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Kurumi Summons her Clones

Kyōran no Akumu
Air Date
May 25, 2013 (Premiered Airing)
June 1, 2013 (Scheduled Airing)
Volume 3
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It is something everyone possesses, yet it is something that cannot be bought. At times, people waste it, or value it, or run out of it. Can you guess what it is?
― Episode narration

Nightmare of Madness (狂乱の悪夢, Kyōran no Akumu?) is the ninth episode of Date A Live.


Directly after the previous episode, Mana asks a bewildered Shido if he is alright. Kurumi then remarks on how Mana rudely interrupted her and Shido's date. Mana asks Shido to wait for a bit as she deals with Kurumi, whom she opens fire at with heat-seeking laser beams. Kurumi dodges but is eventually struck down, suffering a mortal wound in the process.

Mana walks over to Kurumi just as Shido begs Mana not to kill her. Severely wounded, Kurumi weakly says how Shido is truly a good person before she is killed by Mana. Distressed over what just happened, Shido asks Mana how she could just easily kill someone and stand there as if nothing happened. In response, Mana corrects him by saying that she merely killed a Spirit and that it is her duty to do so. Afterward, Mana comments on how he might have already learned a few things about her from Origami. She then requests Shido to pretend that he didn't see anything and forget what happened as she states that Kurumi won't stay dead forever, shocking him. Mana adds that no matter how many times Kurumi is killed or how she is killed, Kurumi will still come back and continue to kill as many people as possible. Mana reveals that she has killed Kurumi several times before, over and over again, and she will continue to do so just as Shido yells at her to shut up. Shido then asks her if she has gotten used to killing, saying that he doesn't like hearing her talk in that manner. Mana says that it is a job that only she can do before using a Territory to push Shido back out of the woods. As she stands next to Kurumi's mutilated corpse, Mana remembers Shido asking her why, and she says that she doesn't know why before having a minor headache. Then, she hears someone's voice. As she looks around, she finds the earpiece Shido was wearing on the ground, hearing someone's voice coming out from there telling Shido to "abort the mission".

Back at the station, Tohka and Origami are running around looking for Shido until they fortunately spot him walking alone. Tohka and Origami ask him what happened, with the former noticing a bruise on Shido's right hand. Shido recognizes it as well and remembers the horror from earlier and immediately jerks his hand away from Tohka, who asks if she made it hurt more. Shido says that she didn't and then apologizes before running away from the two. As he walks back home alone, Shido sees Tohka waiting for him and calls her. Tohka asks if his hand is feeling okay now, which he confirms it feels better to reassure her. Tohka then says that they can go now, taking Shido's hand and running off with him, with Shido asking where they are going and she answers that they are continuing their date. In town, Shido and Tohka are at a restaurant, with Shido commenting that he doesn't have enough to cover their meal. However, Tohka reveals that Reine lets her borrow her credit card, much to Shido's chagrin.

As their date continues, Tohka also reveals that Reine told her about what happened with Mana and Kurumi. Shido then asks if she now knows that he has to stop Kurumi from killing more people. As Tohka confirms she knows, Shido tells her that he is unsure of what to do with Kurumi, saying how she's different from her and Yoshino. Tohka interrupts by saying it isn't true, as both she and Kurumi are the same. She reminds Shido that she had him to be there by her side and saved her by asking her out on a date. All this happened because he showed her how wonderful the world can be. Tohka says that if it wasn't for him, she would have likely ended up in the same state as Kurumi right now. With his confidence brought back, Shido thanks Tohka for reminding him of what is important. Tohka asks him if he isn't scared anymore, but Shido is still unsure, so she says that she will be there to protect him. Shido then thanks her for her support.

The next day, Shido is greeted by Kurumi. Ai, Mai, and Mii then try to interrupt, but they are asked by Tohka to leave them alone. Kurumi says how she figured he wouldn't have gone to school today because of the incident yesterday, admitting that she is surprised he even showed up. Shido then tells Kurumi his decision to save her, which momentarily surprises Kurumi. Shido says that he won't let her kill anymore, but he won't let Mana kill her as well, which Kurumi simply comments on before walking away. As the day continues, Kurumi is on the rooftop of the school, suddenly unleashing her Astral Dress and using her Spirit powers to cover the entire school. Elsewhere, Mana has met up with Kotori and finds out that she and Shido are allied to Ratatoskr. Kotori then asks her what she wants, and Mana says that it is about Shido. Mana rebukes Kotori's choice of allowing Shido to go up against the Spirits without anything to defend himself, saying that Kotori has failed to be Shido's little sister and that she will take over from now on. Kotori retorts by saying that she won't allow an organization like Deus Ex Machina to get their hands on him, which catches Mana by surprise, asking Kotori how she knew. Kotori reveals that she knows that all of the military forces around the world use Realizers, pointing out that Mana is an employee sent from them to work for the AST.

Back at school, classes have just ended and Shido prepares himself to face her. From <Fraxinus>, Reine notes that Kurumi hasn't been seen leaving the school yet. Shido asks where Kotori is, and Reine only tells him that she had something to do and that for the time being she will be his navigator. As Shido is about to begin the mission, a sudden dark energy wave surrounds the school, and Shido notices that all the students around him have collapsed. He then asks Reine for a status report as Fraxinus analyzes the situation. Back with Mana, she presses Kotori that she knows nothing about DEM, saying that that organization gave her a reason to live after she lost her memory, but Kotori asks otherwise even after what they did to her, which Mana asks her in confusion. During a brief flashback, Reine reveals to Kotori what she found out about Mana. She tells her that Mana's body has been filled with far too much magical power, telling her that Mana has only 10 years left to live. Kotori then asks if she really doesn't know until Kotori gets a call on her phone. She receives a report about an intense Spirit wave at Raizen High, with Kurumi being the one responsible. Both Mana and Kotori then leave to help Shido.

Back at the school, Reine tells Shido that a barrier has been projected around the school, one that debilitates those within it and Shido asks why Kurumi would do this. A voice then calls out to Shido and he turns around to find Tohka and he asks her if she is okay. Tohka tells him that her body feels a bit weak and Shido asks Reine why he is the only one who isn't fully affected by the barrier. Reine deduces that due to him having sealed Tohka and Yoshino's Spirit powers, their powers seem to have automatically protected him from the effects of the barrier itself. The school's speakers then ring and Kurumi's voice is heard, playfully telling Shido to meet her at the roof of the school. Shido then tells Tohka to stay and rest as he goes to face Kurumi alone. Meanwhile, Origami, who is unaffected by the barrier, equips a Realizer and goes to find Kurumi. Shido arrives at the rooftop and is greeted by Kurumi. As Origami runs around the school while requesting backup from Ryouko, she encounters Kurumi, who asks where she is going. Origami declares that she will protect Shido from her and releases her energy blade to engage her. Back with Tohka, she weakly tries to stand up and follow where Shido ran to, but falls to the floor. As she lays on the floor, she refuses to let Shido be in danger and begins to manifest a portion of her Astral Dress, astonishing her, but is cut short when someone fires a bullet at her which she quickly dodges in time. Demanding to know who was the culprit, another Kurumi appears and greets her.

Kurumi and Shido

Kurumi holding Shido

At the rooftop, Shido asks Kurumi what she is doing, and she explains that the barrier surrounding the school sucks up the time from everyone caught within it. Shido notices her golden clock eye reversing and Kurumi reveals that it is her time or her lifespan. She tells Shido that her Angel drains her own time whenever she uses it, but can replenish it by taking away other people's time, calling everyone else as mere prey to her but notes Shido as being "special". She states that he is the reason why she is here and that her goal is to become one with and devour him. Shido then tells her to just take him and to stop hurting everyone else. Kurumi considers it, but she asks Shido to take back what he said to her earlier, citing that he can't save her now at this point. She adds that someone as diabolically awful as herself does not deserve mercy or to be saved, reiterating that she will kill him but wants him to take back what he said before she can bring the barrier down. Shido asks Kurumi to get rid of the barrier but says that he won't give up on saving her, shocking Kurumi, who asks him why he is so persistent. Kurumi then steps back and suddenly the Spacequake alarms set off, which Kurumi asks Shido if he knows what it means and he realizes what she is doing. Kannazuki and Reine are also alerted of the quake from within <Fraxinus>. Kannazuki is skeptical if she can, but Reine says that Kurumi is summoning a Spacequake on purpose.

Kurumi then playfully asks what Shido will now do if the Spacequake were to hit. As Shido thinks, Reine reports to him that Kurumi's emotional state has changed, stating that she has strangely become afraid of him, giving Shido an idea. He demands that Kurumi stop the Spacequake at once, threatening to jump off the roof and commit suicide if she doesn’t comply. Kurumi calls it a bluff, but Shido leans back and allows himself to fall. As he falls, Kurumi immediately comes to his rescue and brings him back to the roof, where she angrily chides him for his foolish attempt. Shido then remarks to her that since he has a lot of worth to her as a hostage, he demands that he stop the Spacequake and take the barrier down, otherwise he will try to kill himself again. Kurumi reluctantly does what he asks. Shido says that there is still one more thing: she lets him save her.

Kurumi tells him that she isn't worth the trouble, but Shido says otherwise, telling her that she can still change, reminding her of how much fun she had on their date. When Kurumi tries to deny this, Shido yells aloud that he can help her. He continues that it does not matter what she has done, saying that nothing will give him a reason not to save her. Not knowing what she will do, Shido then extends his hand to her, and she in turn reaches out her hand to him. But as both their hands are about to meet, a white hand goes through Kurumi's chest, mortally wounding her, with Shido reacting in complete shock. Kurumi's voice is then heard, telling herself that they can't allow herself to fall for Shido. The dying Kurumi weakly thanks Shido before she falls to the ground dead. Shido is then met by the real Kurumi, revealing to Shido that she had a clone of hers do this. But she notes that she may have chosen the wrong one, as the dead Kurumi clone is taken by Kurumi's shadow hands. The real Kurumi then summons more and captures Shido, preventing him from moving. As Kurumi moves her hand close to Shido, her hand is suddenly sliced off. Mana then arrives in time to defend Shido from her, but Kurumi states that this time she won't die and that Mana won't live, summoning her Angel, <Zafkiel>, behind her.

Kurumi uses the power of her Angel's Fourth Bullet Dalet to heal her amputated arm, bringing it back in place as she remarks it's her "turning back time" rather than simple healing. As she then prompts Mana to fight her, Mana retorts that she will just kill her like she usually does. However, Kurumi, by using her Angel to speed up her reaction time, instantly moves next to Mana and shoots her. She recovers and goes to attack Kurumi, but is immediately stopped when Kurumi uses her Angel once again to stop her in her tracks and promptly shoots her multiple times before letting her go as Mana drops down but still alive. Tohka and Origami then arrive and say that they will stop her. Kurumi merely brushes it off as she summons her shadow clones, with Shido asking in abject terror of what is happening. Kurumi then tells him that her clones are a fragment of her past, explaining to him and Mana why she can never be fully eliminated and then has her clones hold Shido and Tohka, Origami and Mana down at her clones' mercy. In order to fully make Shido understand why she can never be someone he should save, Kurumi prepares to summon a Spacequake onto the school, intending to kill everyone but sparing Shido to make him carry the pain of being responsible for everyone's deaths.

Kotori appears on the battlefield

Shido begs her not to, but Kurumi inevitably summons one that begins to form over the school. Just then, the Spacequake is obliterated by an unknown force, much to Kurumi's confusion. A familiar voice then explains that a Spacequake can be neutralized by an equal enough force. When Shido, Tohka, Origami, and Kurumi look up, they see Kotori surrounded in flames and wearing a strange dress. Shido is left shocked at the sight of his little sister, realizing that she is also a Spirit. Kotori states that she will temporarily take the power back from Shido and summons her Angel, <Camael>, asking if those present are prepared to begin their "date".


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Differences from the Light Novel

  • When Kurumi had used <City of Devouring Time> around the school, Shido and Tohka were in their classroom when everyone else started to fall down from the effects of it. In this episode, however, they were in the school's hallway.
  • In this episode, Shido continues to date Tohka after witnessing the incident between Mana and Kurumi, while in the light novel, Shido is picked up by Fraxinus before returning home to prepare dinner for Tohka.
  • In this episode, Kurumi's challenge to Shido is declared from the school's speakers after she had already begun to use her powers. In the light novel, she declares the challenge to Shido before school lessons begin, while nobody else is listening.

Blu-Ray and TV Comparisons + Deleted Scenes

  • An extended scene is added right after Shido runs off from Tohka and Origami, where he is transported to Fraxinus. The scene also shows him talking to and being encouraged by Kotori concerning the situation with Kurumi.


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