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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.
If you force yourself to look behind at the past, you’ll become caught by it… No longer able to escape, because that’s what used to always happen to me.

—to Kurumi Tokisaki

Hibiki Higoromo
Kanji 緋衣 響
Romaji Higoromo Hibiki
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Quasi-Spirit
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red (Right) [1]
Blue Clock (Left)[2]
Nicknames Hibiking (Username)
Hibikin (By Ariadne Foxrot)
Personal Status
Occupation Dominion (Temporarily)
Novel Debut Date A Bullet
Anime Debut Dead or Bullet
Japanese Kaede Hondo

Hibiki Higoromo (緋衣ひごろも ひびき?) is a mysterious person who approaches Kurumi in Date A Bullet.


Hibiki Higoromo is a seventh-type Quasi-Spirit who travels alongside Kurumi Tokisaki throughout her adventure in the Neighboring World. Upon achieving her goal of revenge, she pledged her loyalty and services to Kurumi as she became Hibiki’s new goal.


Hibiki has pale blue eyes and long, messy white hair that she usually wears down. She notably looks very much like an Empty, so much so that she was able to pass as one of the White Queen’s Pawns when infiltrating her castle, simply by putting on a Pawn’s Astral Dress.[3] The main distinguishing factor Hibiki has from any other Empty is her eyes, they have life to them and lack the same vacancy characteristic of Empties.[4] Hibiki wears a short white dress with a detached sleeve. Her entire ensemble is colorless and plain.

After stealing a portion of the White Queen's power and reclaiming her identity for herself, Hibiki manages to retain a copy of the White Queen’s military uniform Astral Dress. During the final battle, she would combine this appearance with replicating Kurumi's form through her memories of having done so beforehand. The end result is a face that looks identical to Kurumi Tokisaki, with the exception of her left clock eye being silverish white in color. Her hair also takes a chessboard-like hue with equal shades of white and black evenly dispersed. Her Astral Dress in this state takes noticeable cues from both Kurumi and the White Queen. The upper portion has epaulettes and a collar identical to the White Queen's outfit. Meanwhile, the design of the overall dress resembles Kurumi's Astral Dress, albeit Hibiki's version has a white and black color motif.

After creating a physical body for herself to enter the real world, Hibiki assumes a new form that is a more merged fusion of both Kurumi and the White Queen. She shares Kurumi's face and has her distinct partial twintails hairstyle. However, her hair color is white like the White Queen, and she has the queen's blue and red eyes. Hibiki attributes her newfound appearance due to Sawa's lingering presence within herself assisting in the creation of this new body.


Hibiki is a sweet Quasi-Spirit with a degree of kindness that can often be mistaken for naivety. Despite her accommodating demeanor and occasional clumsiness, Hibiki is actually rather intelligent. Hibiki, despite her somewhat bland appearance, has led a rich life as a Quasi-Spirit and experienced tragedy that shaped her greatly as a person, and a host of experiences that helped her grow.

When she was Empty, like every other Empty, Hibiki was a blank slate. She had no individual thoughts, tastes, interests, or hobbies. This changed upon meeting Yue Hiryu, a Quasi-Spirit with a love for battle and a rather stubborn-headed, giddy personality. The two eventually became close with each other, living under the same roof and sharing each other’s company. This drew Hibiki from her Empty state, giving her personality and individuality as her goal shaped her very existence. She cared for Yue and Yue cared for her.[5]

However, upon the discovery that Yue died in Doll Master's Killing Game, Hibiki grew vengeful. She swore to avenge Yue and sought to do this by killing the Doll Master.[6] Hibiki’s dogged determination came to fruition in this plan, as she devised a series of methods to gain the upper hand in her goal. From creating an essential large-scale explosive by using Astral Dresses to stealing Kurumi Tokisaki’s body in order to gain a power boost as a Spirit,[7] Hibiki’s determination and sense of justice shines through. While Hibiki is a pacifist and is repulsed by the idea of killing senselessly, she has the wherewithal to do what it takes to achieve her goal. She makes an effort to acquaint herself with battle and treat her own wounds in order to learn how to fight. She will kill if she has to, but dislikes the act immensely otherwise. This compassion and empathy are demonstrated when she is finally able to kill the Doll Master. She hesitates to pull the trigger and gives the Doll Master the respect of listening to her final words before finally shooting her, and breaking down shortly after.[8] Despite her desire for vengeance, when faced with the reality of killing Doll Master, Hibiki justified the act by reasoning that killing Doll Master would also be out of mercy upon seeing her miserable state.[9]

Throughout the story, Hibiki is shown to be a jack of many trades, her vast life experiences undoubtedly playing a large part in this. She is an adept actress, which likely comes from the nature of her Unsigned Angel’s power. To effectively imitate an appearance and to imitate somebody, it takes a conscious effort to maintain and act like the person she intends to be, which is both taxing and difficult. While Hibiki can be nervous when disguising herself as somebody, she is able to swallow this down, especially if the situation is high-stakes.[10] In conjunction with being able to act with incredible realism, Hibiki is also shown to be an exceptional idol trainer. Being able to produce high-ranking idols in Yesod, she was revered for her skills as a manager, demonstrating her keen eye for detail and understanding of others.[11]

This understanding of others carries through in her ability to calm Kurumi Tokisaki down on numerous occasions. She is able to defuse situations with ease, and while it may cost her a slap on the wrist courtesy of Kurumi, is able to do so without a hitch in most situations.[12] Hibiki’s intelligence can occasionally be swamped by her ditziness and relative innocence, at times appearing dense or slow. But, Hibiki’s ingenuity and surprising fearlessness prevail despite her shortcomings, often getting herself or Kurumi out of a variety of dangerous situations.

It should also be noted that Hibiki enjoys helping and pleasing others, often doing so out of the kindness of her heart, like when she comforted Rinemu during her depressive episodes,[13] or when spending time with Kurumi.



Unlike most Quasi-Spirits, Hibiki was never human. Instead, she was a combination of over a hundred souls of dead Empties. Both her given name, surname, and Unsigned Angel were taken from these various souls. Consequently, this meant she was born with various miscellaneous talents derived from numerous different people. However, this also came at the cost of lacking a core central persona to establish a dominant personality. Shortly after first manifesting in the Neighboring World, Hibiki's condition deteriorated as she entered the final stages of transforming into an Empty. During those moments, nothing could be felt as she simply waited for death. However, she was saved by a chance encounter with another Quasi-Spirit named Yue Hiryu. Yue was Hibiki's inspiration, encouraging her to move forward even while they were in the Neighboring World. However, one day Yue was killed participating in the killing game established by the Dominion of the Tenth Region, Doll Master. After discovering this, Hibiki swore revenge against Doll Master. While attempting to get funds to build weapons for her revenge, Hibiki traveled to other regions in search of resources. She once gambled through mahjong in Tiphereth, but lost too much money and time. [14] She instead honed her management skills in order to earn money for her Nitro Dress by working as a producer for idols in Yesod under the name Hibi P. [15]


Powers and Abilities[]

Unsigned Angel: King Killing (王位簒奪キングキリング, Kingukiringu?. lit. "Throne Usurper")

Weapon: Claws, Saber

Astral Dress: Breeching Air (漂白霊装・一三三番ブリーチング・エア, Burīchingu Ea?. lit. "Blanching Spirit Dress, Number 133")

Hibiki typically uses her Unsigned Angel for information gathering by stealing the appearance of other Quasi-Spirits. At its highest usage, it allows Hibiki to switch bodies with a single target. She assumes the target’s identity, taking their body, powers, memories, and even personality. Meanwhile, the target, if their identity is fully stolen, is left a hollow husk that will quickly deteriorate into an Empty in the Neighboring World. It is described as a reversal of laws that allow even a king to be murdered. However, even when used on Kurumi, Hibiki could only utilize a fraction of Kurumi's true powers. She could only summon the Kurumi's short pistol and use the first two bullets. Additionally, each usage also comes at the risk of the owner losing her own identity and personality in the process. Hibiki mentions that the fact she was able to revert back to herself after plundering Kurumi's identity was a miracle, and likely only succeeded because they had mutual consent and acceptance when reverting back, with Hibiki surrendering Kurumi's identity and Kurumi accepting it back.

Hibiki mentioned that she is able to exchange bodies with someone consistently for half a day, but then is unable to copy and use their Unsigned Angel.[16] The extent to which she is able to hold a form appears to depend on how much Reiryoku she has stored, as she was able to hold Kurumi's form for much longer due to her preparation before the swap.

Hibiki is also able to adopt a target’s appearance with impressive accuracy without using King Killing directly on the person. As demonstrated in Volume 3, Hibiki was able to replicate the White Queen’s appearance by deriving her looks from Cistus’ memories.[17] However, Hibiki is required to consciously keep up an act when disguising as another person, which puts great stress on Hibiki in high stakes situations, and requires memories of the person she is trying to imitate.

It is also noted that King Killing isn't the best offensive weapon, and while Hibiki can use it to slash at opponents, it doesn't boast much destructive power. However, it was able to tear through the mass-produced Yui Sagakure.

  • Armament Imitation (武装模倣, Busō Mohō?): By turning off <King Killing>'s safety features, Hibiki can transform her Unsigned Angel into a copy of the target's weapon. By doing this, Hibiki was able to copy the Tenth Spirit's Demon King and even use the Final Sword <Paverschlev>. However, doing so would have led to her death if Kurumi hadn't rewind her time with the Fourth Bullet Dalet. And even so, <King Killing> is left permanently in fragments after a single swing, with Hibiki losing the ability to ever use her Unsigned Angel again in its prior form afterward.

White Queen's Power[]

After being struck with the Eighth Scorpion Bullet <Het Akrab>, Hibiki was transformed into a clone of the White Queen. However, thanks to both Kurumi's contingency plan of locking her memories into a mental safe and her own willpower, Hibiki was able to regain her sense of self and claim a portion of the White Queen's powers for herself. In this state, Hibiki retains her own face; however, her Astral Dress has changed into a copy of the White Queen's military uniform. Her Unsigned Angel <King Killing> has also transformed from a large claw to a saber. Her physical abilities skyrocket to the point where she can single-handedly defeat Rook in combat. According to Hibiki's personal observations, her mind hasn't quite adjusted perfectly to the increased boost in strength, comparing it to suddenly attaching a jet engine to a bicycle she normally would ride.


  • (To Doll Master) "No, I sympathize with you. I feel pity for you from the bottom of my heart. You look sorrowful. But, because of that, I have to pull this trigger." [18]
  • (To Kurumi Tokisaki) “Aah… So cute… so cute… I want to lock you up so I can love you forever…” [19]
  • (To Kurumi Tokisaki) "Sorry, Kurumi-san. But I am not apologizing for coming here to rescue you." [20]
  • (To Yui Sagakure) "Impossible, that’s impossible! Don’t look at me like that! I’m just a poor, fragile little girl! Fighting against a Dominion is impossible for me!" [21]
  • (To Kurumi Tokisaki) “I’m sorry……hypnosis……suggestion……. I can only think of naughty things……” [22]
  • (Her first public address as Dominion of Keter) “……But even so. I want to go back to reality. I want to go back home. I want to proceed to the other side. If that is your desire, please come to the First Region Keter. Whichever is chosen, the sadness will be the same. Then, at the very least, when you make a decision……please don’t regret it. We will do our best to help you. Well then, everyone. Let’s meet again!” [23]


  • While in Gevurah, Hibiki has the avenger job class crossed out in her adventurer card. Kurumi speculates that this is because Hibiki has already fulfilled her revenge against Doll Master by then.
  • The name Hibiki means "echo" (響).
  • Hibiki's surname Higoromo means "scarlet garments" (緋衣).


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