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Fraxinus (フラクシナス, Furakushinasu?), is one of the five airships used by Ratatoskr. The command center of Ratatoskr is located on the airship, making it a very important base to its members. It usually hovers about 15 km above the Tengu City. It is shown to have several defensive and offensive capabilities.

After being severely damaged by Origami in Volume 11, it is rebuilt into a more powerful version called Fraxinus EX (フラクシナス EX?), with the ship's AI MARIA now being able to communicate with the crew.

Notable locations[]

  • Command Center
  • Sick Bay
  • Virtual Room
  • Main Bridge Room

Known Crew Members[]

Name Rank
Kotori Itsuka Commander
Kyouhei Kannazuki Vice Commander
Reine Murasame Analysis Officer (Formerly)
Kyouji Kawagoe
Masaomi Mikimoto
Hinako Shiizaki
Munechika Nakatsugawa
Kozue Minowa
MARIA Fraxinus AI
Nia Honjo Analysis Officer (Temporary)

Equipments & Weapons[]


The airship possesses an AI that can examine the emotions of Spirits and provide the crew with three suggestions for Shido to say in a particular situation. It also has cameras to monitor the events 15 kilometers below, and a teleportation device to enter and exit.


The airship has 8 Basic Realizers (基礎顕現装置ベーシック・リアライザ, Bēshikku Riaraiza?. lit. "Basis Manifestation Device") to generate Maryoku, and 10 AR-008 (AR-009 for the EX remodel) Control Realizers (制御顕現装置コントロール・リアライザ, Kontorōru Riaraiza?. lit. "Control Manifestation Device") to control its Permanent Territory (恒常随意領域パーマネント・テリトリー, Pāmanento Teritorī?. lit. "Constant Voluntary Domain")

  • Invisible (不可視迷彩インビジブル, Inbijiburu?. lit. "Invisible Camouflage"): Cloaks the entire airship. Used while in non-combat mode.
  • Avoid (自動回避アヴォイド, Avu~oido?. lit. "Automatic Evasion"): Used in conjunction with <Invisible> and is supposed to prevent collisions with animals/vehicles which happen to be on collision course.
  • Protect: Defense System used to defend the ship. Its scale of diameter can be changed according to the Commander of the ship. It can be thickened and expanded depending on the need. This defense system is also powered by Yggd Folium.
  • Yggd Folium (世界樹の葉ユグド・フォリウム, Yugudo Foriumu?. lit. "Leaves of the World Tree"): Small, leaf-shaped units equipped to Fraxinus, each having an independent Realizer to perform functions remotely.


  • <Mystletainn> (ミストルティン, Misutorutin?): Fraxinus main weapon, a high energy Maryoku laser that is powerful enough to destroy Arbatel's Territory. Its power can be changed depending on the need, with Kannazuki's expertise allowing it to specifically target Ellen without harming Origami in her grasp.
  • <Gungnir> (グングニル, Gunguniru?): Fraxinus' trump card, an immensely powerful cannon amplified by Kotori's Angel in its cannon form, Megiddo. Used only as a last resort due to its destructive power. Also, since Kotori needs to use her strongest move as a Spirit to fire Gungnir, there is also the risk of her going berserk and heavily damaging Fraxinus in the process, which is why she could not use it more than once despite the apparent need for it.
  • <System Blót> (システム・ブロート, Shisutemu Burōto?): Fraxinus EX's new trump card. Similar to the principle behind Gungnir, it allows the Spirits to directly offer up their Reiryoku as fuel, which causes the ship's Territory to reach an unimaginable level of power for a brief amount of time. Kotori is hesitant on using this because it requires imposing a specific backflow in their bond with Shido if they wished to release a fixed amount of energy. However, by using five Spirits (Kotori, Kaguya, Yuzuru, Miku, and Yoshino) as a power source, Fraxinus EX was capable of overpowering and shooting down Ellen's <Goetia>, which had defeated Fraxinus in the old timeline. [1]


  • Fraxinus comes from Fraxinus excelsior, the scientific name of European Ash, which was believed to be Yggdrasil, the Norse World Tree.
    • The rear half of Fraxinus has a tree motif.
    • Ellen lampshades the name by complimenting Ratatoskr for naming their ship after the World Tree.[2]
  • Both Fraxinus and its upgraded version were designed by anime mechanical designer, Kanetake Ebikawa.[3][4]
  • Mystletainn is another name for the mistletoe plant, and in Norse mythology was the sword used to kill the god Baldr.
  • Gungnir is named after the Norse God Odin’s spear.
  • Blót refers to a pagan sacrifice to the Norse gods, the spirits of the land, and even someone's ancestors. The sacrifice often took the form of a sacramental meal or feast.


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