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Volume Title Date A Live Encore 9
Release Date July 20, 2019
ISBN-10 ISBN 4040732693
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4040732695
Number of Pages 376
Cover Character/s Nia Honjo
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Encore 8
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Date A Live Encore 9 (デート・ア・ライブアンコール9, Dēto A Raibu Ankōru 9?) is a collection of short stories within the Date A Live series. It was released on July 20, 2019.

Publisher's Summary[]

Now──let's display the growth and changes of the Spirits.

Nia planning to buy a house, Natsumi's unknown talent blooms, Origami undergoes bridal training, each of the girls challenge themselves and try to change. Yet still, how can nothing not happen when Shido and the others embark on a luxury cruise ship!?

Chapters Short Summary[]

Date A Cruise[]

  • Follow-up stories to Spirit Cruising:
    • The Spirits take turns to feed Shido after he danced with each of them one after the other.
    • Nia shows the ship's casino to Shido, where Tohka, Origami, Kurumi, and an adult Natsumi are working as bunny girls.
    • Nia and Kurumi then relax by the ship's outdoor pool alongside Mukuro and Maria.

Itsuka Parents[]

  • Shido's parents return home for the first time in a while, only to be tied up by the Spirits due to thinking they are burglars. Fearful that his parents will stop them from ever seeing Shido again, they quickly try to please them in order to improve their impression.
  • Meanwhile, Shido's attempts to rush home are stymied by running into Tamae, Tonomachi, Ellen, and Kurumi.
  • In the end, Kotori explains that their parents work for Asgard Electronics, which means they are already aware of the existence of Spirits.

Nia House[]

  • Nia plans to buy a new house because her existing apartment is running out of space for her manuscripts and memorabilia. She goes with Shido to the real-estate agent for suggestions that fit their budget. Nia ends up turning all of them down before deciding to build her own house. Incorporating ideas from all the other Spirits, she submits a blueprint to the real-estate agent, only to be met with a prohibitive cost to build said house.
  • When Nia returns from the real-estate agent, the other Spirits remain excited to see their ideas materialize. Fraxinus' AI MARIA hears about this and materializes Nia's design in virtual headspace, allowing the Spirits to enjoy themselves while wearing virtual reality equipment.

Natsumi Challenge[]

  • Refusing to return to school, Natsumi decides to draw her own manga before submitting it to the nearby publishing house while disguising as an adult. When that fails, she tries drafting a light novel, before composing a song. Both endeavors fail too, leaving Natsumi depressed.

Origami Training[]

  • Origami decides to undergo "bridal training" in order to prove herself to Shido. On the way, she encounters Yuzuru, who heard Origami talk to herself the night before, and asks to join. They then encounter school teacher Tamae Okamine and doubt her claim that she's found someone to marry. Yuzuru and Tamae curiously follow Origami to the place she booked for her training: the Konkatsuji Temple in the middle of a forest.

Miku Scandal[]

  • After Miku's latest concert, two journalists for a magazine attempt to uncover the latest scoop on Miku. Their investigations lead them to the Itsuka household, where they attempt to photograph Miku from outside, but Origami spots this and threatens them with a knife before taking their cameras away. The journalists then climb up a nearby building to observe, but spot a DEM agent doing the same thing. She offers them a way to sneak in via Territory, but when they do, all three of them are apprehended by Miku herself in Astral Dress. The DEM agent is sent for interrogation while Miku offers to "entertain" the two journalists by intoxicating them and leaving them with hickeys on their necks.

Spirit Cruising[]

  • Shido and the Spirits go on a luxury cruise funded by Nia. The cruise ship comes under attack by an assailant, which the Spirits have to fend off without manifesting their Astral Dresses or Angels. They are helped by an unlikely savior.

Chapters/Short Stories[]

  • Date A Cruise 2nd Day Case 1: Dance (デート・ア・クルーズ 2ndDay Case-1 ダンス, Dēto A Kurūzu 2ndDay Case-1 Dansu?)
  • Date A Cruise 2nd Day Case 2: Casino (デート・ア・クルーズ 2ndDay Case-2 カジノ, Dēto A Kurūzu 2ndDay Case-2 Kajino?)
  • Date A Cruise 2nd Day Case 3: Pool (デート・ア・クルーズ 2ndDay Case-3 プール, Dēto A Kurūzu 2ndDay Case-3 Pūru?)
  • Itsuka Parents (五河ペアレンツ, Itsuka Pearentsu?)
  • Nia House (二亜ハウス, Nia Hausu?)
  • Natsumi Challenge (七罪チャレンジ, Natsumi Charenji?)
  • Origami Training (折紙トレーニング, Origami Torēningu?)
  • Miku Scandal (美九スキャンダル, Miku Sukyandaru?)
  • Spirit Cruising (精霊クルージング, Seirei Kurūjingu?)
  • Afterword (あとがき, Atogaki?)



  • Itsuka Parents was first written for Volume 11.5. As such, that short story takes place at a much earlier time frame compared to the other stories in Encore 9, with Nia and Mukuro conspicuously absent in Itsuka Parents as a result.
  • Spirit Cruising is the new short story written for its debut in this novel.


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