki then offers to follow Kurumi Tokisaki on her journey through the Neighboring World. Since she's achieved her life goal of revenge, she has nothing else to do. Hibiki states that her Sephira fragment is telling her to follow Kurumi, and upon Kurumi accepting, cheers happily. As the two then two prepare to set off to the Ninth Region Yesod, Hibiki begins to explain to Kurumi the importance of idols in that region.

Volume 2[]

Hibiki and Kurumi leave Malkuth after Hibiki demonstrates the painful process of passing through the gate. After running over the Shamayim Kaveesh and entering through the gate to Yesod, the two are confronted by a small guard squadron who are terrified of the intruders. Hibiki tells Kurumi to surrender, and after identifying themselves (and encouraging Kurumi to lie about her status as a Spirit), Hibiki asks to see the Dominion: Mizuha Banouin. She is confused, recalling the Dominion is Rinemu Kirari. Nonetheless, she accepts that there is a new Dominion, and she and Kurumi go to find her.

During their trip, Hibiki acts like a tour guide. She points out the various occurrences playing out around them, naming buildings and explaining the ways of Yesod and idols to Kurumi. They arrive at the Dominion’s building shortly after, and Kurumi inches towards violence when dealing with Mizuha's receptionist who denies their request to see Mizuha. Hibiki quickly diffuses the situation, explaining that killing someone now would end Kurumi’s journey almost immediately. They are then able to get through to see Mizuha, who states that she will only open the gate under the condition that Kurumi is to debut as an AA rank idol. Hibiki displays expert negotiation skills, having brought down Mizuha’s original statement of S rank to AA rank to try and increase Kurumi’s chances of achieving the difficult task. Suddenly, they are interrupted by a Quasi-Spirit who gushes over Hibiki, stating that she is a legendary idol producer that goes by the name “Hibi. P”. Hibiki changes into a suit and dons sunglasses to prove the legend and to inspire Kurumi.

DAF Bullet 2 03

Hibiki training Kurumi

The two then reconvene in a local café and talk over tea. Hibiki manages to convince a begrudging Kurumi that becoming an idol, despite her disgust, is the best and only way to advance further. Kurumi eventually agrees, and the two head off to train. Hibiki is shown to be a tough, competent, and supportive trainer, which Kurumi appreciates very much despite how exhausting it is. After a week passes, she prepares Kurumi on the day of the performance and encourages her. After her performance, Hibiki congratulates her, before their reverie is stopped by none other than Tsuan, who goes on to perform and blow Kurumi’s performance out of the water with her own, much to Hibiki’s horror and annoyance. After her performance, the host announces the standings of each participant. They are informed that Kurumi failed to meet the agreed criteria, as she debuted as A rank rather than AA. Hibiki, annoyed, confronts Mizuha with Kurumi and attempts to gain some form of leeway in changing Kurumi’s rank by questioning her involvement with Tsuan, but Mizuha shuts it down. Hibiki and Kurumi leave thereafter, dejected.

They return to the café, and Hibiki points out that no matter what they do, they’re going to be in Yesod for a long time. Their discussion is cut short as the two overhear a conversation between two other Quasi-Spirits, Rinemu Kirari and Mayuka Momozono. Hibiki is shocked upon seeing the ex-Dominion, and eavesdrops on the conversation the two are engaging in. They witness Rinemu, on Mayuka’s instruction, hurry off to retrieve the <Voice of the Moon> from the Dream Cradle to restore her voice. However, Hibiki and Kurumi overhear Mayuka’s true ill intentions, and once she and her bodyguard Rook leave, Hibiki and Kurumi go after Rinemu.

After catching Rinemu and exchanging some verbal spars, decide on an agreement. They agree that if they help Rinemu retrieve the <Voice of the Moon> and she returns to her position as Dominion, she will let Hibiki and Kurumi pass onto the next region. They begin their journey and talk about the Empty and the regions. Hibiki is elbowed by Kurumi, but Hibiki notably responds in a strangely delighted manner.

The group then arrives at a building mostly segregated from society, and the three go take a shower with Hibiki washing Rinemu’s hair to try and distract her from her self-deprecating thoughts. They then elect to go to bed, with Kurumi and Hibiki sharing a bed. The next morning they set off once more, and end up in the Dream Cradle, where they witness an Empty die before their very eyes. This leaves Rinemu distraught, and Hibiki elects for the three of them to stay as a group and search for the <Voice of the Moon> together in order to support Rinemu and ensure she doesn’t miss it due to her shaken-up mood.

After scouring the area to no avail, Hibiki points out that they had checked everything but the roller coaster ahead. The three fly up towards it, and discover a black rain that supposedly holds the <Voice of the Moon> within it. The issue is that the rain subjects those who walk into it to memories: the memories of Miku Izayoi, the Spirit of Yesod. Hibiki follows Kurumi in, trusting that Kurumi using Dalet will suppress any mental damage done by the rain. They note that Rinemu, especially in the state she is in, might not survive it. Nonetheless, Rinemu follows them in as well.

Rinemu wonders how Hibiki and Kurumi can withstand the rain, to which Hibiki replies that this kind of malice isn’t foreign to her due to her past and her time in the Tenth Region. Kurumi urges Rinemu on by stating that she and Hibiki are her fans, and so they continue. They eventually find the <Voice of the Moon>, and after retrieving it, go to leave. However, Rinemu is still nervous. Sensing this, Hibiki begins muttering to herself until she comes up with a plan, and excitedly rushes their departure, leaving the other two confused as to what she devised.

They are all attacked by mercenaries sent by Mayuka upon leaving; however, Kurumi kills them before any harm can be done, much to Rinemu’s horror. Rinemu tries to reason that Mayuka probably wasn’t the one who sent the mercenaries, but Hibiki puts her into a choke-hold and forces her to faint, cheerfully stating that Kurumi’s influence inspired her to be ‘tougher’. They then move on to the Central District. Hibiki reveals that her plan involves Tsuan, Rinemu, and Kurumi forming an idol group and singing together on the main stage.

They track Tsuan down, and Hibiki in her “Hibi. P” persona, cannily announces that she wants Tsuan to join in order to return Rinemu’s voice and her place on stage. After informing Tsuan that helping them will make Kurumi indebted to her, this prospect results in Tsuan immediately accepting the offer.

DAF Bullet 2 07

Hibiki encouraging the trio before their performance

After some time elapses, Hibiki organizes the group’s collaboration and choreography for the performance. Soon after, they hijack the concert by sweeping Mizuha from the stage during her song. Their song is a success until Rook charges onstage and steals the <Voice of the Moon> from Rinemu. Kurumi and Rook trade blows, resulting in the latter fleeing. Hibiki then rushes over upon Kurumi’s request, and is told that she is to follow Kurumi into battle against Rook. Hibiki accepts. Upon engaging in battle with Rook, Kurumi has Tsuan obscure Rook’s vision with a blizzard. It is revealed that Kurumi and Hibiki organized a strategy via cell phone where Hibiki would copy Kurumi’s body and confuse Rook, allowing Kurumi to sneak up behind Rook while Hibiki, disguised as her, kept her attention for long enough to deceive her. Hibiki states that she’s proud to be relied on for such an important task, and says that she knew it was worth risking her life for Kurumi, and to hear words of gratitude from her.

Before killing Rook, Kurumi hesitates upon hearing a sound from Hibiki. She rushes over to Hibiki, who is in the process of having a spear removed from her body by Tsuan. Hibiki smiles and cheerfully states that she succeeded, which earns her a punch in the head from Kurumi done out of care due to her reckless behavior.

They are then approached by the White Queen, leaving Hibiki shocked and uneasy at the turn of events. After a disturbing display of the slavish dynamic between the White Queen and Rook, Kurumi orders Hibiki to run. Hibiki doesn’t like the idea and hesitates until Kurumi requests that she wants Hibiki to call for help. Regretfully, she does as she’s told and escapes.

Volume 3[]

The White Queen defeats Kurumi in battle and takes her as a prisoner in an injured state. Since transporting her back to Binah requires a warp gate, the White Queen and Rook leave the gate open. Hibiki, who hasn't fled the scene yet, takes the opportunity to jump after them while brimming with determination to save Kurumi.

DAF Bullet 3 03

Hibiki disguised as a Pawn

Kurumi wakes up in a cell with a clone of herself. After establishing boundaries, who they are and the enemy that is the White Queen, they hear someone’s voice and see the iron gate to their cell open. Through it steps one of the White Queen’s Pawns, wearing a maid’s outfit and wheeling a cart for the prisoner’s meals. Kurumi instantly recognizes the Pawn as Hibiki, judging from her appearance, though she is immediately horrified upon seeing that the Pawn has no reaction, expression, or life in her eyes. She doesn’t respond to being called Hibiki until the gate slams shut behind her. It is only then that she drops her act completely. The Pawn is, in fact, revealed to be Hibiki, who has infiltrated the White Queen’s castle by using her nearly identical looks to those of the Empty to her advantage. Kurumi embraces Hibiki painfully but appreciatively, and Hibiki states that she won’t apologize for rescuing her. After they pull away, they realize that they can’t escape unless the chains binding Kurumi are broken. Hibiki states, upon being asked, that her Unsigned Angel, <King Killing> isn’t physically powerful enough to cut through the chains. Her claws aren’t made for melee, but more for the symbolic plundering of identity. Kurumi asks Hibiki to retrieve Zafkiel, which had been taken from her by the White Queen, and Hibiki is appalled at being asked such a difficult feat. They realize that the White Queen is absent, and Kurumi comes up with an idea upon hearing this: Hibiki disguises herself as the White Queen and steals Zafkiel. It's dangerous, but Hibiki accepts and extracts the memories of the White Queen’s appearance, demeanor, voice, and speech patterns from the Kurumi clone’s memories as she knows her appearance well due to being subjected to torture by her hand.

Hibiki then leaves the prison in disguise and is still incredibly nervous. The Empties in the castle assume she is the White Queen as her imitation is perfect, however, the issue lies not within her appearance, but her manner. Hibiki is conscious of the fact that any imperfection or wrong moves will result in her being found out and likely executed. She follows the clone’s directions and runs into a small group of Pawns. She addresses them like she assumes the White Queen would, and she is told that Rook is looking for her, which chills Hibiki. She knows that Rook and the White Queen have direct conversations often, thus meaning that Rook knows the White Queen’s mannerisms better. Furthermore, Hibiki’s combat ability is swamped by Rook’s, and she is concerned that she will be killed easily upon being discovered. Nevertheless, Rook approaches her and Hibiki succeeds in diverting her away, instead opting to follow a nearby Pawn to the treasure room where Zafkiel is held.

Hibiki talks to the Pawn as they walk, and curiously asks her if she’s happy, to which the answer is yes as she is able to serve the White Queen. Hibiki’s conscience hinders her, and she finds herself wanting to encourage the Pawn to value life more. However, she is also aware that saying such a thing will compromise her, and begrudgingly replies as the White Queen would. Hibiki also ponders over the fact that her thoughts about Kurumi are similar to those of the Empty to the White Queen. This comparison ends up troubling Hibiki deeply.

They finally reach the armory, and Hibiki again struggles with the urge to persuade the Pawn to not give up her life so easily upon hearing her words. She holds herself back, before reaching for Zafkiel’s flintlock pistol. Upon hearing the Pawn mock the pistol, Hibiki accidentally slips into Kurumi’s personality, the residual traits still within her mind after her time in her body, and has to cover up her uncharacteristic response with a joke. Nonetheless, she takes Zafkiel and thanks the Pawn for her services. This turns out to be a dreadful mistake, as the Pawn suddenly snaps and becomes eerily still, asking why she was thanked. She then declares that Hibiki is an imposter, and goes to shoot her dead. Hibiki acts first, and shoots the Pawn, killing her instantly. Realizing that the gunshot would have alerted anyone in the castle, she breaks into a sprint back to the dungeon.

Hibiki arrives back safely, giving Kurumi her gun. Kurumi breaks herself free from the chains with Zafkiel. They agree to leave, with Kurumi trying to leave her clone behind until Hibiki urges her to bring her along as well, and cuts through the tension the two have. She also dubs the clone as “Kurumi II.” Hibiki offers to help Kurumi II up, and is declined before Kurumi II realizes she can’t walk. Hibiki then picks her up, deciding to carry her while they make their escape. Kurumi kicks open the door, and upon being greeted by a group of Pawns, uses the <City of Devouring Time> to kill them. The trio then feel the castle shake, assuming a Compile is occurring. It is revealed that Rook is rearranging the castle to prevent their escape. After the rearrangement, they set off to try and escape Binah before the White Queen’s return. They talk during their journey, with Kurumi expressing her annoyance over Hibiki stealing her body back in Malkuth, and the two engage in somewhat friendly banter.

They eventually come across a garden, exclusively made up of flowers. Hibiki queries if they’re able to escape, seeing as the sky is visible in the garden, though it is revealed that the sky is fake, and Kurumi isn’t able to pass above a certain level due to an invisible barrier in the way. Kurumi II renames herself as Cistus, inspired by the beauty of the flowers surrounding them.

After a long time of running, they finally reach a door that marks the end of the field of flowers. Kurumi touches it and is suddenly aged down to seven years old, much to her horror and Hibiki’s delight. Hibiki gushes over young Kurumi, much to her annoyance. They wonder why the room’s decorations and furniture are so large, with the chairs being nearly ten meters tall. They get their answer shortly as a giant monstrosity enters and attacks the three of them. Kurumi is slammed into the wall by the giant, dubbed ‘Jabberwocky’, and Hibiki opens fire on it with Kurumi’s pistol to no avail. The trio is saved by giant playing cards in the form of 2D girls, revealed to be the product of Carte À Jouer’s <Servante Éphémère>. After being led away, they meet with Carte, who promises to lead them to a room that holds the key to returning Kurumi’s age back to normal, but requires a battle against a creature called the Snark. Hibiki takes a disliking towards Carte, and it isn’t long before the two fire petty verbal jabs at one another in mutual hostility. Cistus silently communicates with Hibiki that she doesn’t trust Carte, to which Hibiki agrees.

The group travels through the castle and another room before reaching one filled with Empty hanging by their necks from the ceiling, akin to zombies. Hibiki and Carte start arguing again, wanting the other to go first until Kurumi volunteers, and ends up triggering all the zombie-esque Empty into attacking them, until Hibiki ensures the next room is safe and they all escape, along with Carte’s cards.

Their journey continues, and as they systematically travel through the castle, Hibiki reflects on Carte’s strength after seeing her fight, noting that her skill comes less from brute force and more from strategy and trickery, much like Kurumi. They reach a door that has an astronomical clock on it, and are required to solve a riddle in order to enter, which they do after everybody pitches in their knowledge. Hibiki and Carte are left behind to guard the door, while Kurumi and Cistus go to hunt the Snark. They succeed in killing it, find the room where Kurumi’s lost time is stored, and systematically plunder it by destroying watches that change her age after inviting Hibiki and Carte back in. Hibiki seems to lose control after seeing Kurumi’s various appearances at different ages, and promptly suffers a nosebleed as a result. Hibiki also cries once Kurumi returns to her usual age, saddened over the loss of seven-year-old Kurumi. At this moment, a Compile occurs, and the Jabberwocky returns. Wanting to see her memories of the real world, Kurumi dives into the Compile without hesitation, and after experiencing it, kills the Jabberwocky. Hibiki and the others rush in, and Hibiki states that she hopes Kurumi doesn’t run away again, like she did when the Compile occurred moments ago. Despite sounding cheerful, Hibiki is gloomy and worries that Kurumi will leave her.

Carte and Hibiki eventually have privacy at Carte’s request, and after being asked why, Carte immediately accuses Hibiki of ill intentions towards Kurumi. Hibiki is appalled and shoots back a retort, with the two readying their Unsigned Angels and Carte’s cards surrounding Hibiki. Hibiki falsely declares that she has evidence of Carte’s malicious intentions, which flusters her. After bickering some more, Hibiki asks Carte if she has ever met Cistus before, to which she confirms. Hibiki, feeling uncomfortable, questions why Carte pretended their encounter earlier to be their first as if she had never met Cistus. Carte says that she did so at Cistus’ request. Hibiki then realizes that this was a trap, and that Cistus was deceiving both of them in order to harm Kurumi. They race to try and stop Cistus, but they are interrupted by a squadron of Empties. While fighting, they continue to argue until their enemies are dispatched by a seven year old Kurumi, who was resurrected from Kurumi’s shadow. She leads them away, while Kurumi after having swallowed Cistus into her shadow, prepares to fight the White Queen.

Kurumi nearly loses the battle, and Hibiki and Carte return to see her on the brink of death. Hibiki realizes that any action is futile until Kurumi suddenly turns the tables and lands a deadly blow on the White Queen. They manage to stall the White Queen, and young Kurumi yanks Hibiki and Carte away while Cistus steals the White Queen’s saber in order to slice open an escape route, with all of them fleeing at the expense of young Kurumi’s life. The White Queen tries to stop them, but she is unable to do so in her wounded state.

The emergency escape causes Hibiki and Kurumi to be separated. Hibiki and Carte awaken tied up in a foreign area, being questioned by Retsumi Jugasaki on whether or not they will join her rebellion, or side with Kareha Banouin.

Volume 4[]

After having been transported to Hod alongside Carte who quickly vacated the region, Hibiki and Ace of Spades, one of Carte’s playing cards, are drafted into Retsumi's rebel army, opposing Kareha's army in the mock seaside war. Hibiki adapts to the role of a soldier, ranked Private as she’s a new recruit. Retsumi accosts Hibiki after a speech to her soldiers, and Hibiki takes on a leadership role under Retsumi’s guidance. She and the other soldiers then go on a run to train. Hibiki asks to sing a song, and upon Retsumi’s permission, begins to sing a song about young Kurumi from the previous volume. Hibiki is promoted almost immediately, and Hibiki catches on that Retsumi appears to be a soft touch, and remarks that so long as she fits in, it should be easy to get away, though she fails to recognize that she is often easily distracted.

Throughout each mission they take as soldiers, Ace of Spades and Hibiki forge a strong bond, with Ace of Spades explaining that if she did not have a master prior to meeting Hibiki, she would immediately accept her as her master. As a compromise, she offers a vow of sisterhood to Hibiki. Hibiki, flattered, accepts and declares herself to be the older sister. Having been promoted once more to Lieutenant, Hibiki under Retsumi’s guidance orders the soldiers to line up after their run to listen to a speech by Retsumi, who declares that they will soon launch an attack on Banouin castle.

During training the next day, Hibiki is asked about Kurumi’s whereabouts. Upon discovering that Kurumi is not in Retsumi’s rebel army, Hibiki realizes the grim reality that Kurumi must have joined Kareha's army: the opposition.

DAF Bullet 4 03

Kurumi watching Hibiki pick out a swim suit

As Kurumi conspires with Kareha and the two exchange information, Hibiki is promoted to Major and is leading her squad training session alongside Ace of Spades. Ace of Spades notes Hibiki’s skill, worldliness, and kindness has produced a squadron with high morale and a high level of skill. They then decide to go and choose swimsuits. Due to her Hibiki's ranking, she is given the pleasure of choosing her own swimsuit. As she is rifling through the options and chattering amongst other Quasi-Spirits, Kurumi spots her. Hibiki is none the wiser despite Kurumi being in such close proximity as the latter leaves with another Quasi-Spirit before Hibiki can notice. However, Hibiki does explain to Ace of Spades that she felt a shiver cross over her body, and the two joke that it was like Kurumi had been watching them.

Later, Hibiki persuades Retsumi to launch a surprise assault on Kareha’s forces the morning before the end of their training. As Hibiki’s squad initiates their attack, they’re stopped by Kurumi. Livid, Kurumi praises Hibiki’s expertise in leadership. Kurumi then shoots down one of Hibiki’s soldiers beside her. Despite this, Hibiki notes that Kurumi looks cute with the target attached to her and compliments her swimsuit with a smile before frantically ordering a retreat. Hibiki runs as Kurumi mercilessly shoots down Hibiki’s soldiers with <Zafkiel> converted into a water pistol. Hibiki retreats with Ace of Spades, and as they do, they run into a battalion of Kareha’s soldiers. Hibiki cleverly uses <King Killing> to swap identities with them, forcing Kurumi to shoot down her own companions in an attempt to hit the fleeing Hibiki. While apologizing and swapping bodies one last time, Ace of Spades, Hibiki, and Retsumi’s remaining soldiers manage to jump onto a rubber boat and escape to the sounds of Kurumi’s angered screams.

Back at Retsumi’s side of Hod, the former berates Hibiki for losing, to which Hibiki profusely apologizes, saying that she didn’t expect Kurumi to be quite so angry. Ace of Spades offers up the possibility that Kurumi was worried and angry as a friend at the idea of Hibiki being on her own enjoying herself without Kurumi. Dramatically lamenting this issue, Hibiki then declares to figure out a countermeasure against Kurumi’s ire in order to defeat her.

After being promoted to Commander, Hibiki discusses the process of becoming an Empty with Retsumi and bonds over the shared experience. They also briefly touch on the White Queen's influence spreading throughout the Neighboring World, before focusing on their plan against Kurumi. Ace of Spades then interrupts and explains that she could be of assistance in beating Kurumi. Hibiki comes to a realization at this and smiles devilishly as the two of them formulate a plan.

After Yui Sagakure announces to Kurumi that Hibiki is expecting an audience with her, Kurumi sets out onto the beach. Hibiki is waiting for her, supposedly alone, although Ace of Spades is with her but out of sight. Hibiki engages Kurumi in conversation to stall her, and compares their relationship to that of Romeo and Juliet in order to keep her from opening fire. Irked by the fact that Hibiki compared her to Romeo, Kurumi insists that she would be Juliet. Hibiki begins to move backwards, leading Kurumi to a trap she had set up before. Kurumi follows, keen to keep arguing, but she also sees through one of Hibiki’s traps. She shoots it, and Hibiki whines that she has been exposed. However, while Kurumi gloats, Hibiki launches phase two of her plan. Ace of Spades launches out from the sand with a blade. Ace of Spades slashes for Kurumi’s target, and as Kurumi leans back on reflex, she misses. Ace of Spades instead slices clean through Kurumi’s bikini, exposing her chest. Hibiki balks at this, satisfied as she falls back and faints whilst bleeding from the sight of Kurumi's chest, while Ace of Spades uses Kurumi’s hesitation as a chance to stab right through her target.

Sometime later, Hibiki wakes up from her unconsciousness and asks who won. Kurumi doesn’t answer her clearly, and after Hibiki accuses Kurumi of being cruel upon finding out how bloody she is, Kurumi explains that this was her own doing. Kurumi then asks her if she remembers anything, and Hibiki quickly catches on that she is asking if she saw Kurumi’s chest. Fearing Kurumi’s anger, she lies, and Kurumi regretfully concedes. Hibiki asks Kurumi if she admits defeat, to which Kurumi says yes. After asking Hibiki again if she saw anything, to which Hibiki refuses, the two part ways to their respective army bases with Cistus launching a surprise attack on Hibiki that doesn't succeed.

After informing Retsumi that she beat Kurumi, Hibiki is promoted to colonel. Retsumi then admits to Hibiki that she has no plan for the future, especially if they win the final attack on Kareha’s forces tomorrow. This stuns Hibiki, and after confirmation that Retsumi failed to think about anything beyond beating Kareha, she is even more stunned by the admission that Retsumi and Kareha are in fact close friends. Hibiki and Ace of Spades realize that if the rebel forces and Kareha’s discover that the war was in fact not serious, it may cause an influx of Empties. Therefore, the three of them then agree to keep it a secret.

The next day, Hibiki, Retsumi, and the soldiers launch an attack on Kareha’s forces. Hibiki, while not as heroic and focused as Retsumi, commands her subordinates with clear and calm judgment. In response to Kareha herself launching onto the battlefield, Hibiki gives the order to concentrate on defense, then push forward. Kareha easily dispatches most of Hibiki's squad, prompting Hibiki to change tactics, although her soldiers are too stunned by Kareha’s power to react. Retsumi then gives complete command to Hibiki and goes to suppress Kareha herself.

Retsumi is victorious, eliminating Kareha from the war and defeating her. Upon hearing Kareha state that Retsumi is now Dominion of Hod and that anybody who wishes to challenge that has to defeat Retsumi themselves, Hibiki asks what everyone should do next. Retsumi blurts out that she will organize a party to celebrate.

During the party, Hibiki and Kurumi meet up again. Hibiki is pleased by this, and Kurumi immediately asks her again if she saw something when her swimsuit was snapped by Ace of Spades, to which Hibiki declines. The two then idly chat, before they’re distracted by the spectacle of fireworks. Hibiki then uses sparklers of her own and plays around with them. The fireworks show is over soon though, and Hibiki grunts in annoyance. Kurumi then declares that they should move on to Netzach as soon as possible, much to Hibiki’s discomfort. Thankfully, even larger fireworks are set off by the rebel army, and Kurumi, thinking of the man from the other world says she’d rather not watch the fireworks, inwardly wanting to watch them with him instead. Hibiki follows Kurumi as she tries to locate Retsumi, and upon being given directions, they start to find her.

They stumble upon the scene of Kareha holding a bloody Retsumi, who had been attacked by Todou, a rogue soldier of Retsumi's, in an attempt to assassinate Kareha. Kurumi tries to revive her with <Dalet>, and while it heals her wounds, fails to actually bring her from unconsciousness. Kahera flees, nearly completely giving into becoming an Empty, leaving Kurumi and Hibiki with the issue of a near-dead Retsumi. Hibiki suggests that Kurumi should go and fight Kareha to bring her back from Emptiness, and regarding Retsumi, Hibiki says that she can attempt to pull her back. Kurumi questions her, and Hibiki explains that she can invade Retsumi’s memories with <King Killing> and bring her mind back to the surface. Kurumi doubts the likelihood of the idea working, and Hibiki elaborates further, explaining that when she plunders identity, she is briefly connected to a Quasi-Spirit’s soul. She says that she plans to nearly steal Retsumi’s identity, then quickly release <King Killing> to bring her back, but states that it is incredibly risky and unlikely to succeed. They then decide that they should use Kareha in the act, connecting her to Retsumi using <King Killing>. Kurumi then leaves to retrieve Kareha after Yui informs her of her location. Hibiki expresses concern but ultimately lets her go.

Kurumi returns with Kareha, and asks Hibiki what to do next upon seeing the still unconscious Retsumi. Hibiki then takes Kareha’s hand, and after explaining what to do, presses <King Killing> into Retsumi’s chest and connects with her. Kareha is then forced into Retsumi’s soul and mind.

As Kareha and Retsumi talk within Retsumi’s mind, Hibiki interrupts them hurriedly. She explains that they need to hurry, and within Retsumi’s mind-landscape, gestures that the landscape is crumbling due to the fact that she is usurping Retsumi’s identity. If Hibiki is swallowed by the fissures, she will replace Retsumi in reality. She shakes Retsumi, urging her to fly up with Kareha so Retsumi’s mind surfaces and forcefully ejects Hibiki.

Retsumi is saved and awakes. While she and Kareha reunite in the real world, Hibiki relishes the fact that she’s sleeping in Kurumi’s lap and refuses to move, pretending to be asleep. Hibiki does eventually wake up though, and smirks alongside Kurumi as Kareha teases Retsumi. Kurumi then ushers Hibiki outside, and reveals that Kareha is unlikely to stop becoming Empty and will most likely completely be consumed by it, to Hibiki’s distress. Hibiki suggests that she should become Dominion elsewhere through fighting, but Kurumi disagrees and reveals that it’s likely the White Queen had been manipulating Kareha the entire time, and is the cause of her Empty transformation. She then explains Kareha will likely die in order to prevent hurting anybody else, and as Hibiki lowers her head, saddened, Kurumi asks Hibiki if there’s any possibility to save her. Hibiki explains that she doesn’t know, and says Kareha has probably exhausted all alternative options to find a reason for living. Hibiki shakes as the situation hits close to home, and the two regretfully agree that they are resigned to watching over her, unable to help. Retsumi then interrupts their moment and invites them over to play in Kareha’s villa, and Kurumi and Hibiki agree.

As they all gather in Kareha’s villa, Hibiki suggests that she wants to sleep with Kurumi, and Kurumi declines saying that she feels like her chastity would be endangered. After bickering over who is heavier, which turns into an argument all four of them engage in, they then start to clean the villa.

While Kareha and Retsumi prepare dinner, Kurumi and Hibiki vacate outside to go for a walk. They request Cistus’ opinion on Kareha’s decision to let herself die, but Cistus explains there’s no use and they should just watch over her. Hibiki, however, is left troubled over the feeling that they’re missing something about Kareha’s self-destructive motives.

Kareha, Retsumi, Kurumi, and Hibiki then gather for dinner and participate in idle conversation, discussing both Kareha’s past and the current state of the Neighboring World. They then retire to bed, and decide to talk about love. Kareha reveals that she’s in love, but teasingly refuses to answer with who. Kurumi probes her, asking if it’s Retsumi, to which Kareha responds that she is half correct. This flusters Retsumi to the point of panic and she promptly runs away. Hibiki then follows.

Hibiki finds Retsumi elsewhere and asks why she reacted so strangely, to which Retsumi just continues to panic. Hibiki crouches with her and explains there’s nothing to worry about, considering Kareha just confessed that she likes Retsumi. Retsumi concedes this but says that she’s disturbed by the fact that she’s only half loved. Retsumi then asks who Hibiki loves, and Hibiki responds by saying that she’d rather not be in love with Kurumi, but that she wants to be with her, and says that is love. Retsumi then laments that Kareha is probably going to die, and Hibiki then suggests that they should try to stop her. Retsumi refuses, saying there’s nothing she can do and that Kareha will die anyway. So, Hibiki declares that Retsumi should confess to Kareha while she can, and suggests that they go on a date together the next day. She manages to fire the still insecure Retsumi up, however, and she then agrees.

DAF Bullet 4 09

Hibiki and Kurumi seeing Retsumi and Kareha off on their date

The next day, after Retsumi asks Kareha out, Hibiki and Kurumi decide to help the two get ready. With Kurumi offering to help Kareha, Hibiki goes with Retsumi to help her prepare. Hibiki dresses Retsumi up in a classical, formal style of dress with her hair done up to match, which is a far cry from her usual rugged appearance. Everybody is stunned by her beauty, and then the two leave to have their date.

Hibiki gloats proudly over her choice of dress for Retsumi. But then more seriously, she asks Kurumi if this date will actually save Kareha from becoming an Empty. Kurumi doesn’t appear convinced, and then they wonder who the other person Kareha is in love with is. Trying to figure it out, they realize that the person is likely the White Queen. Upon coming to this conclusion, they acknowledge that Kareha being saved is a hopeless idea. Kurumi explains they should let them part ways peacefully, and the two realize that Empties have begun to gather from the forest, sensing that Kareha is near a full transformation into an Empty. Kurumi pulls out Zafkiel, and Hibiki decides to be on the lookout to help Kurumi kill the gathering Empty. In the end, Kareha lets herself die and fade away on her date with Retsumi after the two confess their love for each other.

Much later, Hibiki and Kurumi stand at the gate to enter Netzach. Kurumi talks to Retsumi who was there to see them off, and Hibiki converses to Ace of Spades about Kareha. Hibiki then reflects on Kareha’s actions of abandoning her life for the sake of love, and the fact that this act is likely to hurt those who care about them. Hibiki wonders if she could be like Kareha, and what the future holds for her. She then asks Ace of Spades what she will do next. Surprisingly, Ace of Spades explains that she wants to go on a journey with Retsumi’s permission. Hibiki remarks that Ace of Spades has changed so much throughout their time in Hod, and Ace of Spades explains that this was likely being exposed to Kurumi and Hibiki’s Reiryoku. Ace of Spades then shakes Hibiki’s hand and sincerely thanks her, to which Hibiki responds in kind. They then discuss Netzach, and Ace of Spades hands Hibiki a written summary of what she knows about Netzach. The two then part ways as Kurumi and Hibiki depart for Netzach.

Volume 5[]

While on the way to the Seventh Region Netzach, Hibiki opens the letter left behind by Ace of Spades and begins explaining the economy and structure of the region to Kurumi.

Upon arrival, Kurumi and Hibiki immediately seek the region's Dominion, Yuri Sagakure. Upon meeting them, Yuri assigns the price of 100 million Yui Points to open the door to Tiphereth. After the meeting, Hibiki quickly looks around for basic prices, and finds out that their starting total of 1 million Yui Points would run out in four days. Undeterred, Kurumi goes to a casino and wagers the entirety of their Yui Points on a slot machine. With the superb eyesight required to handle a gun, Kurumi lands the jackpot at the first try, startling even Hibiki. However, because of the jackpot win, Kurumi becomes blacklisted from every casino's slot machines, and Hibiki calculates that it would take another two or three months for them to win another 50 million through other means.

When Ariadne Foxrot appears to them, Hibiki at least recognizes her as the Dominion of Chesed. After another two Dominions in Maya Yukishiro and Oka Miyafuji arrive to help Ariadne, Cistus brings Hibiki into the shadows to hide. After peeking out for a while, Hibiki rushes to Kurumi's defense when the latter is accused of being a gorilla. The Dominions had challenged Kurumi to a poker game before leaving. Hibiki isn't sure that the Dominions will play a fair game, having known Yuri's chosen Dominions for their combat skills. A model of Yui Sagakure leads Kurumi and Hibiki to their hotel room for the night; both use the opportunity to talk to Yui and know more about her. Later on during dinner, another Yui model sets out the rules of the poker game, mentioning that Hibiki is allowed to participate. Kurumi then quickly retreats into the shadows with Hibiki to talk to her privately. Kurumi proposes that Hibiki disguise as Carte and join in the game. They return from the shadows and chat up the Yui model that led them to the hotel.

The next day, Kurumi changes into a bunny girl outfit to promote the Octopus Pot casino where she had just won the jackpot, and urges Hibiki to do the same in order to raise their earnings. While on the job, Hibiki recognizes Carte, who had been passing by. Kurumi prompts Carte to allow Hibiki to disguise as her, while assigning Carte to a different role. On the day of the poker game, Hibiki (as Carte) helps Kurumi investigate the table they will be playing at, and the cards they will be playing with. Kurumi shoots <Yud> onto the table for Hibiki to gain its memories, but Hibiki finds nothing useful. The Dominions arrive and see through Hibiki's disguise with ease, but play along as they begin the poker game. After a few rounds, Hibiki and Oka are eliminated. Eventually, and in spite of Hibiki's emotions potentially giving the game away, Kurumi is declared the winner.

Yuri invites the other Dominions, Kurumi and Hibiki to her mansion home afterwards. After briefly talking in their assigned room, Kurumi is pulled over for a private conversation with the Dominions; in the meantime, Hibiki goes to talk to the Yui model that works as the housemaid and had greeted them earlier. The day after, Yuri is found dead. The Dominions suspect Hibiki, after housemaid Yui reveals that one of her units went missing. Kurumi goes to her defense, saying that they were only trying to leave Netzach. Hibiki then brings up White Queen as a potential suspect, saying that White Queen can lure people into a false love. Just then, the mansion's AI traps its visitors in and threatens to kill them by detonating Yui models hidden underneath. Kurumi leads the investigation; she and Hibiki discover that the room Yuri had been found in, suddenly cleaned itself up with no trace of Yuri to be found. After hearing each other Dominion's testimony, Kurumi goes into the shadows with Hibiki to talk privately. Kurumi has suspicions about the AI trapping them after a death is detected, and Hibiki starts to agree that Yuri fabricated her own death.

After talking with the housemaid Yui, Kurumi begins to suspect Ariadne. She goes with Oka while leaving Hibiki and the housemaid Yui to follow Ariadne. Hibiki and Ariadne are soon joined by Maya, quickly returning to where Oka led Kurumi. They find out that Oka betrayed them and tried to kill Kurumi for White Queen's sake. After hearing Oka's outburst, Hibiki tries to convince Oka with what Yue used to tell her about the Neighboring World. Hibiki then witnesses Oka die at the hands of another Yui model. This finally convinces Kurumi that Yuri had faked her own death and is still at large, operating the mansion's AI system. Yuri responds by summoning a seemingly endless army of Yui models to attack Kurumi, Hibiki, Maya, and Ariadne. Kurumi kicks Hibiki upwards to a chandelier in order to avoid the Yui models attacking them, and after Maya casts a spell that sends a paper butterfly towards Yuri's Sephira fragment, Hibiki jumps back down again in order to follow the paper butterfly with Kurumi. Upwards of 200 Yui models stop their chase, making it difficult for Kurumi to fight back while also protecting Hibiki, and Yuri notices this too. A Compile event occurs, and Kurumi touches one of the emerging black pillars. After processing the memory from it, she shoots <Aleph> at Hibiki to boost her speed, trusting her to fight on her own. With newfound belief, Hibiki starts swiping down the Yui models in front of her using <King Killing>. After Cistus and Carte join the fight, as well as the housemaid Yui who they convinced to defect, Kurumi and Hibiki dodge the remaining Yui models and finally track Yuri down in her secret underground location, before killing her.

At the end of the fight, Maya delivers the bad news that Gevurah has come under attack by White Queen's forces, as part of her plan to destroy the Neighboring World. She tasks Ariadne with guiding Kurumi and Hibiki to Gevurah.

Volume 6[]

After arriving in the Fifth Region Gevurah, Hibiki complains to Kurumi about having to carry Ariadne there since the Dominion had fallen asleep during the middle of their journey. As Hibiki as Kurumi for assistance in waking up Ariadne, Kurumi responds by pointing her pistol and shooting Ariadne awake. Hibiki sarcastically comments that there is no love in that approach. Admiring the barren landscape and volcano area, the group discusses what to do next. Ariadne sleepily comments that they would be picked up soon and trying to search the region without a guide or landmark to follow would just lead them to being lost if they departed now. Reluctantly agreeing to this logic, Kurumi and Hibiki decide to relax for a bit.

Hibiki then asks Kurumi if she is thinking about that boy again. The questions cause Kurumi to reflexively point her pistol at Hibiki, who quickly raises her arms and protests at being aimed at. After Kurumi puts her gun away, Hibiki asks once again if that is the correct answer. As Kurumi reluctantly agrees it was, she then asks Hibiki if it was crazy to be in love with someone she only had a vague recollection. Hibiki answers that she doesn't think it's strange while enjoying the expression Kurumi has as a maiden in love. Hibiki tells Kurumi that she's keeping her expression secret while encouraging her to be happy being in love with that person she'll one day find.

After Tsuan "greets" Kurumi's travelling party, Hibiki calls for order, and for Tsuan to guide them. They follow a scent, as directed by Tsuan, and are led to a grassy plain. Within moments, a slime wraps around Hibiki. Kurumi shoots at the slime's core, making it dissolve, but Hibiki is left naked and having to cover herself, having not been told that slimes corrode Astral Dresses. Tsuan gives Hibiki a piece of cloth to cover herself. Hibiki learns from Tsuan that the previous Dominion of Gevurah sought to establish the region as a fantasy world with an RPG system. She becomes filled with excitement for being a part of it.

With Hibiki leading, the travelers arrive at Gevurah's Wheel Town. Tsuan suggests registering as adventurers in the Adventurers' Guild first. Hibiki registers first, and to her shock, she begins with low stats. Tsuan explains that Hibiki should be able to switch from her "Gadabout" role. Ariadne, Tsuan and Kurumi proceed to register in that order, and Kurumi's indecipherable stats cause Hibiki to cry out in horror. Nevertheless, with Kurumi unfamiliar with RPG systems, Hibiki helps explain basic terminology. The receptionist who welcomed Kurumi's travelling party then hands out a dungeon-crawl assignment to them.

Before they enter the dungeon, Hibiki leads the travelers to where they can get changed. She takes a while to find an outfit that suits Kurumi. Following Tsuan's lead, the travelers also pass by a log house stationed by guards who recognize Tsuan. Upon entering B1F of the dungeon, Hibiki quickly changes jobs via a status screen, then watches on as her companions defeat a monster to let her gain six levels' worth of experience. Once they reach B2F, Hibiki asks to be protected, knowing that the dungeon enemies only get stronger the deeper they go. The experience gained lets Hibiki acquire new skills, especially those that let Hibiki see through darkness and traps.

Kurumi's traveling party clear the intermediate boss on B3F. Hibiki uses a recently acquired "maid skill" to spread out a rug and allow them to rest before progressing. Hibiki eavesdrops on a conversation that Kurumi has with Tsuan before they sleep. On B4F, however, a misjudgment on Hibiki's part causes them to encounter a blinding flash before three giant insects round-up on them, though they are saved in time by Ariadne. When they reach B6F, Hibiki has to hide away while her companions take longer than expected to handle the second intermediate boss. Upon a closer look, Kurumi realizes that the boss they defeated is an Empty, and that White Queen's forces have taken over the dungeon's lower floors. On B9F, Hibiki's acquired skills start faltering against the sheer frequency of the floor's monsters and traps. They eventually reach the floor's boss shaped like a praying mantis. The mantis, with a human girl's face, talks back at her opponents and gives them a difficult challenge, but eventually Kurumi defeats her using a combination of <Zafkiel> and acquired magic skills.

The travelers proceed down to the final floor. There, Kurumi consults Hibiki before using her last chance to make adjustments before the final boss. Inside the boss room is a presence that frightens all of the travelers. Fortunately, Haraka Kagarike arrives in time to explain the situation, while gracefully accepting Hibiki's position as the leader of her group. With that, Hibiki applies her knowledge of the RPG system to pass commands down to Kurumi, Ariadne, Tsuan and Haraka as they fight to keep the synthesized Spirit at bay. Unfortunately, an attack from the Spirit causes the room's ceiling to collapse, separating Kurumi from Hibiki. Hibiki then watches Tsuan and Haraka fall to the Spirit, which then goes for Hibiki herself. Fortunately, Kurumi recovers in time to face the Spirit. Tsuan, Haraka and Ariadne contribute their attacks as well, but the Spirit dodges all of them and starts aiming at Kurumi, who dodges in return. Kurumi telepathically discusses her strategy with her allies, which leaves Hibiki especially worried, since it involves her specifically. Hibiki agrees to it - thus, Kurumi charges at the Spirit and Hibiki does the same, stopping right in front of Kurumi just as the Spirit would hit them with her sword. Kurumi fires <Zayin> in time, allowing Tsuan, Haraka and Ariadne to combine their own attacks at the stunned Spirit. Hibiki impulsively uses the unsafe feature of <King Killing> to copy the Spirit's sword, identifying it as <Paverschlev>. Hibiki and Kurumi hold the sword with one hand each, then thrust it at the Spirit, which disintegrates.

Hibiki is healed by <Dalet>, but <King Killing> is left in pieces. Tsuan and Ariadne worry that Hibiki could turn into an Empty as a result. The dungeon begins to collapse entirely at this point, prompting the five of them to jump up - Kurumi and Tsuan also helping the others avoid falling rubble. Upon escaping the dungeon, Kurumi and Tsuan go somewhere for their promised match, allowing Ariadne to talk to Hibiki directly. Ariadne admits to not wanting Kurumi to leave the Neighboring World, due to what would happen should the gate to the other world from Keter be opened. Ariadne believes that only Hibiki would be able to convey this message to Kurumi. Just then, an Empty appears to the two of them. Ariadne tries to signal Hibiki to retreat before fending off the Empty herself, but what happens next shocks Hibiki - White Queen emerges out of the Empty's body and makes quick work of Ariadne. With Hibiki rendered helpless, White Queen offers her the choice between life and death.

Volume 7[]

Hibiki, who chose to live under White Queen, is transported back to Binah and faced with torture. Her Astral Dress is confiscated, and eventually, she fails to remember her name or who she had been with. A flashback reveals that Kurumi and Hibiki had prepared for this possibility earlier in their journey. After Hibiki told Kurumi more about the Neighboring World, Compiles and Quasi-Spirits, Kurumi asked Hibiki to keep a trust password between them, and only say it when Kurumi brings it up.

When White Queen's Three Executives arrive at Chokmah, Kurumi engages them in battle directly, starting with Knight. Kurumi correctly deduces that Knight is not Hibiki despite appearing to look like her, because she called her Unsigned Angel by a different name, and co-operated with Rook and Bishop when she didn't need to, as even Hibiki knew that White Queen would immediately promote an Empty to an executive role when the incumbent executive falls. After Knight is eliminated, White Queen herself arrives, galvanizing the Empties that were fighting the other Dominions. However, Kurumi notices White Queen acting off, having remembered that White Queen also had the goal of going back to the other world, and in this position, she had ordered Rook and Bishop to stall Kurumi instead of seeking the gate to Keter. Kurumi calls out to White Queen, addressing her as Hibiki, and tells her the trust password. White Queen suddenly stops mid-attack, allowing Kurumi to fire <Tet> at her and peer into her memories.

Kurumi first finds herself in a playhouse, greeted by a young Hibiki. This convinces Kurumi that she is definitely looking into Hibiki's mind. Hibiki takes Kurumi by the hand and leaves the playhouse, directly entering Malkuth where they had first met in each other's bodies. They go to the school classroom where they had attended the induction for the killing game, and see the same group of Quasi-Spirits that they met at the time, including Tsuan and Yui. However, in that classroom is also Rook, who didn't attend the killing game. Kurumi shoots Rook, then notices that Hibiki has aged up by about three years. Everyone else in the classroom also disappears. Hibiki then leads Kurumi out of the classroom and into what appears to be a medieval European indoor setting from a dream that Hibiki used to have. Kurumi notices that their outfits have changed, with Hibiki dressing up as a maid at this point. Kurumi also sees that her <Zafkiel> now looks like a paper fan, and Hibiki explains that they're in her imagined villainess otome game, with Kurumi chosen to play the villainess role. Hibiki goes through the basic plot having imagined Tsuan, Mayuka, Rinemu, and Yui in roles for her game as well, and Kurumi finds herself having to play along to the described plot. She reaches one of the good endings, allowing her to advance into Hibiki's next memory.

The Hibiki accompanying Kurumi ages up to about thirteen years of age at that point, and gets into a playful argument with Kurumi. When Mizuha appears to them and tells them to settle the score through singing, Kurumi realizes she's at Yesod. Kurumi wins the sing-off to unlock another of Hibiki's memories, this time of a murder case where Tsuan is identified as the culprit. Then, Kurumi finds herself at Binah having to kill Empties, and in doing so, unlocks the final memory of Hibiki, who returns to her usual age. Kurumi is at Malkuth again having to face another Kurumi, specifically Hibiki in disguise at the time, to a gun fight. At the end of her memory walkthrough, Hibiki invites Kurumi to stay in her mind forever, knowing that time has stopped in the Neighboring World. To convince Kurumi, she transforms her Astral Dress into Kurumi's old school uniform and asks to go for a walk. Kurumi manifests her old school uniform and agrees to walking with her. During the walk, Kurumi lets go of <Zafkiel>, and when Hibiki realizes, Kurumi says that there were no enemies left to fight in Hibiki's mind. This finally convinces Hibiki to announce herself by name and regain control of her mind, allowing both of them to return to reality.

Hibiki uses her newfound power to fight Rook, with Kurumi taking on Bishop in the meantime. Hibiki's lack of sword-fighting experience almost costs her, but with vocal support from Kurumi, she wins. Bishop is dispatched shortly afterwards, giving Kurumi and Hibiki a breather. They come to the conclusion that White Queen may have in fact stayed at Gevurah to reinforce her Demon King's attacks using the RPG system there. After discussing this with the other Dominions, who were able to temporarily stop fighting Empties, the real White Queen appears to them, followed by five of her clones. The White Queen clones not only fight Kurumi, Hibiki and the Dominions, but also shoot at Empties to turn them into White Queens, aiming for a victory through numbers. Hibiki eventually figures out that only the five White Queen clones that the original White Queen brought with her, have the bullet that enables thus. When four other Dominions join the fight against White Queen, Hibiki immediately notifies Haraka and requests for Rinemu's help.

Volume 8[]

The duel between Kurumi and White Queen tears down the barricades on the gate to Keter, and when the gate opens, White Queen goes in first. Maya quickly directs Kurumi and Hibiki to get in before the gate closes. Hibiki just barely does so, with the help of Haraka's jet-pack talisman providing a propulsion boost.

Hibiki lands just behind Kurumi and all her clones that came in before her. Hibiki shares a hug with Kurumi and voices her encouragement before going off to hide in the school building identified as Kurumi and Sawa's old school. After detecting White Queen's presence, Hibiki channels the Reiryoku around her and takes on a new appearance, one that seemingly combines those of Kurumi and White Queen. She then goes to hide in a different building. White Queen finds her, and gasps in shock, having known that Hibiki's <King Killing> had long been destroyed. Hibiki merely claims that she's learned how to channel her Unsigned Angel within herself, and daringly asks for what White Queen thinks. White Queen sarcastically congratulates Hibiki before firing at her, and she recoils in pain. White Queen then asks why Hibiki would go this far. Hibiki ultimately confesses that Kurumi's almost at her ultimate destination, and wants to impress her one last time. Kurumi and her clones arrive to back Hibiki up, giving her the determination to fight.

White Queen makes a clone of herself with the "General" personality, which glares at Hibiki. Kurumi orders her clones to back Hibiki while she goes after the original, Sawa Yamauchi-personified White Queen. One of the Kurumi clones lends her rifle to Hibiki, and stall for time while Hibiki gets to grips with handling the rifle. Hibiki ends up having to flee from the White Queen clone, attempting to buy time in various ways, since none of the Kurumi clones had <Zafkiel's> bullets. Fortunately, <Lucifugus>' recovery bullet <D'li> had a reciprocal effect, so its handler wasn't willing to use it when surrounded. When Hibiki is shot in the left eye, a Kurumi clone reacts by elbowing the White Queen clone. Hibiki grabs the opportunity to land a punch on the White Queen clone's face.

After a while, a badly wounded Hibiki is left with no more Kurumi clones to support her, and can only maintain the rifle she holds by transferring residual Reiryoku. The White Queen clone is similarly wounded but remains able to stand. She smashes Hibiki's borrowed rifle and proceeds to land a fatal blow with her saber, but Hibiki manages to duck, before challenging her opponent's grip on the saber. She also barely picks up her opponent's pistol on the floor and shoots at her opponent. Unable to dodge, the White Queen clone accepts her fate, and spends her last moments encouraging Hibiki before disappearing. Kurumi ultimately defeats the original White Queen, and calls out to Hibiki, saying that White Queen requested a private chat with her. White Queen claims that Hibiki is on the verge of death, just like she is. Hibiki protests, vowing to stay alive for Kurumi's sake. She returns to Kurumi without disclosing everything that was said, but does mention that White Queen completely disappeared.

Kurumi and Hibiki then notice the ground shake, and Hibiki realizes that the Neighboring World is about to fall. As the succeeding Dominion of Keter, Hibiki declares that she will cut off the Neighboring World from the real world before that can happen, but also allow each Quasi-Spirit in each region to decide whether to stay or leave before the cut-off time. To that end, a fully-recovered Hibiki interviews all the Quasi-Spirits that she has met on her journey, before finally interviewing Kurumi herself, one hour before the decisive moment. Keter is soon visited by a crowd of Quasi-Spirits watching her open the gate to the real world. After letting Rinemu, Mizuha, Retsumi, Carte, and Tsuan enter the gate, Hibiki announces to those staying behind, that she is also leaving, and will entrust the Neighboring World to them. Maya, Haraka, Ariadne, Yui, and Cistus all give a memento each to Hibiki, and after Kurumi makes her farewell speech, she enters the gate with Hibiki just before it closes.

During the border walk between the Neighboring World and real world, Hibiki loses hold of Kurumi and finds herself lost in transition. Just as she falls towards despair, a voice calls out to Hibiki, claiming to be the remnants of Sawa. That voice acknowledges Hibiki's will to live, but reminds her that she was not born in the real world, rather, she was pieced together from the remnants of other fallen Empties in the Neighboring World. As a result, she needs to configure her own body and learn how to breathe in the real world. Sawa's voice assures that Hibiki will not become or even look like Sawa. Hibiki takes in all the advice to successfully land in the real world in proximity of the real Kurumi Tokisaki, who is initially taken aback by Hibiki's new appearance but eventually recognizes her. The two of them embrace and cry.

One month after her arrival, Hibiki narrates a real-world account of her life with Kurumi. She obtained a family register to prove her identity, and was later taken under the care of Ratatoskr. However, she also notices that Kurumi hasn't yet met the boy in her mind. Thus, she goes with Kurumi to buy a wedding dress for her. Hibiki claims to cover the cost with her newfound skill of trading in forex. On July 7, Hibiki carries out her way of inviting that boy to spend the day with Kurumi. Finding out that the boy is a university student, she decides to visit him at his home, and tell him the coded message that "she will wait for him at the chapel". The boy rushes over to the chapel, and Hibiki follows, eventually catching that moment where Kurumi in a wedding dress is standing with the boy she had wanted to see.

After the mock wedding, Hibiki appears to Kurumi and the boy, both of which had changed back into casual clothes and were heading for the festival stalls. Kurumi introduces Hibiki to the boy, named Shido Itsuka, and says that Hibiki is a dear friend of hers.