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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.


Yamai Tempest[]

Ellen first appears in the JGSDF base when Isaac Westcott goes to investigate the Wizard who could handle using the <White Licorice>. While Ellen remains silent during the trial, Westcott asks her to give Origami his business card. Afterward, she and Westcott discuss how foolish the higher-ups of the JGSDF are for almost dismissing such a talented Wizard. When he makes a joke about Origami being stronger than Ellen, she changes the subject and shows him a file that contains information about a girl that resembles a Spirit, Tohka Yatogami. After Westcott reaffirms that the JGSDF are fools, he decides to take the matter into his own hands, and asks Ellen, the strongest Wizard, to investigate the Spirit <Princess>.

Ellen with a camera

Ellen taking a picture of Tohka & Shido

When Shido and his classmates are on the plane to Arubi Island, Ellen (who claims to be a photographer), takes a picture of Tohka. Ellen apologizes for her rudeness, and sends what she discovered to the DEM airship, <Arbatel>. On the airship, the captain, James A. Paddington, is discussing with Ellen about Tohka's identity, and she reminds him he shouldn't let his guard down, for this is a Level 1 alert. Ellen gives the order to turn off the radio wave transmission. When Paddington asks her about the young Wizard, Origami Tobiichi, they are interrupted by a sudden storm.

Group asleep

Ellen is sleeping next to her target, Tohka

Much later, Ellen is still spying on Tohka, only to be ambushed by Ai, Mai, and Mii, and ends up getting caught into a pillow fight before she could give more orders to <Arbatel>. She ends up falling asleep next to her target, much to Paddington's annoyance. The next day, she is still observing Tohka and reporting to <Arbatel>. This time, she watches Tohka and Origami swimming in a straight line and asks <Arbatel> to deploy a <Bandersnatch> to follow her. However, she is once again disturbed by Ai, Mai, and Mii. Even though she says that she has important things to do, the trio and some students grab her body and throw her inside a hole in the beach. The sculpture made under Ellen's face was a masochistic act between a Queen and her servant, who happened to be Hiroto Tonomachi. That was the first time in her life that she felt like spitting on someone else.

Some hours later, Ellen manages to get out of the hole (although she buries Tonomachi in it) and informs <Arbatel> that she'll use her favored method to capture Tohka tonight. Sometime after that, Ellen is almost caught again by Mii, but she manages to escape in a panic. She goes outside following Tohka and asks <Arbatel> to send one <Bandersnatch>, just in case Origami tries to do something.

Ellen vs Tohka

Ellen clashes with Tohka

While Shido and Tohka witness Kaguya and Yuzuru fighting to the death, they are suddenly surrounded by 10 <Bandersnatch> units and confronted by Ellen. Ellen taunts Tohka to force her into a fight. But much to her own disappointment over it not being a satisfying clash, Ellen quickly defeats Tohka using <Pendragon>. Ellen orders the <Bandersnacth> to capture Tohka and restrain Shido. This is when Shido first manifests <Sandalphon>. Ellen is surprised that a human can use an Angel, so she asks Shido to come with her too. When the <Bandersnatch> units try to restrain Shido, <Arbatel>'s Realizer gets hit, and the robots stop functioning. When she contacts the bridge, she finds out, much to her annoyance, Paddington had ordered his crew to attack an enemy airship. Shido and Tohka escape, but Ellen gives chase. However, she falls into a hole that's supposedly the work of the Ai, Mai, and Mii trio. Next, a <Bandersnatch> falls on top of her, and she can't get out since she already released her CR-Unit. Ellen stops moving while cursing her luck.

After that, she wakes up and tries to communicate with <Arbatel>. However, the only reply comes from Westcott. Ellen replies that she was able to confirm Tohka’s identity as the Spirit <Princess>. She also takes the chance to ask him if he thinks something like a human capable of holding the power of a Spirit exists.

Miku Lily[]

Ellen is with Westcott in a hotel room, with the DEM director checking her report on what happened on Arubi Island. When Westcott seems happy that he lost, Ellen expresses her discomfort. She informs him that a team led by Adeptus 3 is ready to enter the JGSDF. After that, Westcott remarks that there aren't any photos of Shido, to which Ellen replies that she thought only Tohka was important. When she says that she'll get a photo of him soon, Westcott stops her, saying that he wants to meet him, to which Ellen replies "Understood. Without fail." Westcott also informs her that he has prepared a big welcome to <Ratatoskr>.

After Miku brainwashes her audience, Ellen arrives through a hole in the ceiling and tries to capture Tohka and Shido. Ellen is annoyed when Tohka allows Shido to escape by throwing him out through a hole in the wall. She is also surprised that several Spirits have gathered here together. She then remembers that her top priority is Tohka, with the ensuing fight resulting in Ellen defeating and capturing Tohka. Moments later, Shido watches Ellen flying away with an unconscious Tohka.

Miku Truth[]

Ellen summoning her territory

Ellen activates her territory

While Tohka is held captive in the DEM building, Ellen enters the isolation room where she is currently and asks her to calm down, further provoking Tohka. Ellen informs Tohka that Shido, as well as the other Spirits, will be joining her within the next few days. Since Tohka is about to break her handcuffs, Ellen activates her Territory, which pins down Tohka. After Ellen boasts her Territory is the strongest among all Wizards, she begins interrogating Tohka.

Sometime later, Tohka is still being questioned by Ellen. Tohka refuses to answer, but Ellen doesn't seem to care. At some point, Tohka asks Ellen why a cameraman is doing this. When Ellen replies that she was masquerading as one, Tohka doesn't really understand. At some point, Westcott wants to enter the room. At first, Ellen hesitates to let him in, but after saying that he'll be protected as long as she's there, Ellen lets him in. Westcott tells Ellen about several torture methods to inverse Tohka, and when he asks her about the one closest to her, Ellen replies that it should be Shido Itsuka. When Tohka is once again about to break the handcuffs, Ellen uses her Territory again.

Later, when Mana is fighting Jessica near the DEM building, Ellen suddenly appears and insults her by saying she's a rat who joined <Ratatoskr>. When Mana said that DEM messes with one's body, Ellen just said that she won't betray Westcott. At some point during the fight, Origami appears and saves Mana. When she heads towards the DEM building, Ellen stops her and begins a fight with Origami. During the fight, due to Origami's strategy and <Ratatoskr> support, Ellen is wounded by Origami and claims that she's the second person who's ever managed to hurt her. After this, Westcott contacts Ellen, and she returns to the DEM building.

Once there, she goes to the isolation room and stabs Shido, saying that she'll destroy any sword pointed at Westcott. Ellen asks if this is alright, and then she begins to threaten to kill Shido with her sword. Tohka tries to stop her, but seeing that she can't, she inverses. Ellen asks Westcott about the situation, and he says that the demon king has come. Westcott tells Ellen that this is their dream, and asks her to defeat Tohka. The Inverse Spirit and the Wizard engage in a brawl. Even though Ellen provokes Tohka, her opponent has the upper hand and even resists Ellen's <Rhongomiant>. Tohka takes the chance to point her sword at Westcott, distracting Ellen and causing her to reopen her wound. Westcott asks her what does she think about Tohka now, and Ellen claims that she's more powerful, compared to what she was before. Even though Ellen claims that she can win, she says that her wound will prevent her from fighting at full capacity. To this, Westcott suggests they retreat, saying that today was already a great achievement. Then, they both leave, while Westcott claims to know nothing about Shido Itsuka.

Natsumi Search[]

At the DEM company building in Great Britain, the DEM board members are reviewing Westcott's actions in Japan. In their displeasure, they call for a vote to remove Westcott from his position. When half the board members raise their hands, Ellen uses a laser blade to cut their arms off. Then, she scolds the board for saying that Westcott is doing things out of "fun and self-gratification". Westcott, however, tells Ellen that the board members were in their right to call for a vote.

After Westcott ends his conversation with Woodman, he informs Ellen that Murdoch has a point. It was bad to lose Adeptus 2 and Adeptus 3 during the battle, and he suggests to look for new candidates. Ellen has no idea who could be worthy, except for the comatose Artemisia Bell Ashcroft. Westcott then interrupts her by mentioning the young Wizard who managed to hurt her.

Natsumi Change[]

When Ellen and Westcott arrive at Tengu City from Great Britain, Westcott suggests they build a residence in Japan, since repeated back and forth trips are tiring. Ellen, however, seems displeased, since Westcott left DEM defenseless against the board members. While he is not bothered by the fact that they could cause a revolution, Ellen says that he should place himself in her situation, since she would have to do the cleaning afterwards. Westcott changes the subject to Shido Itsuka, and Ellen shows him what she's found. Apparently, Shido is surrounded by 6 Spirits, and he is probably backed up by <Ratatoskr>. They decide to wait for Shido to deepen his bonds with the Spirits before attempting to inverse them, and Westcott tells Ellen about the Spirit <Witch>, who hasn't been reported as lost yet.

DAL v9 04

Ellen stabbing Natsumi

Sometime later, Natsumi is thinking about other pranks to pull on Shido, but Ellen and the other DEM Wizards find her. They engage in a fight. After Natsumi uses <Haniel> several times on the Wizards, they end up becoming children. Ellen decides that she can't waste any more time and attacks Natsumi with her laser blade, causing her to release her powers, and the Wizards go back to normal. When Ellen is prepared to cut off Natsumi's limbs, Shido and the Spirits arrive to save Natsumi. Despite this, Ellen still has the upper hand, so Shido and the girls teleport with Natsumi to <Fraxinus>.

After the fight, several men try to ambush Origami, since her disciplinary punishment has been decided. At the same time, she receives a call from Ellen, who asks her to join DEM. Origami refuses at first, but Ellen claims that they won't hurt Shido in the meantime, and that she could have access to special Realizers and information on the Spirit that killed her parents. Origami accepts the offer, Ellen attacks the group of men, and she welcomes Origami into DEM Industries.

DAL v9 09

Ellen threatening Shido

After Natsumi escapes from <Ratatoskr>, Shido searches for her in his house, only to find Ellen there, sitting on a sofa. When he tries to call Kotori, Ellen takes his phone, saying that the whole house is under her Territory. She also wants to ask Shido where Natsumi is. He refuses, and Ellen tells him that the peaceful days he has with the Spirits are only because DEM allows it. In exchange for Natsumi, Ellen will let him and the other Spirits live. Shido still refuses, and Ellen takes out her sword. When she threatens to cut his ear off, Shido's phone rings and he takes the chance to run away while Ellen is distracted. However, she redeploys her Territory once again. This time, she receives a call from headquarters, and leaves before saying that Shido is a lucky person.

While she's out on the street, she explains the situation to a subordinate. An artificial satellite is falling on Tengu City, and it's aiming at Westcott. Apparently, the board directors are trying to seize power by killing Westcott, and she instantly knew Murdoch was behind this. Ellen regrets not chopping off their heads instead of their arms. She gives the subordinate orders to evacuate and to retrieve any Sephira Crystal that may be left behind.

Once she arrives at the hotel where Westcott is located, he tells her that everything's fine, since <Ratatoskr> won't let Shido and the Spirits die. Ellen says that even though her Territory could keep the damages to a minimum, it's still too dangerous. However, Westcott still wants to stay behind. Due to Ellen's persistence, Westcott sends Origami with the <Mordred> unit to take care of the satellite.

Tobiichi Angel[]

In the highest suite room of a Tengu City hotel, Ellen asks Westcott if it's okay to let Origami, who has become the new Adeptus 2, move on her own. He answers that he doesn't mind, and since it's getting hard to keep the JGSDF at bay, they could use <Mordred> combat data. Westcott adds that if Origami fights the Spirits, there's no doubt that <Ratatoskr> will disturb her. Thus, he asked the HQ to send the airship <Goetia>. When she hears this, Ellen asks if it's really okay, since she can't hold back when using <Goetia>.

DAL v10 06

Ellen issuing her demands to Kotori

A while later, when Kotori decides to use <Fraxinus> to rescue Tohka, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Miku, the ship is attacked by Goetia. Ellen communicates with Kotori, and after telling her that her age or looks don't affect her personal abilities, she voices two requests. Firstly, everyone in <Fraxinus> has three minutes to evacuate the ship. Secondly, the escaped survivors will give Woodman a message from Ellen, saying that she's coming for him. Then, a huge battle ensues between both airships and, after <Ratatoskr> believed they had won, <Goetia> fires at <Fraxinus>, greatly damaging it.

After the fight and some other missions, Ellen returns to Westcott. While he congratulates her, she regrets the fact that <Goetia> got hit once, and claims that <Ratatoskr> has an outstanding crew. After this, they talk about Origami, who just became a Spirit recently. While she was an amazing Wizard, they are still going to target her.

Once Inverse Origami appears, Shido and the others try to get to her, but they are attacked by Ellen, who claims that they can't hurt an Inverse type. However, Kaguya and Yuzuru manage to distract her, giving Shido enough time to reach Origami.

Itsuka Disaster[]

In the DEM Industry building, Westcott openly laments the loss of a perfect Inverse Spirit like <Devil>, to which Ellen apologizes for even though it wasn't necessarily her fault. Westcott then changes the subject to <Material A> in Neryl Island. When she hears that name, Ellen twitches her shoulders, since <Material A> is DEM's most prized possession. According to Westcott, it's finally time they make their own Inverse Spirit.

DAL v12 c01

Ellen embarrassed by Shido

Soon afterwards, Ellen decides to go out to eat her favorite strawberry shortcake, but the cold weather annoys her. She remembers a subordinate who told her "Japan's winter is not a big deal". Then again, that subordinate was from Alaska. Suddenly, while thinking about adding strawberry shortcake to the company menu, she bumps into Shido. He tells her that he had feelings for her since their last meeting. And even though she is from DEM, she should go over to <Ratatoskr>. Ellen thinks this is a prank, and activates her Territory to crush Shido. However, he is unaffected by it. Then, she starts attacking Shido, but he dodges and blocks all of her attacks. After some more attacking, Shido lifts Ellen in a princess carry manner. Next, Shido decides to kiss Ellen, but ends up kissing her forehead since he doesn't want to force an unwilling girl. He goes away, and Ellen claims that she'll never forget this. With teary eyes, she returns to the company building, escaping from the public eye and from her chance to eat strawberry shortcake.

Back at the company building, she makes her way to Westcott's office, while thinking about what happened with Shido. Irritated, she hits the wall, but the pain makes her crouch down on the spot with teary eyes. Westcott informs her that <Nightmare> attacked the transporter at Neryl Island, but <Material A> is safe, thanks to the new Adeptus 2. However, the reason Westcott called Ellen was because they had detected some unusual readings. When she hears this, Ellen is able to make sense of her encounter with Shido. When about to leave, she boasts she'll retrieve the target's head, but Westcott requests for a living sample.

Later, while the Spirits try to save Shido, Ellen attacks the facility with 20 <Bandersnatch> units, but they are all destroyed by a mysterious light beam. When she sends the next wave of robots, they are beheaded by Mana. Ellen remarks that Westcott should have let her kill them "at that time". Nonetheless, both Wizards engage in a fight.

While still fighting, Shido escapes <Ratatoskr>'s facility, distracting Mana, and giving Ellen the chance to attack her. When he mentions the name Mio, Mana gets lost in thought, and Ellen prepares an attack. However, Shido uses his powers to block her attack, and Ellen says that she now understands why Westcott wants him so much. Shido releases more Spirit energy, and both Mana and Ellen are blown away. After that, Kotori contacts Mana, and she keeps Ellen distracted while the girls go save Shido. 

During their fight, Mana provokes Ellen by naming some of her faults, but Ellen receives a call regarding the status of <Material A>. Ellen escapes but warns Mana that she won't be so lucky next time.

Nia Creation[]

In the DEM building, the pilots Knox and Burton are summoned by Westcott, regarding the loss of <Material A>. Since the Spirit escaped, and Ellen Mathers is with him from the beginning, they are sure she'll kill them. However, she gives Westcott a report on the matter. Westcott, however, reassures them, saying that it wasn't their fault, and that it wouldn't be good to lose such good pilots. Later, Nia reveals to Shido that she is a Spirit, and she mentions that she was captured by Ellen, who ambushed her and overwhelmed her. Several days later, Westcott, Ellen, and Artemisia are driving through Tengu City while speaking of Nia. While Ellen dislikes the fact that they let her go, she is reminded that they hadn't made any progress in inversing her. This time, however, it will be different. Westcott tells Ellen that he is counting on her and Artemisia to achieve their dearest wish.

DAL v13 11

Ellen alongside Westcott and Artemisia

When Nia inverses, Shido and the others try to help her, but they are attacked by Ellen. She tells them that she'll let them go this time, but she's soon attacked by the shadows coming from <Beelzebub>. Then, she engages in a fight with Tohka, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Miku. Later, once Artemisia gives Westcott Nia's Qlipha Crystal, Ellen goes to him, and reminds him that only one Demon King is not enough to achieve their dream. However, Westcott says that this was enough for today, and retreats together with Ellen and Artemisia.

Back at DEM's building, Westcott is investigating <Beelzebub>'s power. When Ellen asks him if there's something interesting, he touches her shoulder, and she learns that the world's history had been rewritten by Shido to save Origami. Ellen also learns that Origami managed to wound her, which causes Ellen's Realizer to "recreate" the wound she obtained at that time from her memories. Despite <Beelzebub>'s vast powers, the Demon King is not yet complete. Ellen laments that she should have removed the Crystal herself, but Westcott is satisfied nonetheless and reaffirms his expectations for Ellen and Artemisia.

Mukuro Planet[]

DAL v14 c03

Ellen alongside in the pool alongside Artemisia

A few days later, Ellen felt exhausted after having to climb over the numerous stairs in DEM Industries’ Japan branch. With her legs cramped and lungs exhausted, Ellen wails in agony over how the elevator is broken. Soon after, she is joined by Artemisia, who asks if she is okay. Rejecting the need for sympathy, Ellen tells Artemisia that there is no need for any assistance. Ellen complains that it is only because she went swimming earlier. However, Artemisia reminds Ellen that she also went swimming, and had done more laps than Ellen. While Artemisia swam gracefully, Ellen had to use a flotation device she had nicknamed Prydwen. Not wanting to keep Westcott waiting, Artemisia decides to carry Ellen for the remainder of the stairs, much to Ellen's embarrassment. as the posture evokes bad memories from the incident with Shido. After arriving, Westcott informs them that <Beelzebub> has been receiving interference from an outside source, which he theorizes came from <Sister>'s survival. Despite this heavily restricting the Demon King's omniscience function, he still managed to decipher the information just in time. Thanks to this, he has found the location of a new Spirit. When Ellen questions the Spirit's whereabouts, Westcott responds by raising his index finger and pointing to the sky.

After the initial assault, Ellen is shocked to find out that the fleet sent to capture the new Spirit <Zodiac> has been completely annihilated. Asking if the Spirit is still at its previous coordinates, Ellen decides to venture out herself in order to necessitate the capture. Seeing Ellen's resolve, Westcott assigns Ellen and Artemisia to apprehend <Zodiac>. Much later, during the new Fraxinus EX maiden voyage, they are soon intercepted by three DEM airships led by Ellen's <Goetia>.

Mukuro Family[]

Using the communication system, Ellen contacts the Fraxinus ship and warns them to surrender or else they will be brought down again before the might of her fleet. Hearing this surprises Kotori, who thought that Ellen should have no memories of the previous timeline. However, the Fraxinus commander quickly realizes that Westcott had probably used <Beelzebub> to obtain the information. Still, Kotori notices Ellen's presence in space while Westcott had left to personally attack the Ratatoskr base. Kotori teasingly says that her lack of knowledge of the attack must mean her boss does not trust her. Despite clearly being affected by the taunt, Ellen denies becoming flustered and remarks that Westcott wouldn't leave and attack Woodman without her. Resuming a sharp demeanor, Ellen states that five minutes should be enough to annihilate their ship.

DAL v15 02

Ellen's defeat against Fraxinus EX

Using <Goetia>'s flexible locomotive ability, Ellen is able to dodge the attack fired from Fraxinus' <Mystletainn> cannon. She admits that she is impressed by how Fraxinus had used its territory to copy <Goetia>'s agility, but she still boasts that three minutes should be enough even with the improvements made to Fraxinus. Still, Ellen also mentally notes that she can't completely destroy the ship because of the Spirits onboard, as doing so might scatter the Sephira Crystals in space forever. She then boasts that challenging her is like Icarus flying too close to the sun. The Fraxinus ship would soon have its wings clipped and crash down to the Earth. However, Ellen is caught off guard by a large wave of energy that pierces through <Goetia>'s defensive hull. Shocked, she realizes that the energy beam is powered by Reiryoku from the Spirits. With the severe damage done to <Goetia>, Ellen is forced to retreat back down to Earth as Kotori mocks her.

Three hours after the semi-wrecked <Goetia> lands on the surface, Ellen arrives back at DEM headquarters. Her mind is filled with hatred towards the Fraxinus for delivering the first humiliating loss in her life, exasperated wrath at Westcott for hiding the raid on the Ratatoskr base from her, and deep frustration over not being informed of his plans to go after Woodman. In her rage, he dismisses her subordinates' concerns about her own injuries and demands for Westcott's location. Along the way, she is greeted by Artemisia, who states that she came from the weapon storage room as fast as she could. Ellen rebukes Artemisia's attempts to check her injuries, asking if the second Adeptus only wished to mock her. Much to Ellen's frustration, she finds Westcott in the middle of a Realizer treatment to recover from his wounds. Despite this, the DEM director happily waves his severed limb in front of both Ellen and Artemisia. He admits that he was magnificently defeated by Ratatoskr. Nevertheless, the front half of his severed arm was successfully recovered, so he should still make a full recovery by tomorrow. After hearing the medical staff's concern over continuing his treatment, Westcott tells them that he will have to postpone their chat until the next day, and that they should go heal their own wounds in the meantime. Having exhausted her stamina, Ellen collapses just as a medic timidly asks if they could examine her injuries.

Kurumi Refrain[]

At DEM headquarters in Japan, Ellen encounters Artemisia looking up documents about Origami, with the Adeptus 2 sensing some familiarity with the Ratatoskr Wizard. Ellen gives a swift explanation that Origami is the Spirit known as <Angel>, and she quickly diverts Artemisia's questions about her memories. Afterward, they barge into their boss's room after sensing another presence there. However, upon entering Westcott's room, they discover their boss has announced the final stages of their plan. Since enough Spirits have gathered around Shido Itsuka, they plan to kill him to invert them all. Westcott then proceeds to introduce Ellen and Artemisia to the Nibelcole, who are pseudo-Spirits created by his Demon King to bolster their forces.

At the Raizen High School's rooftop, Ellen prepares to ambush Shido while he is conversing with Kurumi. However, her sneak attack is stopped by Mana, who was informed about the assassination attempt prior by Kurumi. Due to further interference from Kurumi’s clones, the battle ends in a stalemate with Ellen eventually retreating.

Much later, Ellen is frustrated by the Nibelcole's inability to assassinate Shido. A successful attempt to kill Shido is told in a flashback, in which Ellen summoned a few Nibelcole to keep the sealed Spirits at bay while she directly decapitated Shido. However, because Ellen did not take Shido's head with her, Kurumi and her clones were able to recover and reconnect Shido's limbs before rewinding time.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

Ellen continues to be annoyed at the Nibelcole's incessant gossip while she and Artemisia wait for Westcott to arrive at the DEM head office. Even after Westcott's arrival, the Nibelcole's complaints get on Ellen's nerves, and she vaporizes them by activating her Territory. The Nibelcole regenerate behind Westcott, who asks Ellen not to pare down his forces. Once Westcott determines that Kurumi has been rewinding time in order to repeatedly avert Shido's death, Ellen decides that Kurumi may be considered an enemy worthy of respect.

On the day DEM mobilize and surround Tengu City, Westcott and Ellen notice that their enemy, Ratatoskr, have decided to resist. Ellen worries for Westcott's own safety, but Westcott merely replies that their enemy has chosen their course of action because they do not fear him. The Nibelcole next to Westcott taunt Ellen for her failure to understand the situation. Within moments, Ellen sees an army of Kurumi clones decimate the first wave of Bandersnatch, one of them taunting Ellen directly. Frustrated, Ellen joins the offensive, initially planning to support Artemisia who was one-on-one against Origami. However, just before Ellen can reach her destination, she is intercepted by a younger-looking Woodman wearing his own CR-Unit. This is enough to provoke Ellen into attacking Woodman out of pure, blind rage.

Mio Game Over[]

Woodman adeptly avoids every single attack from Ellen thrown towards him, while also being able to answer Ellen's rage with a measured sense of calmness. Ellen momentarily stops upon feeling that Mio Takamiya had indeed reawakened, but when Woodman implies that he fell in love with Mio, Ellen resumes her rampage, bringing out <Rhongomiant> just as Woodman prepares <Gungnir>. The two weapons clash at full force.

Ellen wakes up somewhere, unable to move and thus realizing that she had lost. Woodman emerges within Ellen's sight, still standing, leaving Ellen with no choice but to face her fate, even urging Woodman to end her life. Woodman sighs and prepares to stab Ellen's chest, only to momentarily redirect his laser blade to the Realizer on the back of Ellen's CR-Unit instead. Ellen's immature response causes Woodman to remark it is better to humiliate the loser than to give in to their demands. Ellen exhausts herself from this and falls unconscious after tearfully asking why Woodman didn’t take her with him when leaving DEM.

Mio True End[]

Ellen is first seen onboard DEM's new flagship Lemegeton during the new timeline. Westcott alerts her to a change of plans due to the timeline having been changed. After seeing Westcott deploy DEM's armada one day early, Ellen asks if Westcott is alright, and Westcott merely affirms.

After Westcott distracts the Spirits by sending the Bandersnatch units to assault the Spirits' friends in public, he transfers to DEM's former flagship Goetia, bringing Ellen and Artemisia with him to invade Ratatoskr's Fraxinus directly. Ellen immediately launches her laser sword at Shido upon seeing him, only to be countered by Mana like last time. Mana keeps Ellen occupied by taking their fight to the air outside Fraxinus. Ellen once again summons the Nibelcole to outnumber Mana while also joined by Artemisia. In turn, Shido and Kotori emerge out of Fraxinus to assist Mana. The Nibelcole easily overwhelm Kotori and Mana, carving out another assassination attempt by Ellen on Shido. However, Kurumi emerges from the shadows to ambush Westcott from behind and steal his Qlipha Crystal. Her clone army assists by restraining Ellen, Artemisia and the Nibelcole. When Kurumi's clone army all start firing bullets at Westcott, Ellen overwhelms the clones by herself to get to Westcott and form a Territory around him, before retreating from the vicinity, all while assisted by Artemisia.

Enough time passes for the joint Territory of Ellen and Artemisia to heal Westcott. Ellen tells him that Shido has obtained Kurumi's powers and left for <Deus>'s location. After discovering that Goetia is still intact, Westcott gives a faint smile as if everything is going according to plan. With <Deus> momentarily occupied, Westcott begins the ritual to assert himself as the second Spirit of Origin, and this process initially envelopes his Goetia airship with Reiryoku. Ellen and Artemisia then keep intruders Origami and Mana at bay, gaining the upper hand when Westcott grants some of his Reiryoku to them. They are pegged back again when Mio, who joined the Spirits' resistance, gives the Spirits an invigoration of her own. Ultimately, Ellen and Artemisia fail to stop Shido from confronting Westcott directly.

When Westcott is at his death throes having launched his final Demon King <Qemetiel> against Mio's <Ain>, Ellen rushes over and desperately tries to keep him alive with Territory. Woodman, accompanied by Karen, then approaches Westcott from another direction, and ignores Ellen's tearful plea to save Westcott.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

A year after the disappearance of the Spirit of Origin, Ellen is revealed to have lost her memories of DEM, although she still receives headaches when hearing the word "strongest". Shido recollects that it's unknown if the amnesia is either caused by the trauma of seeing Westcott die or Westcott personally created a post mortem fail-safe to erase her memories. Regardless, under Origami's suggestion, they have installed a micro-Realizer that will disable her ability to use her CR-Unit if she ever recovers her memories. Consequently, she took up a teaching role at Raizen High School. Ellen also replaced Reine Murasame as the deputy homeroom teacher of Shido's class. During one class lecture, she finds herself pestered to go shopping with the Ai, Mai, Mii trio after talking about Tamae's upcoming marriage.

Ellen is later seen to also be working under Nia as a deputy illustrator alongside several MARIA clones. However, she contributes very little to the role and easily tires out even when making basic copying mistakes.