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Volume 3[]

Haraka, as the Dominion of Gevurah, attends the emergency Dominion conference held at Tiphereth in the aftermath of White Queen's appearance at Yesod. She is aware of her disciple Tsuan's defeat. After watching video footage of White Queen's fight against Kurumi Tokisaki, Haraka voices her unease, suggesting she isn't ready to take either of them on. During White Queen's gatecrashing of the conference, she singles out Haraka among the Dominions, having known that Haraka's disciples participated in the killing game in Malkuth. After trading jibes with host Dominion Oka Miyafuji, White Queen declares her intent to kill the Dominions, and in response, Haraka rushes forward with a katana. White Queen disappears immediately afterwards. After Maya Yukishiro of Chokmah notices a chandelier projecting a door that the White Queen used to enter and leave, Haraka uses her katana to destroy the chandelier.

After Oka disbands the conference, Maya continues to discuss countermeasures. Haraka volunteers to take temporary charge of Malkuth. Upon hearing that, Maya worries for Gevurah, since it is next to White Queen's region of Binah. Haraka trusts Tsuan and her other disciples to protect Gevurah in her stead, while also drafting in Ariadne Foxrot of Chesed to assist, though Haraka ends up pleading directly to Ariadne for her help. Haraka then asks Yesod's representatives in Rinemu Kirari and Mizuha Banouin for whether they think Kurumi is good or bad, and they agree that she is bad. With that, Haraka departs for Malkuth.

Volume 6[]

Haraka discovers a black lump while patrolling Malkuth. An unknown Quasi-Spirit assistant suggests forming a barrier around the discovery so that they can return to it later. Haraka does so, but upon turning her back on the discovery, it changes shape into a figure similar to Tohka Yatogami, holding a sword. The feminine figure uses her sword to break free from the barrier before jetting off into the sky. Identifying the feminine figure as a Spirit, Haraka chases after her, while also notifying other Dominions of the emergency. Haraka chases the Spirit all the way back to Gevurah, where the Spirit slashes a hole in the ground and burrows through. Haraka recognizes the Spirit's destination as the same dungeon with White Queen's forces at the bottom of it, and follows through, arriving in time to reinforce the travelling group of Kurumi, Hibiki, Ariadne and Tsuan. She also explains the situation to them, before lending buffs to Tsuan and recognizing Hibiki as the leader of the group.

Ariadne and Haraka's attempts to debuff the Spirit fail. They then witness one of the Spirit's attacks break the ceiling above Kurumi and separate her from them. After Ariadne is knocked out first, Tsuan and Haraka are then slammed against the wall by a single swing of the Spirit's sword. Fortunately, Kurumi recovers in time to engage the Spirit. Tsuan, Haraka, and Ariadne recover enough to contribute their attacks as well, but the Spirit dodges all of them and starts aiming at Kurumi, who dodges in return. Kurumi telepathically discusses a strategy that would involve Kurumi charging at the Spirit, Hibiki rushing in front of Kurumi and the other three positioning themselves behind the Spirit. The strategy succeeds in getting Kurumi to fire a <Zayin> directly at the Spirit. This allows Ariadne, Haraka, and Tsuan to stall with their Unsigned Angels, long enough for Hibiki to think of, and successfully carry out alongside Kurumi, a strategy that defeats the Spirit once and for all.

The dungeon begins to collapse entirely at this point, prompting the five of them to jump up - Kurumi and Tsuan also helping the others avoid falling rubble. Haraka is thankful for the dungeon's collapse, since it would blockade the gate to Binah. Upon escaping the dungeon, Haraka lets Kurumi and Tsuan go somewhere to have their match, provided that they give up the magic skills they acquired in the dungeon, and that Haraka watches them from afar. The match ends in a stalemate, with Kurumi leaving first due to her concern for Hibiki. By the time Haraka and Tsuan catch up, they see White Queen disappear having defeated Ariadne and taken Hibiki for herself.

Volume 7[]

Haraka now leads the group of herself, Kurumi, Ariadne and Tsuan, taking them to Chokmah to meet with Maya, Carte À Jouer and Cistus. During the strategy meeting, Haraka identifies herself as a range-fighter, but offers to stay close to Tsuan while substituting for other short-range fighters where necessary. While standing by the gate leading to Binah, Haraka pulls Maya and Ariadne over for a private chat. The three of them had been keeping secret the only thing they knew between them, and start to cry for each other, as a way to maintain the trust between them.

During the fight against White Queen's forces, Haraka takes over from Ariadne after sensing her struggle against several Empties. After Ariadne recovers, Haraka uses a talisman to help locate Rook and Bishop, who go into hiding after Knight engages Kurumi. They also wonder why White Queen hasn't appeared yet. Once Maya sees Rook come out, she instructs Haraka to support Kurumi. Soon, White Queen does appear, galvanizing her forces. Haraka has to use a different talisman to protect Tsuan from a detonating Nitro Dress. Immediately afterwards, she has to cover for Ariadne again. After Kurumi outs White Queen as a decoy that is in fact Hibiki, and Hibiki regains consciousness in order to then help Kurumi defeat the Three Executives, Kurumi alerts the other Dominions to her finding that Chokmah's Reiryoku had not yet been tampered with. After further discussion, Haraka realizes that White Queen had been trying to claim the power that lets her clone herself.

The real White Queen arrives with her clone army to affirm this. The clone army continues to grow as it fights. Maya and Haraka sense this and attempt to block the shots that were transforming Empties into White Queens, but to no avail, and a clone slashes both of them. After Kurumi shoots down a few clones, Haraka uses a talisman to heal herself and Maya. Soon, an erratic Ariadne cuts through Haraka's shoulder by accident, and within the next few seconds, Ariadne falls. Maya and Haraka instinctively rush to protect her in spite of several White Queen clones closing in on them, but they are saved by a timely intervention from Yui. Yesod's representatives in Rinemu and Mizuha then arrive to sing for them. Hod's new Dominion in Retsumi Jugasaki also arrives, rejuvenating the trio and letting them continue to hold off White Queen clones. By then, Hibiki finds a way, and asks Haraka for Rinemu's cooperation.

Volume 8[]

The duel between Kurumi and White Queen tears down the barricades on the gate to Keter, and when the gate opens, White Queen goes in first. After Kurumi follows, Haraka is instructed by Maya to help Hibiki get in before the gate closes. Haraka attaches a jet-pack talisman onto Hibiki in order for her to do so.

After White Queen's ultimate death, Hibiki succeeds her as the Dominion of Keter, and announces the opening of the gate to the real world. Haraka goes with Maya and Ariadne to say goodbye to the Quasi-Spirits who have decided to migrate to the real world, including Haraka's disciple Tsuan, and ultimately, Hibiki herself. Haraka gives an unidentified talisman to Hibiki before she departs. Some time after the gate closes, the Dominions meet up somewhere in the Neighboring World. After Maya proclaims their world's new Dominions, Haraka enthusiastically brings out a bottle of sake to begin celebrations. She then helps Maya welcome a newly-discovered Quasi-Spirit to their world.