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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

Demon Kings (魔王, Maō?) are the Inverse Form counterparts to Angels. They are similar in appearance to their corresponding Angel, but possess a different coloration and altered design from the Angels.


Demon Kings often exceed their Angel counterparts in terms of raw power. They are described as having a frightening presence not felt in their Angel counterparts. As seen from the example of Tohka and Origami, their official stats are listed as higher when using their Demon King. However, that power comes at the cost of being beyond the threshold of human wisdom. When Shido attempted to use Nahemah, he described it as trying to access forbidden knowledge beyond human comprehension, even with his experience using various Angels. If it wasn't for a voice in the sword guiding him, he states that his mind would have collapsed from a single swing of the sword.

As a pure-blooded magician, Isaac Westcott has a greater tolerance for Demon Kings, easily being able to immediately use Beelzebub after acquiring it. However, even his body has its limits for how many Demon Kings he can acquire at a given moment, which is why he opted to retreat after stealing Beelzebub from Nia.


Demon Kings often share the same basic set of powers as their counterparts. Both Nahemah and Sandalphon take the form of blades that hold the power to cut through intangible concepts. Metatron and Satan summon crown-shaped drones that fire off beams of energy, with Satan's rays of light being of a darker coloration. Likewise, Beelzebub retains Rasiel's ability to freely search any information at the user's leisure and the power to create detailed pseudo-Spirit followers when used in conjunction with Realizer technology. The only exception to this rule so far has been the White Queen's Lucifugus. Unlike its opposite half Zafkiel, which focuses on manipulating time, Lucifugus is a Demon King that manipulates space instead.

List of Demon Kings[]

Demon King Spirit
Nahemah Tenka
Satan Origami Tobiichi
Beelzebub Nia Honjo & Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott
Lucifugus White Queen
Athiel Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott


  • The Demon Kings are named after the demons from the evil counterpart to the Sephirot Tree: the Qliphoth Tree.
    • Following this, the names of the Demon Kings in order according to their Angels counterpart should then be:
      1. Metatron—Satan
      2. Rasiel—Beelzebub
      3. Zafkiel—Lucifugus
      4. Zadkiel—Astaroth
      5. Camael—Asmodeus
      6. Michael—Belphegor
      7. Haniel—Baal
      8. Raphael—Adramelech
      9. Gabriel—Lilith
      10. Sandalphon—Nahema
  • Westcott's three Demon Kings (Athiel, Belial, and Qemetiel) after becoming the second Spirit of Origin are named after British occultist Aleister Crowley's description of the three evil forms before the Qliphoth.