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Kotori with Shido

Air Date
June 15, 2013 (Premiere Airing)
June 22, 2013 (Scheduled Airing)
Volume 4
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Date A Live (song)
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Feelings usually cross with daily life. The red flame that forgot the truth. The white flame that realized the truth. When the two cross, all will be burned.
― Episode narration

Inalienable (譲れないもの, Yuzurenai-mono?) is the twelfth episode of Date A Live.


After leaving Ocean Park, Shido brings Kotori along with him to try the rides at the amusement park. First, they try the Drop Tower ride. Visibly scared, Kotori asks Shido if it's too late to get off. Shido smirks and replies that it is just as the ride drops down with Kotori loudly screaming.

Shido's plea to Kotori

Shido pretending to be scared in front of Kotori

Next, the two siblings try a rollercoaster ride. Shido is visibly enjoying his time, whereas Kotori is still scared. She comments that the rides are ridiculous before their cart goes down the tracks, causing Kotori to yell again. Back at <Fraxinus>, Kannazuki and Reine monitor the two after the rollercoaster ride just as Kotori angrily tells Shido off, who simply brushes aside her complaints. Kannazuki comments on how well Shido has been going with Kotori so far, and Reine expresses that this may be what Kotori needed all along. She adds that they should have just let the date go by naturally instead of interfering. Shido then brings Kotori along to a haunted house attraction. Shido is still enjoying his time, while Kotori can only express exhausted fear. Noticing the look on her face, Shido asks if Kotori wants to hold his hand, which Kotori tries to reject. She then sarcastically asks if Shido is the one who is afraid and wants his hand held by her. Shido playfully feigns being afraid in front of her. Annoyed by his poor acting, Kotori holds Shido's hand as Kannazuki complains that Shido missed an opportunity to earn a kick by pressing his body next to Kotori.

The two proceed next to the go-kart ride. Again, Kannazuki is complaining that Shido should not be riding next to Kotori and that he should let her drive as she tries to sadistically run him over, with his words getting varied reactions of disgust from the other crew members. As Kannazuki fantasizes about this, Shiizaki remarks that Shido made a good call of taking off his earpiece and not listening to Kannazuki anymore. Back at Ocean Park, Tohka and Yoshino are enjoying a boat ride around the small river, but the former says that it would be a lot more fun if Shido and Kotori were with them. She then suggests that they go get them. Yoshino, however, asks her not to do so. When Tohka asks why, Yoshino and Yoshinon answer that they overheard Shido and Reine's discussion from the day before, revealing to Tohka that Kotori is a Spirit. Yoshino says that Shido is trying his best to save Kotori and seal her powers like he did with them. Therefore, they should let him do what he needs to accomplish. Yoshinon adds that if Shido fails, chances are that whatever may happen to Kotori will not be good. Tohka relents, understanding the situation but wishing that they could at least do something to help Kotori in return for everything that she has done for them. Yoshino replies that they should just let Shido handle things, as it may be the best option at the moment.

At the JSDF military base, Ryouko and everyone present at the base are alerted of the <White Licorice>'s disappearance. One of the soldiers reports to Ryouko that someone had taken all of the ammunition for Licorice as well, despite the CR-Unit not being entirely ready for use yet. Ryouko realizes that Origami is the one who stole the <White Licorice> to try and kill <Efreet>. Back at the amusement park, Shido and Kotori are resting on a bench after a long day of having fun, however, Kotori complains to Shido about his childish act throughout the day. Shido fires it back at her for freaking out earlier during the water slide. Despite complaining, Kotori ponders that at least their date has been fun so far, causing Shido to ask how long it has been since the two of them have been to a theme park. Kotori replies that it has at least been five years since their last visit. Shido then remembers Origami telling him that a Spirit killed her parents five years ago, as well as remembering Kotori telling him that she turned into a Spirit five years ago. Shido calls Kotori and looks at her, which the latter takes as a sign that he is now about to seal her powers. Kotori shyly asks if they could go somewhere private instead of being out in public, but Shido only suggests that they stay where they are for now. Shido asks her permission for a question, which Kotori initially remarks is kind of awkward. Still, she sits back up and immediately tells him to continue what he was going to ask her.

As Shido beings to speak, a shield territory suddenly envelops Shido and an explosion happens next to him at Kotori's location. As the smoke clears, Shido sees no sign of Kotori from the explosion. When he tries to find her, the territory blocks him from doing so. He looks up and sees Origami, equipped with the <White Licorice>, who orders him to leave for the situation is too dangerous. Shido yells at her for what she did, but Origami fires it back by saying that what she did was kill <Efreet>. However, Kotori rebuffs Origami's claim of having killed her, announcing herself to still be alive. Kotori begins chastising Origami for her murder attempt, voicing out how her recklessness could lead to innocent people being caught in the crossfire. A visibly annoyed Origami only fires back at her, which Kotori merely blocks with her flame powers. Kotori then dons her Astral Dress and summons <Camael>. Origami, having finally found the Spirit she has been hunting for, vengefully attacks Kotori. Shido is forcefully pushed away from the now ensuing battle, with his pleas for them to stop falling on deaf ears. From inside the water park, Tohka and Yoshino hear the commotion from outside as people begin evacuating. Tohka decides to go help Shido and Kotori. Yoshinon stops her, reminding Tohka that her Spirit powers are currently sealed within Shido. Consequently, that means she may not be able to defend herself against whoever is attacking them. Despite appreciating the concern, Tohka remains adamant and refuses to let Shido face whoever is outside alone. Tohka then begins to manifest a partial Astral Dress and leaves. Yoshino, feeling unsure what to do, asks Yoshinon if she can go help too. Yoshinon tells her that she won't stop her if she feels it's the right thing to do. Happy with the response, Yoshino also begins to manifest a partial Astral Dress to ready herself.

Back outside, Origami and Kotori's battle continues. Origami manages to lock Kotori in a Territory and begins opening fire at her. When the smoke clears, Kotori is impressed with her Cr-Unit's firepower for being able to slightly damage her Astral Dress. But when she is about to start her counterattack, she begins to feel the same pain in her head as before, reminding herself not to use too much of her power. Taking advantage of this moment, Origami gets a hold of Kotori and traps her in a Territory to fire an energy beam at her. However, the blast is redirected at the last moment. Kotori suddenly appears above Origami and strikes the top of the <White Licorice>, viscously attacking it. Origami deploys a Protect Territory to defend herself, but Kotori relentlessly continues her attack and intimidates her into fighting back with everything that she's got. She continues by threatening to kill her immediately if she does not go all out, her eyes glowing red, signifying that Kotori is on the verge of losing control once again. Kotori brings Origami and the <White Licorice> crashing down from her relentless attacks. Facing down Origami, Kotori turns <Camael> into <Megiddo>, aiming it at her but once again instructing Origami to get up and fight back. When the latter does not respond, Kotori brushes her off as being weak as she prepares to fire <Megiddo> at her. Seeing this, Shido runs toward her, yelling Kotori to stop. Kotori asks how Origami knew of her codename, but the latter angrily asks if this is how she murdered her parents five years ago, which deeply shocks Kotori. Origami reveals to her that her parents were killed by a flame Spirit five years ago, having witnessed them be burned alive and that she vowed to hunt down and kill this particular Spirit, and with Kotori, the Flame Spirit, in front of her, she declares loudly that she will kill her as Kotori slowly backs away and stumbles on the ground over this revelation, unable to accept the possibility of having murdered someone. Origami powers up the <White Licorice> once again and immediately gets a hold of and captures Kotori in a Territory. As Origami prepares to open fire on her, Kotori doesn't do anything to try and escape but Shido steps in and tries to defend her. Origami demands Shido to step away, reminding him that she told him that her purpose in life was to get her revenge on the flame Spirit for killing her parents. Shido announces that he won't let her kill his little sister, warning her that if she opens fire, then she won't be able to turn back, not wanting her to become like Mana. Origami, blinded by her vengeance, refuses to comply and states that the only thing she wants is to kill <Efreet> with her own bare hands.

Shido then asks Origami to answer one thing to him. He goes on to say that Origami is after <Efreet>, the Spirit who killed her parents, but Shido says that she isn't really after his little sister, causing a perplexed reaction from Origami. Shido continues by telling her that she is after the Spirit who killed her parents and that Kotori had nothing to do with it. Confused, Origami asks what he is trying to say to her. She reiterates that she is after the Spirit who killed her parents and with Kotori being a Spirit as well, but no matter what he says that won't make her stop wanting to get her revenge for her parents. She then demands Shido to get out of the way, but Shido stands his ground, refusing to do so but begging Origami to give him time. Origami ignores this, saying that this is her chance to finally get what she has wanted for so long and that she won't miss it. Shido remains adamant, telling Origami that he won't just stand by and watch her murder his little sister and that he won't sit around as a friend of his is suffering, referring to Origami herself. For a moment, Origami reconsiders, but then summons a Protect Territory around Shido and goes to continue her attack on Kotori. Before she can fire, Tohka and Yoshino arrive just in time to stop her. As Tohka and Yoshino are glad to see Shido to be alright, this moment is short-lived when Origami immediately retaliates against them. Luckily, the two dodge her attacks unharmed. Tohka then tells Shido to get Kotori and get out while she and Yoshino distract Origami and buy them some time. Shido goes to Kotori and picks her up. Annoyed, Origami tells Tohka that she doesn't have time for them. Tohka then tells the former to stop trying to kill Kotori. However, Origami once again rebuffs the request to stand down, telling Tohka that she has no idea why she is doing this. Tohka reminds her of the time she accidentally shot Shido, when both of them believed he had died. She explains that moment in her life felt more broken and alone than she ever felt before, asking her if that was also the same feeling she suffered after losing her parents. Tohka admonishes Origami for trying to do the same to Shido by attempting to kill Kotori, telling her that it isn't fair for Shido and that she is being selfish for wanting to hurt good people. Origami then remembers Shido making her promise to not hurt any more innocent people. But all that leads is her angrily letting out a roar and countering Tohka with a barrage of missiles. Each one strikes Tohka directly, who screams in pain in response.

Shido takes an emotionally weakened Kotori to the side of a building. Kotori apologizes to Shido for what is happening, but Shido tells her not to worry and that he will find a solution for this. Shido looks around and notices the destruction happening in the fight. He then holds Kotori, deciding to seal her powers right this moment. However, Shido is unable to determine Kotori's affection level without Reine's aid. Yet when he sees Origami, with Tohka holding onto the <White Licorice> on top, charging at them, he is left with no choice but to proceed forward. Shido then announces to Kotori that she will always be the best little sister to him and confesses to her. He asks what she feels about him. Kotori hesitates to answer, but at the same time Origami begins firing her missiles that detonate around them and with Shido calling her out she finally admits her feelings for him. As she continues to do so, Shido leans in and kisses her. As this happens, a flashback happens to five years ago on the day Kotori became a Spirit. In the flashback, a newly transformed Kotori sadly walks toward Shido, who is lying on the ground unconscious, and kisses him. The wounds on Shido start to burn away and heal up. Kotori's Astral Dress then disappears and Shido awakens where he gives her a pair of black ribbons, the ones she wears in her Commander Mode. Back to the present, both Shido and Kotori are in shock of the flashback, now having remembered what happened then. While the two are talking over this, another set of missiles nearly hit them and Shido picks Kotori up and starts running away. However, one of the missiles strikes behind Shido. While it misses as a direct hit, his back is injured from being caught in the ensuing explosion. Origami sees this, but then notices that the wounds Shido just sustained have burned away and healed back to normal. Shido then puts an unconscious Kotori down and faces Origami. He says to Origami that if she is after the Flame Spirit, then she isn't after Kotori anymore, telling her that his little sister isn't a Spirit anymore but declares himself to now be <Efreet> and that he is the one she is now after. Shaking, Origami asks what he means. Shido responds by telling her that he remembers what happened five years ago and that Kotori didn't kill her parents. Origami says otherwise, but Shido acknowledges that Kotori did start the fire but it wasn't her that killed her parents. Origami refuses to believe him, but Shido reveals to her that another Spirit was present during that time, the one who turned Kotori into one as well. Origami is skeptical. She descends to the ground and readies an energy blade while saying that she wants to believe Shido but can't. Shido understands, saying that she has no other choice and encourages her to kill him, reminding her of what she said before of how nobody should ever feel the pain she suffered through that day. Origami hesitates, but suddenly feels weak and falls to the ground. Her limit of using the <White Licorice> has passed, but then draws out a gun, refusing to miss her chance at revenge. Shido tells her to put the gun away. He says to her that Kotori saved his life the day she became a Spirit and that if it weren't for her, he would be dead by now and begs Origami to believe him. Origami still can't put herself to believe him, but then falls unconscious and Shido runs to her side to help her.

Sometime later, Kurumi is on top of a building, having just replenished her time. She converges her shadows back to her, but comments that the time she just got back isn't enough as she looks up at the sky. On Fraxinus, Reine apologizes to Shido for not being able to do anything to help them and puts the blame on herself. Shido believes that she is blaming herself for bringing Tohka and Yoshino along, but Reine says that she meant by putting him out on a date with Kotori. Shido asks what she means and Reine explains that she should never have had him go on a date with Kotori and just let him seal her Spirit powers in the first place, but when she saw how excited Kotori was while waiting for their date, she didn't stop her, not wanting to take away her happiness. Shido understands, but is confused and asks how he could seal her Spirit powers when he still needed her happiness to be maxed out. Reine responds by showing him a measurement chart of Kotori during the date and reveals to Shido that Kotori's happiness meter was maxed out the entire time. Speechless at the revelation, Reine tells Shido that Kotori loves him more than anything as her older brother. But as Shido's listens on, he is suddenly given a surprise but strong kick to the back, knocking him to the floor. It's Kotori. Angry at the results of her measurements, Kotori complains the system must be broken, but Reine says that they are precise. Kotori objects and commands Reine to tell her that they are wrong or buy her cream puffs, and Reine immediately follows her first command. The crew on Fraxinus are all visibly happy to see their young commander back and feeling like her usual self. Shido stands back up and asks how Kotori is feeling and she says that she is feeling okay. Kotori says that she remembers the Spirit from five years ago, the one who turned her into a Spirit too, but is now keeping the information on Fraxinus' database for safekeeping, just in case their memories are erased again. Shido asks her not to overwork herself and she promises not to. Kotori then asks Shido if he what he said before sealing her Spirit powers were true and Shido reassures her that he meant it, which visibly makes Kotori blush. As a very embarrassed Kotori tries to speak to him, Shido suddenly adds that he meant that his love for her is that towards a little sister and upon hearing this, Kotori immediately delivers a strong kick on Shido.

As she begins to angrily walk away, Kotori is called out by Shido. She angrily asks him what he wants, and Shido compliments that the black ribbons suit her best. Although not turning around, Kotori thanks him for the compliment as her brother. At the Tengu military base, the now damaged <White Licorice> has been taken back and is being put back in its proper place. At school, Tonomachi is showing off his "girlfriend" to Ai, Mai, and Mii as their teacher Okamine happily observes them. At a recovery room, Origami is restrained on her bed as punishment for insubordination and using the <White Licorice> unauthorized. At the top of Raizen High, Shido thanks Tohka for saving him and Kotori from Origami, saying that if it wasn't for her and Yoshino helping them, he may not have been able to save his sister. Tohka tells him not to worry about it as she only responded because of what his heart was following, adding that she believes Yoshino did the same too. Tohka then asks Shido that if another Spirit like her appears, he would save it much like he did with her, Yoshino and Kotori. Shido promises that he will, but Tohka asks him to do so without kissing them, saying that whenever she sees him kiss another girl, she feels strange about it. As Shido tries to explain, Tohka quickly tells him to kiss her right now and when he asks why, Tohka only asks him to do so.

As Shido leans in to kiss her, his earpiece suddenly goes off as a comment from Kotori is heard. Shido looks up and realizes that everyone aboard the <Fraxinus> is watching them and asks them in embarrassment why they are watching. Kotori merely tells him not to worry about them and to continue on, with her and everyone encouraging him to kiss Tohka. Shido then resumes to lean in to kiss Tohka, only for Yoshinon to end up blocking the two in between, saying that the story will continue.


Characters by appearance:


  • An orchestra version of "Date A Live" is played during the time that Tohka and Yoshino arrive to save Shido and Kotori.
  • Similarly to the end of Episode 5, Yoshinon breaks the fourth wall, only this time Yoshino joins along as well.

Major Events

  • Shido seals Kotori, with both of them also subsequently receiving parts of their fragmented past regarding the time Kotori turned into a Spirit. It is also revealed that Kotori is the first Spirit Shido had ever sealed, having done so 5 years prior to meeting Tohka.
  • Tohka learns that Kotori is also a Spirit. Yoshino is also revealed to have known this sometime during the previous episode.
  • Shido and Kotori learn of Phantom, who they believe is responsible for Kotori turning into a Spirit.

Differences from the Light Novel

  • In the Light Novel, when Shido confronts Origami and asks her to stop trying to kill Kotori, the latter was still conscious enough to witness Shido defend her before Origami summoned a Protect Territory over him. In this episode, Kotori was already unconscious during this scene.
  • In the Light Novel, during Origami's battle against Tohka and Yoshino, she easily takes down both of them with a barrage of missiles before continuing to target Kotori. In this episode, she has a hard time shaking off both them.
    • Additionally, Tohka was not hit by any of Origami's missiles in the Light Novel as Yoshino provided cover for her. In this episode, she is seen being hit by a barrage of them.
  • In the Light Novel, when both Kotori and Shido remember what happened five years ago, after giving Kotori her black ribbons, he tied them to her hair and asked her to promise him to be strong while wearing them. This is omitted in this episode.
    • There is another scene following this from the Light Novel, where both Shido and Kotori at that time saw Phantom for the third time before their memories of that event were erased. This is also omitted from this episode.
  • A few details from the Light Novel regarding before and after Kotori's transformation into a Spirit the first time are not included in this episode.
    • The day Kotori turned into a Spirit was on her 9th birthday. This was also the reason Shido gave her the black ribbons as they were a birthday present to Kotori from him.
    • The location of the incident was in a park. This is different in this episode where it takes place in a suburban district.
    • The method of kissing Shido to save him was taught to Kotori by Phantom.
    • The flashback adds additional dialogue that clarifies Phantom was the one who erased Shido and Kotori's memories.
  • Shido and Tohka's conversation, overlaid with the second half of the credits, is taken from Yoshino Puppet instead of Itsuka Sister. In the light novel, it takes place in Shido's room instead of the Raizen High School rooftop, and Ratatoskr's crew are not watching them.


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