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Haraka considers Tsuan to be her number one disciple. She has enough trust in Tsuan to let her handle matters in the Fifth Region Gevurah while she is busy trying to stabilize the Tenth Region Malkuth. The two are evidently quite close, with Tsuan even giving a rare emotional farewell before she parted ways for the real world.

Oka Miyafuji[]

During her interview, Haraka remarks that she had known Oka for a long time and was shocked to hear about the incident that occurred in the Seventh Region Netzach. Haraka even bemuses that Oka's fate was part of the reason why she started taking the White Queen's threat personally.

Ariadne Foxrot[]

Despite Ariadne typically adopting a sleepy façade, Haraka is one the few who knows how skilled of a combatant Ariadne truly is. As such, Haraka has enough confidence in Ariadne to ask her to take care of Gevurah if it ends up being too much for Tsuan.

Maya Yukishiro[]

Haraka is one of two Dominions that Maya trusts to keep a secret between, though Maya also disapproves of Haraka's downtime drinking habits.

Kurumi Tokisaki[]

Haraka respects Kurumi's fighting prowess and laments over not having gotten the chance to fight against her before she left for the real world. However, Hibiki remarks that Haraka's strength would be an annoyance for Kurumi to have to deal with, so Kurumi would have likely turned down any requests to fight for sport.