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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.
Doll Master

Panie anime

Kanji 人形遣
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Species Quasi-Spirit
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Occupation Dominion (Formerly)
Novel Debut Date A Bullet
Anime Debut Dead or Bullet
Japanese Rina Hidaka

Doll Master (人形遣ドールマスター, Dōru Masutā?) was a Quasi-Spirit who was the Dominion of the Tenth Region Malkuth, and first appeared in Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet.


As the Dominion of Malkuth, Doll Master regularly hosted killing games while luring unsuspecting Quasi-Spirits with the award of a large sum of Sephira fragments. In truth, the battle royal is a trap. While watching from afar, she waited for all of the contestants to weaken each other before sending her representative doll Panie Ibusuki (いぶ宿すきパニエ, Ibusuki Panie?) to eliminate the weakened Quasi-Spirits. Afterward, she would steal their Sephira fragments to make horrifying cartoonish dolls in the form of her defeated victims.


Doll Master's appearance is stated to look exactly like Panie Ibusuki, an extension of Doll Master herself. Panie has long blond hair usually worn down with bangs covering her forehead. She had bright blue eyes, and an innocent smile that is described as a ‘blessing’ in the Neighboring World.[1] She wore a pink and white Sweet Lolita styled dress, enhancing her innocent appearance. Panie was also stated to look extraordinarily younger than the other Quasi-Spirits participating in the Killing Game in Volume 1.

She was also stated to resemble a French Doll.[2]


Doll Master was shrewd, cowardly, cruel, and prudent.[3] After being a victim of cruelty from other Quasi-Spirits in her early life in the Neighboring World, the Doll Master’s victimized attitude changed. Using her Unsigned Angel, she created a doll to be her only friend in the Neighboring World at the time. Both she and her doll were shunned by the other Quasi-Spirits, which led to the Doll Master turning on those that had been cruel to her and transforming them into her dolls, which she considered her ‘friends'.[4]

Doll Master exhibited a large amount of apathy and cruelty towards the Quasi-Spirits participating in her killing game. She showed little to no remorse when manipulating them into battling with each other over an unfounded promise, and compared killing them to snapping the neck of a puppy.[5] While Doll Master was responding to the cruelty she was dealt out, and while she justified her actions by stating that life was easy and peaceful with her enemies under her control as dolls, her ruthlessness and disturbing manner of turning people into dolls exemplified her nature. Furthermore, Doll Master displayed sadism when commanding the doll of Yue Hiriyu to attack her best friend, Hibiki Higoromo.[6] Even so, Doll Master could be kind towards her dolls, often praising them when they behaved well and obediently carried out her orders. She expressed fondness for them that she never showed to anyone else.

Doll Master’s secrecy and prudence were also major aspects of her personality. Doll Master ensured that she could continue her reign over Malkuth by never revealing her appearance, nor alerting anybody to her location.[7]

When facing death, Doll Master didn’t attempt to sugarcoat her intentions or fish for sympathy. She also didn’t show remorse for those she killed or turned to dolls, and stated that she would have continued to increase the number of dolls had she not been caught and killed.[8]

When speaking through Panie, she often referred to herself in third person.


  • Light Novel
    • Appearances:
      • Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet 1
    • Mentioned:
      • Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet 2-7

Powers and Abilities[]

While her Astral Dress and Unsigned Angel were never stated, Doll Master has the ability to turn Quasi-Spirits into dolls. These dolls are able to move about with relative ease, wield weapons, and speak. Some dolls are only capable of programmed responses, while others can act as a proxy or extension of the Doll Master herself. The most notable of these representations of her is Panie Ibusuki. Panie's Unsigned Angel and Astral Dress were revealed to be the following.

Unsigned Angel: Talos (青銅怪人タロス, Tarosu?. lit. "Bronze Monster")

Weapon: Wooden Cross and Doll

Astral Dress: Victoria (旧糸霊装・五二番ヴィクトリア, Vikutoria?. lit. "Old Thread Spirit Dress, Number 52")

Panie's Unsigned Angel was said to give her the ability to operate a giant bronze doll, however, this huge doll was said to be easily melted by Sheri. Panie is able to store dolls within her body and transport them. She can hold absurd numbers of dolls in her body, up to 400.

False Proxy is another one of these storage units, but she is a mindless puppet rather than an extension of the Doll Master.

Doll Master, unlike Panie, is bedridden and paralyzed.[9] She sealed herself away from other Quasi-Spirits and only interacted with the outside world through dolls. She also never visited a Dominion meeting, instead sending out dolls as methods of communication instead of going herself, as she was unable to.[10]


  • (To Empty as Panie) "So here is heaven… or hell, or at least I think it is such a place. Panie and everyone else can hardly remember anything but names, but I only remember encountering very painful things. So I remember once praying that I didn’t want to die." [11]
  • (To Hibiki Higoromo) "I have sins. I do. Please don’t misunderstand, Empty. It was my will to increase the number of dolls." [12]


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