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Volume Title Date A Live Encore 7
Release Date December 20, 2017
ISBN-10 ISBN 4040725646
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4040725642
Number of Pages 360
Cover Character/s Natsumi Kyouno
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Date A Live Encore 7 (デート・ア・ライブアンコール7, Dēto A Raibu Ankōru 7?) is a collection of short stories within the Date A Live series. It was released on December 20, 2017.

Publisher's Summary[]

Mukuro, who's well-aware of the difficulty of the task, confronts Tohka in a eating contest!? Yoshino and Natsumi enroll in the Junior High School that Kotori attends!? The Big Four Kurumi rebel against the original over chocolates on Valentine's Day!? Kaguya and Yuzuru quarreled and decided to swap places for a day!? Miku, Origami, and Nia become phantom thieves for the sake of a cute girl!? The girly side of the Spirits that even Shido Itsuka doesn't know about.

"Are you okay, my lady?"

"Your name......can I ask for it?"

And also, Tama-chan sensei in her early thirties, invites Reine to a party and meets her destined partner by chance!?

Now, let's start this daily routine of the girls.

Chapters Short Summary[]

Date A Girl[]

  • Three case studies:
    • Tohka, Kurumi, and Origami talk about a boy they each like. All of them are unaware that they're referring to the same boy.
    • Kotori, Yoshino, and Natsumi roleplay as magical girls named after their Angel weapons (Camael, Zadkiel, and Haniel).
    • Even as a group, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Nia lose in a sing-off against Miku.

Tohka Food Fight[]

  • Mukuro challenges Tohka to a hot dog eating contest.

Yoshino Experience[]

  • Yoshino and Natsumi temporarily enroll in Kotori's middle school. During each lesson, the class representative Kanon Ayanokoji tries and fails to catch Yoshino's attention, resorting to various pranks. At the end of the day, Natsumi, who foiled the pranks, reveals herself to Kanon and has her apologize to Yoshino by asking to be her friend. Kanon, to Natsumi's surprise, also asks to be Natsumi's friend.

Kurumi Valentine[]

  • During the events of Volume 16, Kurumi's clones also have plans to make their own personal Valentine's chocolates for Shido. Embarrassed by the eccentric designs of their chocolate, the original Kurumi hastens to stop them before the chocolate can be delivered.

Yamai Exchange[]

  • After another argument, Kaguya and Yuzuru challenge each other to live as the other by swapping hairstyles (and Kaguya wearing a chest pad to match Yuzuru's breast size). This causes problems at school, where Kaguya and Yuzuru have different social circles.

Miku Burglar[]

  • Miku hears of a robbery from one of her classmates: an exchange student named Rosalie Welbeck. She offers to help retrieve the stolen item, a priceless family heirloom called the Rose Maiden. She consults Origami, who was at Shido's house while he was away. Nia, who happened to be visiting at the same time, also offers to help Miku and Origami with their errand.

Mikie Measurement[]

  • Ellen Mira Mathers and two of her DEM subordinates visit a Japanese Anti-Spirit Team training session held by Ryouko Kusakabe. The story takes place after Origami Tobiichi has left. Her former teammate Mikie Okamine is given encouragement by Ellen.
  • One of Ellen's subordinates challenges her to a swimming race in the AST swimming pool in an attempt to prove the rumor that Ellen can't swim. Ellen accepts the challenge, arriving at the pool armed with a kickboard. When she falls behind early in the race, Mikie voices the same encouragement Ellen gave her earlier, allowing Ellen to outrun her challenger. After the race, Mikie's friend Mildred F. Fujimura attempts to show off her own inventive kickboard, only to realize that it was an ordinary kickboard and that she inadvertently swapped hers with Ellen's.

Reine Marriage Hunt[]

  • Due to Tamae's insistence, Reine is forced to accompany her to a marriage party interview. Tamae scares away her suitors due to her forceful personality, while Reine has to deal with various male suitors eager to impress her. As it turns out, the Fraxinus crew is also present at the party, causing Tamae and Kannazuki to fall in love at first sight with each other.

Chapters/Short Stories[]

  • Date A Girl Case 1: Holiday (デート・ア・ガール Case-1 休日, Dēto A Gāru Case-1 Kyūjitsu?)
  • Date A Girl Case 2: Magical Girls (デート・ア・ガール Case-2 魔法少女, Dēto A Gāru Case-2 Mahō Shōjo?)
  • Date A Girl Case 3: Idol (デート・ア・ガール Case-3 アイドル, Dēto A Gāru Case-3 Aidoru?)
  • Tohka Food Fight (十香フードファイト, Tohka Fūdofaito?)
  • Yoshino Experience (四糸乃エクスペリエンス, Yoshino Ekusuperiensu?)
  • Kurumi Valentine (狂三バレンタイン, Kurumi Barentain?)
  • Yamai Exchange (八舞エクスチェンジ, Yamai Ekusuchenji?)
  • Miku Burglar (美九バーグラー, Miku Bāgurā?)
  • Mikke Measurement (美紀恵メジャーメント, Mikke Mejāmento?)
  • Reine Marriage Hunt (令音マリッジハント, Reine Marijjihanto?)
  • Afterword (あとがき, Atogaki?)



  • Reine Marriage Hunt is the new short story written for this volume, with the other six short stories being compiled after having been written in Dragon Magazine first.


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