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Volume Title Date A Live Encore 6
Release Date December 20, 2016
ISBN-10 ISBN 404072092X
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4040720920
Number of Pages 344
Cover Character/s Miku Izayoi
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Date A Live Encore 6 (デート・ア・ライブアンコール6, Dēto A Raibu Ankōru 6?) is a collection of short stories within the Date A Live series. It was released on December 20, 2016.

Publisher's Summary[]

A super hard galgame, homemade sugoroku full of traps, dubbing anime, and net-games - Shido and the Spirits enjoy everyday life. Mukuro should also be there...but a case arises where Shido cuts too much of Mukuro's hair!?

Chapters Short Summary[]

Date A Gravure[]

  • On the Fraxinus, Tohka is set to model her Astral Dress and Sandalphon for Nia. Kotori proposes to use Natsumi's power to materialize Tohka's Astral Dress, as a safe alternative, only for Natsumi to change into her own Astral Dress instead.
  • Tohka then poses with Sandalphon while in the Raizen High School uniform. Miku proposes to improve the model photo by having Kaguya and Yuzuru blow wind from behind Tohka, only for others to find out that Miku was only proposing the idea in order to look up Tohka's skirt.
  • Kotori loses a rock-paper-scissors bet and reluctantly joins a lingerie shoot with Tohka, Kurumi, and Miku. Kotori asks for their chest sizes.

Spirit New Year[]

  • After returning from the New Year's shrine visit dressed in their kimonos, Shido and the Spirits play a board game to pass the time after dinner. Specifically, they play a custom-made version of sugoroku as suggested by Nia, the newest Spirit to visit the Spirit Mansion.

Nia Galgame[]

  • Nia shows off a dating simulator that she's been playing when Shido comes to visit her apartment. Shido ends up navigating through the gameplay with Nia. While they do so, the dating simulator reinforces itself with other gameplay elements, and unbeknownst to them, a virus begins to spread across computer systems throughout Tengu City. Fraxinus' AI, as well as a satellite above Japan, is also affected. Once Shido and Nia clear the dating simulator, the virus stops spreading and everything returns to normal.

Spirit Animation[]

  • Nia reveals that one of her works is getting an animated adaptation, thus she invites Shido and the other Spirits to visit the studio in charge of the adaptation. After hearing that the voice actors originally cast for her characters had all suffered food poisoning at the same time and couldn't attend a session, the studio staff convince Shido and the other Spirits to stand in for them once. The staff note the stand-in cast's slow progress (especially Kotori's), but also hear an unexpected improv from the stand-in cast, and leave it in the finished adaptation. Nia doesn't notice this until after receiving the pilot CD of her now-animated work to watch with Shido and the other Spirits.

Spirit Online[]

  • Kaguya and Yuzuru show off the Polaris Online MMORPG they were playing, and invite Shido and Miku to join them. At the same time, Nia shows off the same game to Kotori and Origami, both of which she invited to her apartment. Natsumi is coincidentally playing the same game from her room at the Spirit Mansion - when Tohka and Yoshino deliver homemade cookies to her, they become interested in joining in.

Spirit Offline[]

  • The MMORPG from Spirit Online continues, with the three separate groups of adventurers crossing paths in the game itself. Eventually, they team up to defeat the seemingly invincible boss of the game. All three groups remain unaware that they know each other in real life.

Mukuro Hair[]

  • Following their promise in Volume 15, Shido has to cut Mukuro's long hair. However, an accident causes him to cut far too much.

Chapters/Short Stories[]

  • Date A Gravure Case 1: Astral Dress (デート・ア・グラビア case-1 霊装, Dēto A Gurabia Case-1 Reisō?)
  • Date A Gravure Case 2: Uniform (デート・ア・グラビア case-2 制服, Dēto A Gurabia Case-2 Seifuku?)
  • Date A Gravure Case 3: Lingerie (デート・ア・グラビア case-3 ランジェリー, Dēto A Gurabia Case-3 Ranjerī?)
  • Spirit New Year (精霊ニューイヤー, Seirei Nyūiyā?)
  • Nia Galgame (二亜ギャルゲー, Nia Gyarugē?)
  • Spirit Animation (精霊アニメーション, Seirei Animēshon?)
  • Spirit Online (精霊オンライン, Seirei Onrain?)
  • Spirit Offline (精霊オフライン, Seirei Ofurain?)
  • Mukuro Hair (六喰ヘアー, Mukuro Heā?)
  • Afterword (あとがき, Atogaki?)



  • Mukuro Hair is the new short story written for this volume, with the other five short stories being compiled after having been written in Dragon Magazine first.


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