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Karen Nora Mathers[]

Karen is Ellen's younger sister who works for Ratatoskr's founder, Elliot Woodman. They are considered enemies due to the conflict between Ratatoskr and DEM. However, despite this, Ellen has never displayed any outright antagonism towards her sister while working for DEM. During her fight with Elliot, she even goes so far as to accuse him of tricking Karen into defecting from DEM with him. After losing her memories of Westcott, Ellen has significantly improved her relationship with Karen. 

Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott[]

Of her childhood friends, Ellen is the only one who never left Westcott's side or went against their promise to avenge their hometown. Ellen would later become Westcott's chief enforcer as his strongest Wizard and his secretary for more everyday matters. Still, she always addresses him as "Ike", a nickname that stems back to their childhood.

Ellen does occasionally disagree with him. She has sometimes questioned his plans, such as why he didn't let her kill Shido when she had the chance. She is also exasperated by his teasing and utter lack of self-preservation.

When Westcott was fatally injured in his final clash with Mio, Ellen went as far as begging her sworn enemy Elliot to save him, and she was devastated when it became clear that Ike was beyond saving. She fainted from his death and woke up with no memories of him, although it is unclear whether she made her Realizer remove the traumatic memory of his demise, or if Westcott himself designed it to do so post-mortem.

Artemisia Bell Ashcroft[]

Artemisia became Ellen's direct subordinate and partner in the New Timeline after Mana defected. The two seem to get along very well, with Ellen even receiving swimming lessons from her. However, she does keep her in the dark regarding details about her past and that she actually had her memory wiped by DEM.


Several Nibelcole were provided by Westcott to Ellen to serve as her soldiers during her mission to assassinate Shido. They ended up working well enough together, managing to successfully kill Shido in several alternate timelines. However, on a personal level, Ellen dislikes the Nibelcole due to their tendency to act like loud and gossipy teenage girls.

Elliot Baldwin Woodman[]

Woodman is Ellen's childhood friend. 30 Years ago, he helped Westcott and her bring the First Spirit into the world, but eventually left DEM to form Ratatoskr. Ellen saw this as a betrayal and vowed to personally hunt him down and kill him for breaking their "oath".

Despite this, however, Westcott claims Ellen would actually be overjoyed if Woodman came back to DEM. Also, after being beaten by him in the Game Over Timeline, Ellen curses Woodman as to why he did not take her with him when he left DEM. This implies that, like her sister, Ellen had feelings for Woodman and the actual reason behind her grudge is because he abandoned her. When Westcott was dying in the True End Timeline, Ellen suppressed her grudge and begged Elliot for help, even though Westcott was clearly beyond saving. After Ellen lost her memories of Westcott and DEM, their relationship started to improve.

Mana Takamiya[]

While it's generally unknown what Ellen's relationship with Mana was like when she was still in the DEM, she has grown to despise Mana as much as Shido, stating both siblings really know how to make her unhappy.

When the two of them fought each other in Volume 12, Ellen stated that she should have killed her back then, implying Ellen was the one who separated Mana from her family. During said fight, Ellen is easily provoked by Mana's taunts about her clumsiness.

After losing her memories, Ellen becomes Mana’s homeroom teacher. Despite Ellen’s personality changes after the memory loss, Mana remarks that her clumsiness is still the same as when she was in DEM.

Shido Itsuka[]

When Westcott ordered her to observe Shido, she originally thought that he was an ordinary human. However, his ability to summon an angel piqued her interest, causing her to wonder what he was. After failing her mission, she asked Westcott if it was possible for a human to wield the power of a Spirit. Over their many meetings, Ellen has grown to greatly despise Shido. However, in Itsuka Disaster, the Reiryoku-high Shido started to flirt with Ellen. Using his spirit powers, he easily stopped Ellen's attempts to keep him off her back. At the end of that meeting, Ellen swore revenge for the humiliation that Shido brought to her, eagerly agreeing to Westcott's request to capture Shido afterward.

Kotori Itsuka[]

Ellen and Kotori have clashed twice as commanders of their respective airships <Goetia> and <Fraxinus>. On both occasions, Ellen requests communication with her enemy prior to the battle and treats her victory as a foregone conclusion. During the first bout, Ellen demeans Kotori as a mere messenger to deliver her threat to Elliot. This gets turned around during their rematch in the new timeline, where Kotori is the one to mock Ellen for being left in the dark about DEM's ambush on Ratatoskr's headquarters.

Ai Yamabuki, Mai Hazakura, and Mii Fujibakama[]

Ellen became comically terrified of the trio after they constantly got in her way of observing and capturing Tohka, even inadvertently knocking her out with a pitfall. The trio also frequently disrupted her attempted day off. After losing her memories, a more timid Ellen now has to deal with the trio on a more reoccurring and exasperated basis while working at Raizen High School.

Origami Tobiichi[]

Ellen considers Origami a worthy opponent, even praising her for being the second person to land a wound on her body. Like Westcott, Ellen agreed that Origami's skills were more than enough to replace the lack of manpower caused by Mana's defection and Jessica's death. To that end, Ellen personally approached Origami and offered her DEM's full resources to allow her to get revenge on the Spirits.

Tohka Yatogami[]

Ellen was initially interested in fighting Tohka due to her standing as an AAA-rank Spirit and in order to satisfy her own ego about being the strongest. However, after defeating her in her Limited Release Astral Dress, Ellen loses interest in her and now just views her as another Spirit to be captured for Westcott's goal. When fighting her again in her Inverse Form, Ellen remains absolutely confident in her victory, blaming her inability to do any considerable damage to her from being injured at the time.