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Volume Title Date A Live Encore 10
Release Date August 20, 2020
ISBN-10 ISBN 4040732707
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4040732701
Number of Pages 328
Cover Character/s Mukuro Hoshimiya
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Date A Live Encore 10 (デート・ア・ライブアンコール10, Dēto A Raibu Ankōru 10?) is a collection of short stories within the Date A Live series. It was released on August 20, 2020.

Publisher's Summary[]

Kurumi and Sawa’s school life, Mana’s encounter with Shido’s parents, a graduation trip with all the Spirits upon Miku’s suggestion. The peaceful every day life before the parting with Tohka arrives. And also, “Everyone, I’m home!”, the story after reuniting with Tohka is also told.

Chapters Short Summary[]

Date A After[]

  • Tohka and Origami review Season 3 of the anime.
  • Tohka, Nia, and Mukuro discuss the upcoming Season 4, with Nia lampshading how she and Mukuro were forced to debut late because their powers would have trivialized the early story conflicts.
  • Tohka, Kurumi, Kotori, and Mukuro chat together while walking. The former two are on their way to university lectures while the latter two are on their way to Raizen High School.

Kurumi Friend[]

  • A story detailing how Kurumi discovered the truth about Tenka's world after reuniting with her long-lost friend Sawa Yamauchi again.
  • Sawa comes across an after-school club set up by the Elite Four Kurumi clones, which causes the real Kurumi to try to pass it off by telling Sawa that they're actually cousins.
  • Kurumi borrows Natsumi's powers to transform into a cat in order to locate Sawa's pet cat, who has escaped from her home.
  • Kurumi eventually realizes that Sawa and her cat were fabrications created by the Spirit that took away Mio's Sephira Crystal.

Tohka President[]

  • While downsizing Ratatoskr's subsidiary companies that are no longer needed, Kotori decides to give one of them to the Spirits so they can enjoy the experience of running a business. With Tohka as the president and the other Spirits on the board of directors, the business grows into a multi-national conglomerate. Every single one of Tohka's financial decisions becomes an instant success as if she is being favored by the goddess ruling this world. Eventually, Tohka grows tried of running the business and hands the CEO position to Nia, who promptly bankrupts the entire company under her leadership.

Mana Again[]

  • Tatsuo, after discovering Mana's identity as his wife's childhood friend, plans a reunion for them. However, due to a misunderstanding, Haruko flees while believing that Mana is her husband's illegitimate child. By chance, Haruko runs into Mukuro, who takes the time to calm down her. Unfortunately, another misunderstanding causes Haruko to believe that Nia is her husband's mistress. As Haruko runs away again with Tatsuo in pursuit, both are saved in the nick of time from incoming traffic by Mana, who uses her Territory to move them out of the way. With the miscommunication finally cleared up, Mana and Haruko enjoy their reunion. However, MARIA shows up and causes one last confusion by calling Tatsuo her "Papa", due to viewing the mechanic to be her parent for his contributions in building Fraxinus.

Spirit Camping[]

  • Shido and the Spirits go camping in order to celebrate Miku's graduation from high school. Kurumi, no longer deemed a threat to the other Spirits, joins them and interacts normally for the first time.
  • The Spirits split in groups to construct tents. Shido inspects each one, yet finds only one of them to be satisfactory.
  • An earthquake "combines" the tents to allow Shido and the Spirits to sleep for the night.

Spirit Werewolf[]

  • The morning after setting up camp in Spirit Camping, rain falls. Nia suggests playing a "werewolf" board game to pass the time.

Tohka After[]

  • Several days pass after Tohka's return at the end of the final volume. Tohka shows up at Raizen High School in her uniform, and after the end of the school day, to meet several of her fellow ex-Spirits now studying there in the same class. Afterward, they visit an izakaya to meet Nia and the other ex-Spirits, as well as MARIA, the AI given a physical human form. Miku and Kurumi arrive late to the izakaya party. As they return to Shido's house to continue the party, they witness a miraculous storm of cherry blossoms. At this point, Tohka declares that she has decided on her future.

Chapters/Short Stories[]

  • Date A After Case 1: Anime (デート・ア・アフター case-1 アニメ, Dēto A Afutā Case-1 Anime?)
  • Date A After Case 2: Main Story (デート・ア・アフター case-2 本編, Dēto A Afutā Case-2 Honpen?)
  • Date A After Case 3: New Life (デート・ア・アフター case-3 新生活, Dēto A Afutā Case-3 Shinseikatsu?)
  • Kurumi Friend (狂三フレンド, Kurumi Furendo?)
  • Tohka President (十香プレジデント, Tohka Purejidento?)
  • Mana Again (真那アゲイン, Mana Agein?)
  • Spirit Camping (精霊キャンピング, Seirei Kyanpingu?)
  • Spirit Werewolf (精霊ワーウルフ, Seirei Wāurufu?)
  • Tohka After (十香アフター, Tohka Afutā?)
  • Afterword (あとがき, Atogaki?)



  • Tohka After Plus, an updated version of Tohka After which featured a bonus scene of Tohka reuniting with the Ai, Mai, and Mii trio, was later released in the March 2021 Issue of Dragon Magazine.


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