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Gevurah (ゲブラー, Geburā?) is the Fifth Region in the Neighboring World and is associated with Kotori Itsuka. The Dominion there is Haraka Kagarike.


Gevurah is a barren wasteland filled with fire. The region is described to be similar to a prison, with the heat so intense that it could set nearby trees aflame. There are also active volcanoes in the region that occasionally erupt.

Thanks to the work of the previous Dominion, Gevurah transformed into a swords and magic fantasy world with an RPG system. The region has monsters created by Reiryoku. According to Tsuan, most newbies unknowingly fall prey to slime monsters and get their Astral Dresses melted (with the effect lasting for 5 minutes) as a rite of initiation.

Quasi-Spirits register themselves as an Adventurer in the Adventurers Guild and have their status listed in a status window. They can go on quests, defeat monsters, level up, and receive points to learn new skills. Most of these skills, such as magic, can only be used in Gevurah. However, Adventurers can also manually turn off their skills if they deem it necessary. Due to the system being designed for Quasi-Spirits, it wasn't fully compatible with Kurumi Tokisaki, who is a genuine Spirit. This leads to most of Kurumi's status being undecipherable and her obtaining the never before seen time magic.

The most dangerous dungeon is the 5th Dungeon, Elohim Gibor. It is 10 floors deep, filled with Greater Demons right from the first floor. The deepest floor leads to a gate connecting Gevurah and Binah. Due to the lower floors coming under the control of the White Queen's forces, the floor bosses after the sixth floor have monsters that have merged together with Empty Quasi-Spirits. The White Queen's army also uses the teleport circle near the gate to transport themselves to the surface.

History and Culture[]


The previous Dominion of Gevurah idolized swords and magic fantasy. To realize her dream, she went to other regions collecting Reiryoku. She then used up her whole life to recreate Gevurah into a world of fantasy story as she wanted. Not only locations, she also created an entire system, such as game-like status and skills, as well as dungeons and monsters.[1]

Gevurah and Chokmah hold a special function among the regions. Gevurah is the "control room" for Neighboring World's Reiryoku. When there is a large consumption of Reiryoku somewhere, Gevurah will produce energy to replace it. Because of that nature, the Reiryoku in this region is unstable, turning it into a wasteland.[2]

There were complaints about why the Dominion had to make the Region into a dangerous place, but in the end, the Quasi-Spirits of Gevurah enjoyed adventure as it became their reason for living.


Haraka Kagarike rules over Gevurah, and her students are trained there. Similarly to Malkuth, it is the only other region where Quasi-Spirits have their goals set in life or death battles. At this time, Haraka is absent from Gevurah, leaving Tsuan, her best student, in charge of the region. Half-jokingly, Haraka entrusts Ariadne Foxlot to take over from Tsuan if she isn’t able to cope with the burden of running a region.

Gevurah is in direct conflict with the White Queen's army in a vicious war. According to Bishop, over half of the region is now under the White Queen's control.


While on the tenth floor of the Fifth Dungeon, Kurumi encounters a leftover Compile crystal. By grabbing it, she sees a past memory of a younger version of the boy from the other world risking his life and trying to save a young girl during a huge fire. Later on, when trapped in rockfall during her fight against the Tenth Spirit on the same floor, Kurumi touches another Compile sealed within herself rather than produced by the region. This Compile contained a personal past memory of writing a tanzaku in which she hopes to see that same boy again.

Known Inhabitants[]


Gevurah is directly connected to Hod, Tiphereth, and Binah. Binah’s pathway is left open in order for Haraka to combat the White Queen's forces and return fire. Gevurah is also closed from Hod.


  • The Fifth Dungeon Elohim Gibor in Gevurah shares the same name as Kotori's Astral Dress.
  • Gevurah is associated with the color red, matching Kotori's hair and Sephira Crystal.


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