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Volume 1[]

As Panie Ibusuki[]

Panie first appears as a participant in one of Doll Master's killing games. During the induction, she describes herself as a fourth-type Quasi-Spirit, and introduces her Unsigned Angel and Astral Dress. Panie also claims to be participating in the killing game in order to consume Reiryoku as sweets. When Empty wonders what the Neighboring World is, Panie answers that it is either heaven or hell, but admits she is able to eat as much as she wants without gaining weight.

During the killing game, Panie is easily dispatched by Sheri Musika.

As Doll Master[]

During a progress check on the killing game, Doll Master's appearance is left undescribed as she talks to Lycos and Ayako Machi, the referees of the killing game. Doll Master's appearance continues to remain a mystery after she gathers the dolls together in a classroom and they report that Kurumi and Tsuan are the only participants remaining.

Doll Master appears for real after overhearing Kurumi mutter about Yue Hiryu. In response, while maintaining her Panie-shaped façade, she declares the number of dolls that she has remaining in herself, before questioning the sincerity of Kurumi's character. Upon hearing Kurumi's reply, Doll Master summons the doll of Yue, causing Kurumi to react in a way that convinces Doll Master that Kurumi is not really Kurumi. Yue, who still addresses Doll Master by the name of Panie Ibusuki, gladly accepts Doll Master's order to kill Kurumi.

Doll Master then witnesses Empty come out of hiding and shoot Yue with Kurumi's pistol. In response, she summons more dolls to corner Empty, but Yue fends them off, allowing Empty to escape while carrying Kurumi. Several moments later, the real Kurumi emerges, excusing herself for "her" reaction towards the doll of Yue, and begins her assault, all while using the shadows to dodge attacks from the dolls. After witnessing the carnage, Doll Master maintains that she still has the upper hand, only to be told by Kurumi that the Kurumi they had been fighting was the one who stole her identity and is now in hiding, causing Doll Master to realize that the Kurumi she now faces is indeed real.

Doll Master retreats to the school building considered her stronghold. Kurumi follows, luring all of Doll Master's dolls into said building, and fires <Gimmel> at the building repeatedly to accelerate its age and weaken its structure, eventually causing the building to collapse and bury all the dolls including Doll Master. Despite the cries of Ayako Machi and Lycos to spare them, Doll Master accepts her fate and is shot dead by Hibiki Higoromo, the Quasi-Spirit who disguised herself as Kurumi Tokisaki in order to seek revenge for her fallen friend.