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Date A Live Ⅴ Episode 8

DAL V Ep 8

Hikigane ni Yubi o Kaketa no wa
Air Date
May 29, 2024
Volume 18
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The World Tree Sheds Its Leaves
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Shido is thrown into despair over the deaths of his friends, but who appears in that final moment? Next is episode 8: "Fingers Hanging Over the Trigger." Wipe away your tears and fight, Shido.
― Episode preview

Fingers Hanging Over the Trigger (引き金に指を掛けたのは, Hikigane ni Yubi o Kaketa no wa?) is the eighth episode of Date A Live Ⅴ.


In a bizarre dream-like setting, Tohka is woken up by her Inverse Form self. Inverse Tohka explains to Tohka their origin as, while the other Spirits are all former humans granted Sephira Crystals by the primordial Spirit, they are the only other pure Spirit besides Mio who are born from the Sephira. Consequently, this meant that their consciousness survived the Sephira extraction. Despite being told that going back to the battlefield will merit an inevitable death from their mother with no further chances of returning, Tohka still resolves to head back to buy Shido enough time to escape. Inverse Tohka acknowledges that Tohka dying would spell her own death as well. However, she also amusingly concludes that Tohka has a point that she also wants to fight due to taking the time to wake her up. Inverse Tohka gently pushes her other self forward after lovingly reassuring her to do whatever she pleases.

Meanwhile, Shido is driven to despair over everyone dying as he is about to accept his fate of having his memories erased by Mio. However, he is saved at the last moment by Tohka, who reemerges from the Tenth Sephira adorned on Mio's halo. Shido tearfully apologizes to Tohka for thinking even a moment it was okay to give up, but Tohka inspires him to keep fighting. Mio then reveals Tohka's origins, explaining that one of the Sephira Crystals she created one day gained its own sentience just like when she was born. This is reflected by how Tohka, unlike any of the other Spirits, didn't even have a name until Shido gifted her one. Tohka confesses that the pain of lacking an identity did trouble her, but she's okay with it now due to being part of the reason why she met Shido.

As the battle resumes, Tohka is surprised to find that her attacks are now effective against Mio, remarking that even her Final Sword failed to do anything beforehand. Mio calmly deduces that Tohka must have siphoned some of her and the other Spirts' power when she reclaimed Tohka's Sephira. As Shido supports Tohka from the sidelines by strengthening her with Gabriel's March, Mio amusedly remarks that despair wasn't a look that suit him. As Tohka summons her throne, Mio anticipates her to use Halvanhelev again. However, Tohka surprises her by using Ratelibish instead, which fuses the throne to augment her Astral Dress. The boost in mobility allows Tohka to close the distance and land a successful slash on Mio's chest. Mio praises Tohka for drawing blood and apologizes for taking her lightly. By activating her Third Angel Ain, an intense light envelops the surroundings and Tohka is reduced to nothingness. Mio remarks that she hesitated in using this Angel, since it would also completely erase Tohka's Reiryoku, which she had wanted to seal within Shido. However, Tohka's strength proved it necessary, causing Mio to tell Shido to praise Tohka for her valiant struggle.

Despite his last remaining ally being eliminated again, Shido still refuses to surrender and summons all of his Angels in order to fight back. However, Mio easily defends against the attacks and restrains him with her Astral Dress' ribbons. This time Shido is saved at the last moment by a clone of Kurumi Tokisaki, who was sent to the future by the Eleventh Bullet Yud Aleph mere moments before the original perished. Unfortunately, even this last contingency falls before Mio, but Kurumi's cryptic words regarding kissing Shido's lips causes him to understand her secret plan. Zafkiel's Sixth Bullet Vav is still sealed within his body. After thanking everyone's efforts for allowing him to arrive at this point, Shido uses the Sixth Bullet to time-travel his mind back to a few days before DEM and Ratatoskr's final battle.

After confirming he has arrived back onboard Fraxinus, Shido is relieved to the point of tears at seeing Tohka alive again and embraces her. Following a brief chat, Shido realizes how he can change the future to save everyone. Shido approaches Reine and asks her out on a date for tomorrow.



Major Events[]

  • Tohka is revealed to be the only pure Spirit besides Mio and returns to save Shido.
  • Tohka is able to injure Mio due to siphoning some of Mio's power, but Mio retaliates by eliminating Tohka with her third Angel Ain.
  • A clone of Kurumi, sent into the future with Zafkiel’s Eleventh Bullet: <Yud Aleph>, arrives to covertly remind Shido that he still has her Sixth Bullet: <Vav> before Mio kills her. Shido uses <Vav> to travel back in time one day prior to the final battle between DEM and Ratatoskr.
  • In order to save everyone and change the future, Shido asks Reine out on a date.


  • This episode title shares the same name as chapter 5 of Volume 18.


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