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Volume Title Date A Live Encore 3
Release Date December 9, 2014 (Bundled with OVA)
December 20, 2014 (Original Release)
ISBN-10 ISBN 4040701496
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4040701493
Number of Pages 317
Cover Character/s Kurumi Tokisaki
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Date A Live Encore 3 (デート・ア・ライブアンコール3, Dēto A Raibu Ankōru 3?) is a collection of short stories within the Date A Live series. It was released on December 9, 2014 alongside the BD of the anime's second OVA.

Publisher's Summary[]

Merry Christmas to the Spirits!

“Y-you're right......he may come if I be a good child.” For the sake of Tohka and the others who are hoping for a Christmas present, Shido makes an effort for being the Santa. And due to a certain reason, Santa Kurumi also manifests on the Christmas Eve!? The third volume of the short stories collection!!

Chapters Short Summary[]

Dress A Live Case 1: Astral Dress[]

  • Tohka, Yoshino, Kurumi, and Kotori exchange Astral Dresses out of curiosity.

Dress A Live Case 2: Swimsuit[]

  • Miku takes pictures of herself with Tohka and the Yamai twins in bikinis.

Dress A Live Case 3: Santa[]

  • Tohka dresses up as Santa to give Shido a present.

Miku Onstage[]

  • Shido became a replacement manager for a day due to Miku's manager, Subaru Kurebayashi, having a little accident in the morning.
  • Miku Izayoi vs. Hiyori Asakura to become the artist for World Anime Expo's official image song.

Shiori Penalty[]

  • “Shiori-chan” transferred into Shido’s class as his cousin. Origami then went into her paparazzi mode and started taking pictures of him while Tohka tried to stop her.
  • The day before:
    • Shido and Kotori were about to go shopping. Shido complained as Kotori took too much time preparing (partly to hide his embarrassment of seeing his sister’s cute figure).
    • Kotori turned into her Commander Mode and started lecturing him about how girls need to prepare for everything and boys wouldn’t understand that. Thus, Shido eventually gave in and said that he understood now.
    • Kotori was still mad and said that he needed to understand a girl’s usual problem directly as “Shiori-neechan” with an evil smirk.
    • Using his weakness, aka his shameful past, she forced him to swear to be a girl for one day.

Natsumi Teaching[]

  • Superintendent Kuryu visits Shido's class on Parent's Day to see if it needs reformation.
  • Natsumi turns herself and Yoshino into adults so she can replace the ill Tamae while the latter acts as Shido's parent.
  • The superintendent is frustrated by Natsumi's improper teachings and takes Yoshinon away, causing Yoshino to collapse the building with her Reiryoku backflow. Natsumi saves him and earns his approval.

Mana Research[]

  • Mana comes to visit her brother and notices that the number of girls has just increased.
  • She got herself introduced to the other Spirits (Yamai sisters, Miku, Natsumi) and got a huge misunderstanding about their relationships with Shido.
  • And thus, Mana wanted Shido to take the responsibility by choosing one out of the eight girls (plus Origami) since having so many girls is not allowed.
  • Mana is disappointed when Shido (actually Natsumi in disguise) cannot decide, but she is satisfied when she encounters him again (the real one this time) and he says that they're all precious to him.

Cat Café A Live[]

  • Tohka and Shido went to a "cat café" by Tohka's request and met Kurumi (real pretending to be clone) playing with some cats.
  • Kurumi (clone pretending to be real) came immediately and retrieved her clone (pretending) and left before anyone can say anything.
  • Kurumi (real) plans to put up some precaution next time while her clone couldn't voice any opinions on that matter.

Spirit Merry Christmas[]

  • Tohka learns about Santa Claus from Ai, Mai, and Mii, after which she decides to be a good kid in order to get a present for Christmas. Shido has to work hard to find out what gifts the Spirits want. After which, he himself also receives a gift from «Santa».

Kurumi Santa Claus[]

  • Kurumi's clones convince her to give an unknown present to Shido in a revealing Santa outfit.
  • Kurumi faces obstruction from the Yamai twins chasing after her and Origami sneaking into Shido's room to present herself.
  • Kurumi leaves him the present and wishes him a merry Christmas.

Chapters/Short Stories[]

  • Dress A Live Case 1: Astral Dress (ドレス・ア・ライブ Case-1 霊装, Doresu A Raibu Case-1 Reisō?)
  • Dress A Live Case 2: Swimsuit (ドレス・ア・ライブ Case-2 水着, Doresu A Raibu Case-3 Mizugi?)
  • Dress A Live Case 3: Santa (ドレス・ア・ライブ Case-3 サンタ, Doresu A Raibu Case-3 Santa?)
  • Miku Onstage (美九オンステージ, Miku Onsutēji?)
  • Shiori Penalty (士織ペナルティ, Shiori Penaruti?)
  • Natsumi Teaching (七罪ティーチング, Natsumi Tīchingu?)
  • Mana Research (真那リサーチ, Mana Risāchi?)
  • Cat Café A Live (キャットカフェ・ア・ライブ, Kyattokafe A Raibu?)
  • Spirit Merry Christmas (精霊メリークリスマス, Seirei Merīkurisumasu?)
  • Kurumi Santa Claus (狂三サンタクロース, Kurumi Santakurōsu?)
  • Afterword (あとがき, Atogaki?)



  • Spirit Merry Christmas and Kurumi Santa Claus are the newly written short stories debuting this volume.
  • The events of Kurumi Santa Claus would later be referenced as a Compile memory that Kurumi sees in Date A Bullet Volume 3.


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