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Kurumi Tokisaki[]

Due to helping her accomplish her dream of killing Doll Master and forgiving her for using her Unsigned Angel <King Killing> on her, Hibiki develops an unconditional form of loyalty towards Kurumi. Her devotion is to the extent that she would gladly sacrifice her life if she thinks it will help further Kurumi's goals. However, Hibiki is a bit disturbed when comparing her own loyalty to the fanaticism the Empties display towards the White Queen. She considers helping Kurumi return to the real world as her new goal in life which will help her Sephira fragment shine more brightly. Carte even specifically notes that Hibiki's behavior towards Kurumi resembles more of a best friend rather than a subordinate.

Throughout their journey, Hibiki acts as a voice of reason for Kurumi, often keeping the Worst Spirits' more violent personality traits in check. When confronted about their journey nearing its end, Hibiki begins to be plagued with self-doubt over not wanting to inevitably say goodbye to Kurumi. In her dream world, Hibiki even offers Kurumi a chance to stay together for an eternity. However, after hearing Kurumi's answer, Hibiki resolves to put her own feelings aside in favor of fully supporting Kurumi's dream.

Yue Hiryu[]

Hibiki and Yue had an incredibly close relationship. Hibiki lived alongside Yue for an unspecified amount of time, as Yue had become her reason for living. Throughout their time together, Yue would participate in battles and fights, and Hibiki would worry deeply for her wellbeing when she returned with injuries and would feel great relief upon her return from her outings. Yue would promise to risk her life if Hibiki was ever in danger. In turn, Hibiki expressed relief and gratitude for being under her care. After Yue was killed, Hibiki was racked by deep grief and a desire to avenge her. It was stated that Hibiki loved Yue from the bottom of her heart.

After Yue's death and being saved by Yue as a doll, Hibiki remarked that Yue was and would always be her personal hero.

Carte À Jouer[]

Hibiki doesn’t like Carte and makes her disgust towards her known. She often fires verbal jabs at her, even going as far as addressing Carte with insults towards her name. When having to disguise as her using King Killing, Hibiki claws at her face, uncomfortable being in Carte’s body. However, in times of strife, Hibiki is able to put her dislike of Carte aside and work together with her, despite not being keen to do so. Hibiki's distaste towards Carte is born from mistrust and jealousy.

White Queen[]

After identifying Hibiki as Kurumi's weakness, the White Queen makes an attempt to try and brainwash Hibiki into becoming one of her followers. To that end, Hibiki is used as an experiment to see if the Eighth Scorpion Bullet <Het Akrab> could be used to convert others into White Queen clones. For her part, Hibiki accepts the offer in order to survive and counted on being saved by Kurumi later. Even as her own consciousness and memories were fading, Hibiki deep down continued to try and resist fully succumbing to the White Queen's will.

The White Queen specifically requests for Hibiki to be the last person she converses with before dying, and ends up passing the authority of Dominion of Keter to her. During her last moments, the White Queen mocked Hibiki for her hesitation in going to the real world and told her that death was imminent regardless.