Date A Live (song)


Performed by sweet ARMS
Kanji デート・ア・ライブ
Romaji Dēto A Raibu
Album Date A Live/Date in Utopia Single
Released May 8, 2013
Format CD
Recorded 2013
Genre Anime
Length 4:38
Publisher Nippon Columbia

"Date A Live" (デート・ア・ライブ, Dēto A Raibu?) is the opening theme of the first season of the Date A Live Anime series. The song is sung by sweet ARMS, a Japanese voice actress unit signed to Nippon Columbia.

Track Listing

All of the songs are written by Shio Watanabe, composed and arranged by Go Sakabe.

  1. Date A Live
  2. Date in Utopia
  3. Date A Live (Bossa Nova Arrange)
  4. Date A Live: Original Karaoke
  5. Date in Utopia: Original Karaoke
  6. Date A Live (Bossa Nova Arrange): Original Karaoke



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No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Date A Live 4:38
02 Date A Live: Original Karaoke 4:37
デート・ア・ライブ (オリジナル・カラオケ)
03 Date A Live (Bossa Nova Arrange) 5:00
デート・ア・ライブ (Bossa Nova Arrange)
04 Date A Live (Bossa Nova Arrange): Original Karaoke 5:01
デート・ア・ライブ (Bossa Nova Arrange) (オリジナル・カラオケ)


In order of appearance


Dare mo ga utsumuku machi (Dead or Alive)
Kawaita kaze fukinuketeku
Hikari motometa hitomi (Dead or Alive)
Utsuru no wa zetsubou dake

Dare ni mo todokanai sakebi
Sagasu sono te de tomete

Nani mo kamo kowareta sekai de
Wake mo wakaranai mama ni
Fureta yasashisa ga mada kowakute

Ana no aita kokoro no sukima
Umete-kureru hito wa kimi nano?
Erande Date A Live

Shizuka ni uzuku itami (Dead or Alive)
Mata meguri-kurikaeshiteku
Kono arasoi no owari (Dead or Alive)
Nokoru no wa zetsubou dake?

Dare ni mo iyasenai omoi
Fureta sono te de tomete

Dare mo ka mina kobamu sekai de
Nani mo kizutsukezu koko ni
Irareru sube wa mitsukaranakute

Yariba mo naku kieru kanjou
Kimi nara uketomete kureru no?
Oshiete Date A Live

Yureru tomadoi (waka to hakai)
Osae-kirenai (hitori samayou)
Kousa suru sorezore no seigi

Mebaeru kitai (dakedo hontou wa)
Shinjite mitai nanika kawaru nara

Nani mo kamo nakushite sekai de
Sashi-dasareta te no saki ni
Hajimete nanika mieta ki ga shite

Tsutanakute mo sukoshi-zutsu demo
Kono boyaketa kimochi motto
Kakushin ni chikazukete

Ugoki-dashita watashi no kokoro
Kaete-kureru hito wa kimi nano?
Erande Date A Live

誰もがうつむく街(Dead or Alive)
乾いた風 吹き抜けてく
光 求めた瞳 (Dead or Alive)

探すその手で 止めて

何もかも 壊れた世界で
触れた優しさが まだ怖くて

穴の開いた 心のスキマ
選んで Date A Live

静かに疼く痛み(Dead or Alive)
また巡り 繰り返してく
この争いの終わり(Dead or Alive)

誰にも癒せない 想い

誰にも皆 拒む世界で
何も傷つけず ここに
いられる術が 見つからなくて

やり場もなく 消える感情
教えて Date A Live

交差する それぞれの正義

信じてみたい 何か変わるなら

何かも 失くして世界で

拙くても 少しずつでも
このぼやけた気持ち もっと

動き出した ワタシの心
選んで Date A Live

Everyone is downcast in this city(Dead or Alive)
where a dry wind blows through
My eyes sought for the light (Dead or Alive)
But all they saw was despair

My scream can’t reach anyone
So stop me with your very hands that I’m looking for

In this world where just about everything is broken
I never understood why
But I’m still scared of the kindness that I touched

There’s a gaping hole in my heart
Are you the one who will fill it?
Make your choice, Date A Live

A dull pain aches in me (Dead or Alive)
It comes back again and again
At the end of this war (Dead or Alive)
Is despair all that’s left?

No one can fix how I feel
So stop me with your very hands that I touched

In this world rejected by every single person
I can’t find a way to stay here
without hurting anything

I don’t know where to put my fading emotions
But will you accept them?
Please tell me, Date A Live

I waver in hesitation (between compromise and destruction)
I can’t control myself (wandering alone)
Our own senses of justice cross paths

My anticipation grows (but the truth is)
I want to believe in you, if something is going to change

In this world where just about everything is lost
I felt like I could see something
at the tip of your outstretched hand for the first time

My vague feelings
may be awkward and making slow progress
But they’re becoming more certain

My heart is in motion
Are you the one who will change it?
Make your choice, Date A Live


  • A woman can be heard speaking at the start of the song, what she says differs in each episode.
  • The song can be heard near the end of episode 3, when Tohka's power is sealed by Shido.
  • A piano version of the song can be heard in episode 11.
  • An orchestra version of the song can be heard in Episode 12.
  • All members of Sweet ARMS are voice actors for the Anime: Iori Nomizu voices Yoshino, Misuzu Togashi voices Tobiichi, Misato voices Mana Takamiya, and Kaori Sadohara voices Tamae Okamine.
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