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Mio Takamiya[]

Woodman, along with Westcott and Ellen, created Mio through the <Spirit Formula> to use her power to realize their dream of a paradise for Magus. He claims to have fallen in love with her at first sight, and felt that using her as a weapon would make him no better than the people who destroyed his home. However, he is not as possessive as Westcott in his affection, placing Mio's happiness first and allowing her to make her own choices. Unfortunately, this would lead to him being rejected by her, in a manner, when she told him she was happy staying with Shinji.

Despite being rejected, Woodman would continue to love Mio decades later, which drove him to abandon DEM and found Ratatoskr to save the other Spirits. In the Game Over Timeline, when Elliot was about to succumb to wounds he sustained while fighting Ellen, seeing Mio's Angel, <Ain Soph Aur>, allowed him to pass on peacefully.

Karen Nora Mathers[]

Karen is Elliot's secretary and assists him by moving his wheelchair for him. He knows that she has feelings towards him, most likely because she does not bother hiding them. However, he does not return her feelings because he already loves the First Spirit.

The Round Table[]

Because all the other members of Ratatoskr's board of directors, also known as the Round Table, are only interested in gaining the Spirits' power for themselves, Woodman does not trust any of them. As a result, he gave the key to <Dainsleif> to Kotori, knowing they would have immediately used it if it looked like Shido was going to go berserk.

Following the events of Itsuka Disaster, when it was revealed that some of the members of the Round Table had secretly created a backdoor key to activate <Dainsleif>, Woodman had just about enough of them for violating their agreement, promising them that they would be punished for going behind his back. By the next time Elliot encounters Shido, he informs him that the members behind the <Dainsleif> incident have already been removed from his organization.

Kotori Itsuka[]

Elliot is much more sympathetic toward Kotori than the other members of the Round Table, showing great remorse for the burden he has placed on her for potentially having to kill her adoptive brother if the Reiryoku he has sealed runs out of control. He entrusted her with the key to <Dainsleif>, believing she would only use it as a last resort.

Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott[]

Elliot and Westcott are childhood friends, with Elliot being the only one in their hometown to rival Westcott's talent. After their home, family, and friends, were all destroyed, Elliot joined Westcott in trying to get revenge on humanity. In doing so, he worked with Isaac and Ellen at DEM and used the Spirit Formula to create the First Spirit.

However, upon falling in love with the Spirit, he left DEM with Karen and formed Ratatoskr to stop Westcott's plans. Despite this betrayal, Isaac did offer Elliot an opportunity to come back to DEM, to which Elliot refused. Despite being enemies, the two would still exchange some friendly banter before engaging in their fight. While he opposed Isaac's goals, Elliot never stopped viewing him as a childhood friend, and he would visit Isaac during his final moments.

Ellen Mira Mathers[]

Ellen despises Elliot for betraying DEM and wants to personally kill him. In contrast, Elliot displays a benign, albeit teasing attitude toward her. After defeating her in the Game Over Timeline, Elliot simply incapacitated Ellen and ignored her request to be killed, still considering her a friend. He would also praise her growth since their childhood after she fainted. When Ellen loses her memory of DEM after Westcott's death, their friendship returns to normal.

Shido Itsuka[]

According to Kotori, Elliot was the only one in the Round Table who opposed using Shido to seal the Spirits, saying that nothing good could ever come from sealing their power in a human body. However, he reluctantly agreed after seeing that he had already sealed Kotori's power. When they finally meet during Natsumi Search, Elliot tells Shido to simply call him Baldwin, while asking him for directions to the hospital. Before parting ways, he tells Shido that he is counting on him to take care of the Spirit. This visit made Elliot happy that Shido was doing well, as he had previously heard disturbing reports of Shido manifesting an Angel.

When Shido goes berserk from a buildup of Reiryoku, he delays the use of <Dainsleif> to kill him for as long as possible. He even becomes truly enraged when the other members of the Round Table set up an alternate method of firing it without his or Kotori's consent. Later, after meeting Shido again at Ratatoskr's headquarters, he personally apologizes to Shido for the incident and offers an explanation of his motives. Woodman also notices Shido's resemblance to Shinji Takamiya, but the DEM attack leaves him unable to elaborate any further.