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Welcome to the Manual of Style page. This page will be used as a reference for editors on how to format the articles in the Date A Live Wiki in a more standard, organized manner.

Article Guidelines

The following are the general guidelines for articles on Date A Live Wiki:

  • Strictly ZERO tolerance for false information AND speculations. Unless you can prove what you are writing is legitimate, please do not add it.
  • Do NOT spam articles. Spam and/or vandalism will be dealt with an immediate block from 3 days to 2 weeks depending on the severity of the action. Repeated vandalism attempts will lead to a permanent block.
  • Do not leave broken red links on pages. If you think a new page should be created, discuss creating the page with an admin before making a link to a page that doesn't exist. The act of making a red link while expecting someone else to make a page is highly discouraged and will treated as spam for multiple occurrences.
  • The first intro line should be about the subject of the article, and the subject has to be written in bold. This only applies for the first sentence about the subject (an example being: Sephira Crystals are mysterious, round, orb-like gems...).
  • This wiki uses exclusively American English. Cases of British English should be changed.

Image Policy

The following are the image policies on Date A Live Wiki:

  • Fanart is not allowed in official pages and are only allowed in user pages. This includes fan-made coloration of official LN images. Unused images will also be deleted.
  • Images posted must not have any watermarks. For anime pictures, any subtitles added must also be removed.
  • When uploading a picture, please make sure it is appropriately named according to what the picture is (or shows). Do not enter a randomized name.
    • No random incoherent lines of letters or numbers for a name. For example, 19387012568920450.jpg and Tumblr 12345.png aren't appropriate names.
    • Avoid adding dashes in the file names. For example, a good name would be Date A Live Kurumi.jpg, instead of Date-A-Live-Kurumi.jpg
    • Try to make the name short. 3-4 words is optimal for a name.
    • The first letter of a character's name must be in uppercase.
    • Inappropriately named or unused images can and will be either renamed or deleted without warning.
  • The face of the character in question must not be stretched, blurry, or pixelated.
  • Low quality frames used for motion scenes are not allowed.
  • Avoid uploading group shots with more than 6 or 7 characters in the galleries. Quality of the pic tends to worsen with more characters added.
  • Recommended pixel size has to be above 500x500 pixels.
  • Please do not upload duplicates of images. If seen, please report a duplicate photo that you have found. If you intend to use one of these images for your own user page, please find the existing file and use it instead of uploading a duplicate.
  • Gif format images are not allowed in the image galleries. However, they are permitted on the character pages if the quality is acceptable.

Image Galleries are currently locked until further notice. This is due to the current size of the gallery, especially the manga section, remains oversized. There are also plenty of photos added previously that have improper names. Currently, there is a screening process undergoing to see which photos should be kept and which should be deleted.

Synopsis Guidelines

The following are the synopsis guidelines for articles on Date A Live Wiki:

  • Synopsis should be written in present tense.
  • A separate page for synopsis should only be made when there are at least two volumes worth of content.
  • Pictures are allowed in the plot sections. However, there are restrictions:
    • Uploaded pictures must follow the above mentioned image policy.
    • Each volume summary is limited to 3-4 photos only.
    • The face of the character that the summary is detailing must be present in the image.
    • Anime only pictures are used for the summaries between Volumes 1-16, while light novel illustrations are used for the unadapted volumes.
    • Please keep NSFW pictures to a minimum in the synopsis. A warning will be issued if this happens.

Trivia Section

  • Information under trivia should be restricted to objective facts. Anything that is subjective and could differ in opinion from one person to another are not allowed.
  • Avoid summarizing the plot or getting too off topic in the trivia section. Ideally, this section should include information given by the author in supplementary materials about the character in question.
  • Due to the information possibly being subverted in the future by the inclusion of new characters, facts using superlatives (e.g. highest, tallest, strongest) are not allowed.
  • In a similar vein, do not put restrictive trivia based on sole qualities that only one character possesses or lacks, as that information may also become outdated in the future. Trivia that have words like only or solely are not allowed.

WikiText style

  • When using the Nihongo template for Angels and Unsigned Angels, focus on adding romanization for the kanji, avoiding also including romanization for katakana when written as furigana. For example, ザフキエル should be read as Zafkiel in bold. The romanization version as Zafukieru should not be added.
    • The exception to this rule comes in character names that are written in katakana but not used as furigana. Examples include Elliot Baldwin Woodman and Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott.
  • Headers should be in the format of ==Header== rather than == Header ==.
  • For the sake of consistency, when making a bullet point, a space should not be used between the * and the first word in the sentence.


Entity Correct Example Incorrect Example Notes
Article headers ==Header== == Header == Also applies to lesser headings.
Bullet/number list

*list (bullet)
#list (number)

* list (bullet)
# list (number)

Also applies to sub-lists.


  • To create a footnote or reference, simply switch to source mode while editing and then place your text inside. In source mode, the coding use to make a reference should look like this. <ref></ref>
  • Some communities use a template to flag information that needs citations. The coding for ours is: {{scroll box|{{reflist}}}}

Citation format

  • For information pertaining to the Date A Live main series, the format for citation should be Light Novel Volume #, Chapter #. If the information happened in the prologue or epilogue, substitute chapter # with prologue or epilogue respectively. For example, <ref>Light Novel Volume 2, Chapter 2</ref>
  • Since the Encore stories are a compilation of various short stories, format should be Encore #, Name of Short Story. For example, the format should look something like this. For example, <ref>Encore Volume 2, Yoshino Fireworks</ref>
  • Likewise, Date A Bullet lacks an index for chapters as well. For citation of Date A Bullet, the format should look like this. Date A Bullet Volume #, ○Section Name. For example, <ref>Date A Bullet Volume 5, ○Eternal Bond</ref>

Grouped References

To separate different kinds of references into individual lists, use <ref name ="identifier"> ,'''grouped reference text'''</ref>. <ref name="identifier"> '''grouped reference text'''</ref> To list the references in the group, use <ref name="identifier"/>. In this way you can create multiple partial reference lists.

  • For Date A Live, the identifier is LN-V_C_, with the blanks being filled by the shared volume number and chapter respectively.
  • For Encore, the identifier is EN-V:SS title, with the SS title being a stand in for the name of the short story.
  • For Date A Bullet, the identifier is DAB-V_S_, with the blanks being filled by volume number and the title of the section respectively.

User Pages

  • No vulgarity and swearing is allowed in the user pages.

Article Talk Pages

  • Article talk pages are used to discuss issues on the article itself, not for speculation on the article's content. Speculation should be taken to blogs or a forum.
  • Personal attacks between users are not permitted on talk pages. Continuing this activity may result in a ban.
  • All talk pages require a signature. Signatures are added to posts by adding four ~ symbols in a row to create a signature like this: Vizard6991 (talk) 13:30, February 28, 2020 (UTC)
    • Experienced users may customize their own personal signature.

Deleted/Previously Deleted Articles

  • Deleted articles should never be revived on the wiki until and unless there is enough information to substantiate them.