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Deus Ex Machina Industries (デウス・エクス・マキナ・インダストリー, Deusu Ekusu Makina Indasutorī?), also known by the abbreviation of DEM, is a conglomerate based in England which provides the manufacturing and sales of Realizers.


The corporation was co-founded by Isaac Westcott, Ellen Mathers, and Elliot Woodman over thirty years ago from when the story first started. Aside from the secretive Asgard Electronics, it is the only known industry that is able to manufacture Realizers for the world's military and police forces, including the AST. It seems that only the top brass of the DEM have heard rumors about the organization known as Ratatoskr, and have been ordered to eliminate them if they existed. Publicly, DEM is known for electronics, as Realizers are regarded as top secret.[1]

Due to their enthusiasm in hunting down the Spirits, they are considered economic rivals with Asgard Electronics, whom Ratatoskr is affiliated with.

Adeptus Call Signs[]

DEM also has Wizards who are able to use the CR-Units. It is said that their handling experience exceeds that of the special forces of different countries by a long shot.[2] There is a hierarchy of Wizards within them called <Adeptus>, which is a title granted to only the strongest Wizards in their employment. They are ranked in numbers with 1 being the strongest while the lowest <Adeptus> number is unknown. The following are known to have <Adeptus> number:


The country's police, organizations, and armies, which are supplied with the Realizers by the DEM all have supervisors or maintenance officials deployed by the DEM company.[4] The organization has multiple branches throughout the world, including Japan, though the main headquarters is in England. When Mukuro uses her Angel to retaliate against DEM, it is revealed that they have over 42 different facilities located around the globe.

Internally, Westcott has complete control of the company, with an attempt by the Board of Directors to remove him from his position failing due to a violent retaliation from Ellen cutting off their arms. However, Westcott's influence over the company can make it unstable if he is ever taken out of the equation. Woodman correctly predicted that DEM could be neutralized as a threat simply by removing Westcott and Ellen.

One year after Westcott's death, DEM fell under internal strife after losing their founder's strong central pull. Consequently, Asgard Electronics has replaced them as the primary providers of Realizers in the market.


Being an economic powerhouse, DEM has almost unrivaled resources and weaponry at their disposal. They were able to launch a simultaneous attack on Ratatoskr's headquarters and send a fleet of warships after Mukuro in space. During DEM and Ratatoskr's final battle, Westcott decided to use all their resources at their disposal, sending in an armada of 30 aerial warships against Ratatoskr's five ships. The bulk of their forces is made up of the robotic Bandersnatch soldiers and DEM Wizards, the latter of whom have the newest CR-Units made by Westcott and are not available on the public market.

  • Bandersnatch (バンダースナッチ, Bandāsunatchi ?): A DEM humanoid doll or robot equipped with a Realizer that must be linked to a larger Realizer unit for it to function.
  • Arbatel (アルバテル, Arubateru?): A DEM warship sent to Arubi Island to assist Ellen in her mission to capture Tohka. It was under the command of James A. Paddington. After getting into a fight with Fraxinus, the ship was subsequently destroyed by the Yamai sisters' combination attack.
  • Lemegeton (レメゲトン, Remegeton?): DEM's flagship during their final battle against Ratatoskr. In the Game Over Timeline, the ship subsequently crashes onto the ground after making contact with the particles of light released by Mio's <Ain Soph Aur>.
  • Honorius (ホノリウス, Honoriusu?): One of the aerial warships that DEM brought to the final battle against Ratatoskr. By using the DEM's communication systems, the aerial ship helps maintain the chain of command by transmitting the direct orders from the flagship. Once the battle began, the ship came under a ground zero assault from the weapons that Ratatoskr set up all throughout Tengu City.
  • Armandal (アルマンダル, Arumandaru?): Another aerial warship brought to the final battle. Just before the final battle began, it gave a report to the flagship that it was ready to deploy the Bandersnatch units.
  • Galdrabók (ガルドラボーグ, Garudorabōgu?): One of the 30 aerial warships brought to the final battle. Just before the start of the conflict, it delivers a report to Lemegeton that their DEM Wizards are ready to be deployed into combat.
  • Notoria (ノトリア, Notoria?): One of DEM ships, once the battle begun, it prepares to use its magical cannon in tandem with Picatrix and Albert against Fraxinus.
  • Picatrix (ピカトリクス, Pikatorikusu?): One of DEM ships, once the battle commences, it prepares to use its magical cannon in tandem with Notoria and Albert against Fraxinus.
  • Albert (アルベール, Arubēru?): One of DEM ships, once the battle commences, it prepares to use its magical cannon in tandem with Picatrix and Notoria against Fraxinus.

Known DEM Members[]

Light Novel[]

  • Andrew Carthy (DEM Wizard)
  • Russell (DEM Chairman of Board of Directors)
  • Barton (DEM Pilot)
  • Knox (DEM Pilot)
  • Ernest Brennan (DEM Commander)
  • Irene Fox
  • Charlotte Mayer
  • Dominica Sheringham
  • Ann
  • Judy Bradbury

Former Members[]

Light Novel[]

Date AST Like[]

  • Minerva Riddell (DEM Wizard) (Deceased)
  • Edgar F. Carroll (Head of Project Ashcroft) (Deceased)

Date A Live: Arusu Install[]


  • The name Deus Ex Machina comes from the Latin phrase: God From the Machine, which in literature refers to a common plot device in fiction where a difficult problem is solved in an unexpected, sudden manner.
  • Lemegeton, also known as The Lesser Key of Solomon, is a series of grimoires written on the subject of demonology.
  • Arbatel's name is derived from Arbatel De Magia Veterum, which is the name of a Latin grimoire published in 1575 in Switzerland.


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