Date A Live Encore 2

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Volume Title Date A Live Encore 2
Release Date May 20, 2014
ISBN-10 ISBN 404070116X
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4040701165
Number of Pages 352
Cover Character/s Yoshino
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Date A Live Encore 2 (デート・ア・ライブアンコール2, Dēto A Raibu Ankōru 2?) is a collection of short stories within the Date A Live series.The novel was released on May 20, 2014.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

The second volume of short stories collection is packed with the Spirits' “Daily life”!!

“Now, please — Kiss with me!” From a day of Shido running away from a kiss from the Spirits to a hot spring trip and cultural festival. Furthermore, “A day off......huh” Ellen's private such as the strongest day appeared again in the daily life of ‘date’!!

Chapters Short SummaryEdit

Date A If Case 1: What If Tohka and the Others Did a Gravure Shooting

Date A If Case 2: What If Kurumi Blends into Daily Lives

Date A If Case 3: What If Origami and Mana Are Blood Related Sisters

Shido Hunters

  • Shido is not so secretly yet secretly attacked by Tohka, Yoshino, Origami, Kotori, and Kurumi in order to kiss him, with the reason of a television lady saying that kissing your boyfriend with the initials S•I on the lips would become the destined one in your life.

Tentative Summer Vacation

  • After a suggestion from Kotori about a summer vacation, Shido and the spirits (Tohka,Kotori,Yoshino,Yamai sisters) all go to a vacation house that is under the supervision of Ratatoskr. Then, Origami tries to infiltrate the place due to her misunderstanding that Tohka had kidnapped Shidou and is torturing him.

Unknown Brother

  • After a certain event from Tentative Summer Vacation, Kotori felt that Shido needs help and plots a plan with the other Spirits to help him.

Spirit King Game

  • The uninvited Origami joins in on Shido's group on their "King Game" and causes unreasonable order as the King while cheating to get the King stick.
  • The girls fail to get their revenge on Origami even after discovering her cheating method and changing the rule of the game.
  • Shido was the one who gives the final and only blow to Origami for the girls' revenge.

Tenou Festival Contest

  • A story about the fourth day of Tenou Festival (the next day after Shido kissed/sealed Miku's spirit power) Tohka and the Yamai sisters joined a beauty pagent where Shido and a certain idol became one of the judges.

Ellen Mather's Greatest Day

  • A short story about how Ellen Mather was enjoying her day off before being ruined by a certain three girl group from Shidou's school.

Chapters/Short StoriesEdit

  • Date A If Case 1: What if Tohka and the others did a gravure shooting
  • Date A If Case 2: What if Kurumi blends into daily lives
  • Date A If Case 3: What if Origami and Mana are blood related sisters
  • Shido Hunters
  • Tentative Summer Vacation
  • Unknown Brother
  • Spirit King Game
  • Tenou Festival Contest
  • Ellen Mather's Greatest Day
  • Afterword



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