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Japanese (Ruby) ハニエル
Japanese (Base) 贋造魔女
Base meaning Forgery Witch
Rank AA-rank Angel [1]
Novel Debut Volume 8
Anime Debut Season 3 Episode 1

Haniel (贋造魔女ハニエル, Hanieru?) is the Angel of transformation corresponding to the seventh sephira. Its original wielder is Natsumi Kyouno, and it normally takes the form of a broom.


<Haniel> has the power of transformation. Users are typically able to transform themselves or a target object into anything else. The transformed objects or subjects, including themselves if they transform, will be a near-perfect imitation of whatever they were transformed into. However, the memories and personalities of the transformed objects or subjects will remain the same. Transformations on humans include mimicking the appearance of another seen human, or causing the target person to age up or down. A target of <Haniel> is designated by the light emanating from a mirror contained in <Haniel>’s bristles. The mirror can be summoned on its own without the broom.

<Haniel> can also be used for aerial transportation, with the broom being able to float in the air, support its wielder's weight, and propel its wielder forward.

Natsumi Kyouno[]

Prior to being sealed, Natsumi typically uses <Haniel> to transform both herself and others, while also being able to switch from one transformation to another without revealing her true form. If Natsumi loses concentration or becomes unconscious, everything that had been transformed will return to their true forms. Her own transformation can also wear off simply from sneezing. After getting severely injured by Ellen, she was unable to use <Haniel> until she recovered. After being sealed, Natsumi's ability to transform inanimate objects wanes severely. She would need Reiryoku to backflow into her by remembering a negative aspect of her life.

Natsumi can also trap objects or subjects in <Haniel>'s mirror similar to Kurumi's shadow. While trapped, the objects or subjects are put into a stasis field. The victims remain unconscious until their release and will wake up faster with resistance to Reiryoku. Natsumi does not retain this ability after being sealed.

  • Kaleidoscope (千変万化鏡カリドスクーペ, Karidosukūpe?. lit. "Ever-changing Mirror"): Natsumi uses this property of <Haniel> to transform it into another Angel. The transformed <Haniel> will be less powerful than the original Angel. Any demerits of the original Angel will also be maintained with the copy. For instance, Natsumi has stated that trying to copy <Zafkiel> would mean also sacrificing her time to activate it, which is a reason why she has never tried to copy that particular Angel. She also cannot transform <Haniel> into an Angel that she hasn't seen or lacks knowledge of how the Angel functions. During the Spirit battle royale when each Spirit has access to their full powers, Natsumi is able to use Kaleidoscope to rapidly shift between using multiple Angels.

Shido Itsuka[]

After sealing Natsumi, Shido gained access to <Haniel>. He first used it after travelling back to the past in order to look like his 11-year-old self at the time and fool his then-neighbor. He did not know how to undo the transformation, instead leaving it to wear off over time. During his Reiryoku high, Shido was able to use <Haniel> to transform everyone around him (including himself) to Shiori in order to escape from the Spirits that had cornered him. Since then, Shido does not attempt to transform other people using <Haniel>, only himself. He is able to use <Haniel> to disguise as a Nibelcole and confuse the Nibelcole army allying Westcott, after his initial strategy of charming the Nibelcole had failed. He can also use <Haniel> to create the illusion of an uninjured body after being attacked.

  • Kaleidoscope (千変万化鏡カリドスクーペ, Karidosukūpe?. lit. "Ever-changing Mirror"): Shido generally has used <Haniel> to copy other Angels from Spirits who he has yet to seal. During the conflict against Mukuro, Shido was able to manifest the broom and use the <Kaleidoscope> ability to create a copy of Mukuro's Angel <Michael> at will. With said duplicate, he battled against her and copied <Michael>'s unlocking ability to open the seal on Mukuro's heart. Mukuro later sealed <Haniel>'s ability to transform into <Michael>. However, Shido is still able to use <Haniel> for other purposes besides mimicking <Michael>.


For Beast, Haniel takes the form of her Seventh Sword (七番目の剣, Nanabanme no Ken?), which is a small dagger resembling a witch's hat. While journeying with Kurumi in their ravaged world, Tohka uses this sword to assume Shido's appearance so that the surviving populace won't recognize her as the calamity that destroyed their world. By stabbing herself with the sword, Tohka is able to restore herself to her original appearance.


  • Haniel means "The joy or grace of God" or "The one who sees God."
  • The mirror in Haniel takes inspiration from Himitsu no Akko-chan (ひみつのアッコちゃん, The Secrets of Akko-chan?), a magical girl manga in which the titular protagonist could transform herself with a magic mirror.


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