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Volume Title Date A Live Encore 8
Release Date October 20, 2018
ISBN-10 ISBN 4040729439
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4040729435
Number of Pages 344
Cover Character/s Origami Tobiichi
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Date A Live Encore 8 (デート・ア・ライブアンコール8, Dēto A Raibu Ankōru 8?) is a collection of short stories within the Date A Live series. It was released on October 20, 2018.

Publisher's Summary[]

A war with the Spirits that could never happen.

Life with Natsumi as a teacher, a showdown against the tyrannical Dark Tohka, proofreading work with editor-in-chief Kotori, Mukuro playing as a geisha...this is a story of possibilities that could have been for these girls. And after overcoming several what ifs, Shido arrives at a certain truth...

Chapters Short Summary[]

Date A Parallel[]

  • Mana holds a Princess Contest in which all the Spirits are dressed like princesses. Mana declares the games open, only for the Spirits to suddenly attack each other.
  • Tohka and Shido are fellow kendo practitioners. After losing to her again, Shido receives advice from Tohka.
  • Tohka uses a virtual reality headset to imagine being on vacation, only to catch sight of the other Spirits with their own Shido.

Beginning of Nightmare[]

  • The prelude to the remaining chapters; it describes a girl cackling in a world of darkness.

Natsumi Double[]

  • In this dream, Shido finds himself under Natsumi's supervision, teaching the rest of the Spirits in the same class. The adult form of Natsumi is also a student in the class, but she arrives late.
  • Shido also finds himself having lunch with his students. They quarrel over Shido, leading them to settle the score by hosting a swimsuit pageant.

Tohka Brave[]

  • In this dream, Tohka, Kotori and Yoshino explore a fantasy land. They pull out a sword that looks like Sandalphon. The fantasy land's ruler is served by knights Natsumi, Kaguya, Yuzuru, Origami, and Mukuro, as well as magician Nia. Tohka's party overcome the knights and confront the ruler herself, which so happens to be the inverse form of Tohka.

Kotori Editor[]

  • In this dream, Ratatoskr has become a publishing company for light novels under their Fraxinus Magazine brand. Kotori is the editor-in-chief, while the other Spirits write for the magazine under pennames.
  • Shido, one of Kotori's direct assistants, visits the publishing house frequented by the Spirits for their work. He manages to get Tohka, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Origami to submit their manuscripts before the deadline. On Kotori's prompt, he then uses a GPS tracker to locate Nia, Natsumi, and Miku, who are shirking their duties by attending a night club.
  • After the deadline, Shido finally figures out the identity of the mysterious writer named Hiyoko Shirai, who ends up being Kotori.

Mukuro Geisha[]

  • In this dream, Miku invites Shido to the Tengu Palace, where the working women are dressed in kimonos.
  • Shido encounters the "legendary geisha" Mukuro and saves her from a charging horse. He then encounters Nia as the owner of one of the geisha buildings. After talking with Shido for a while, Mukuro allows him to visit her on subsequent days free of charge.
  • To fulfill Mukuro's wish to see a starry sky, Shido tries to convince Nia to allow Mukuro to leave the building. He baulks at a fee demanded by Nia, so Nia challenges him to several "geisha games" instead.

Shiori Spirit[]

  • In this dream, Shido undergoes his usual duty under Ratatoskr when a Spacequake alarm sounds. He comes across his female counterpart Shiori. Kotori tells Shido that Shiori is a Spirit. They are then attacked by DEM's Bandersnatches, but Shiori fends them off with ease.
  • Shido "dates" Shiori by critiquing her cooking, and then he invites the other Spirits around to help make curry for Shiori.

End of Nightmare[]

  • Shido and the Spirits wake up in a dark place and find out that they've been sharing the same dream.
  • Kurumi reveals herself, telling the other Spirits that they've woken up into another dream. She then arms herself with a CR-Unit and fends off the Spirits' attacks before binding them in silk generated from the CR-Unit. She binds Shido as well.
  • Mana, with the help of Reine, enters the dream via Realizer and frees Shido and the other Spirits. She overwhelms Kurumi and traps her in a dream.
  • The Kurumi with the CR-Unit is then outed as a clone when the real Kurumi arrives, sending the clone back to the shadows before disappearing herself.
  • The dream ends at this point; Shido wakes up surrounded by the other Spirits that were worried for him.

Chapters/Short Stories[]

  • Date A Parallel Case 1: Princess (デート・ア・パラレル Case-1 プリンセス, Dēto a Parareru Case-1 Purinsesu?)
  • Date A Parallel Case 2: Kendo Club (デート・ア・パラレル Case-2 剣道部, Dēto a Parareru Case-2 Kendōbu?)
  • Date A Parallel Case 3: Paradise (デート・ア・パラレル Case-3 楽園, Dēto a Parareru Case-3 Rauken?)
  • Beginning of Nightmare (開幕は闇の中で, Kaimaku wa Yami no Naka de?)
  • Natsumi Double (七罪ダブル, Natsumi Daburu?)
  • Tohka Brave (十香ブレイブ, Tohka Bureibu?)
  • Kotori Editor (琴里エディター, Kotori Editā?)
  • Mukuro Geisha (六喰ゲイシャ, Mukuro Geisha?)
  • Shiori Spirit (士織スピリット, Shiori Supiritto?)
  • End of Nightmare (その幕を下ろすのは, Sono Maku o Orosu no wa?)
  • Afterword (あとがき, Atogaki?)



  • The central theme of this volume is what if stories, with the events taking place in a shared dream world created by a Kurumi clone using her CR-Unit.
  • Both Beginning of Nightmare and End of Nightmare are newly written for this volume, as the other five short stories debuted first in Dragon Magazine.


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