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Date A Live Ⅴ Episode 7

Ain Soph anime

Seikaiju wa Rakuyōshi
Air Date
May 22, 2024
Volume 18
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Shido faces off against Westcott. Meanwhile, the Spirits are driven into a life-or-death crisis. Next time is episode 7: "The World Tree Sheds Its Leaves." Behold the ultimate finishing move.
― Episode preview

The World Tree Sheds Its Leaves (世界樹は落葉し, Seikaiju wa Rakuyōshi?) is the seventh episode of Date A Live Ⅴ.


The influence of Ain Soph Aur spreads throughout the battlefield, causing all ships caught within its range to cease function and crash to the ground. While navigating through this chaotic scene, Ryouko and her squad are teleported to onboard Fraxinus, where they are greeted by Shiizaki. Ryouko is shocked to see Kannazuki as the vice-commander of the ship, having remembered him from when he was the AST's top ace despite his problematic personality. Ryouko is at first taken aback by Kotori's young age, but the commander soon earns her respect by keeping Kannazuki in line despite his questionable fetishes. MARIA then advises all non-combat personnel to evacuate to their sister ship Ulmus, as they are about to enter the range of Mio's Angel. Ryouko and her team are chosen to escort those who are evacuating, with Kotori commenting that she would like to recruit Ryouko as her subordinate under better circumstances.

As Fraxinus prepares to confront Mio, Kotori thanks the remaining crew for staying with her until the very end. Nia finishes her analysis on Mio's first Angel, comparing it to an instant death beam that ceases all functions to whether it comes into contact. As the crew enter Mio's domain, they are shocked to find out that only Origami and Tohka remain fighting, with the Yamai twins, Mukuro, and Yoshino showing no vital signs. Kotori then readies her powers so that Fraxinus can fire its main cannon <Gungir>. However, the blast only serves as a distraction against Mio. Origami and Tohka take this opportunity to combined their powers, with Tohka providing her throne as a jet boost for Origami to attack Mio with her spear. However, Mio stops Origami's Einherjar with a single hand and swiftly retaliates by snatching Origami's white Sephira. Before Tohka can even react, she is also stabbed by Mio's Astral Dress and has Sephira Crystal removed. As Fraxinus begins to crash, Kotori finds the entire crew dead due to Ain Soph Aur's influence, with Mio having just removed Nia's remaining sliver of Sephira. Kotori questions if their friendship during her time as Reine was a lie. Mio responds that she still considers Kotori her best friend, but she is even willing to sacrifice a best friend to revive Shinji. As Kotori is left betrayed and shocked, Mio kills her and claims her Sephira.

Meanwhile, Westcott summons numerous Nibelcole soldiers to attack Shido. The DEM director then blindfolds the Nibelcole with sheets of paper to render them immune to Shido's flirting tactics. Shido uses Metatron to unleash a dazzling display of light as a distraction to cover using Haniel to transform himself into a Nibelcole. Under the disguise, Shido approaches Westcott to launch a sneak attack with Michael. However, the DEM director swiftly dodges the maneuver, remarking it was a bit predictable since he has already studied the powers of each Angel using Beelzebub. Shido is then overwhelmed and pinned down by the Niblecole's sheer numbers. Westcott then takes the time to explain his motives to Shido, revealing how he actually considers himself to be an ordinary person due to how he is simply striving his best to achieve his goals. But before Westcott can deal the final blow with a paper lance, Shido is saved by Miku and Natsumi's timely intervention.

Shido requests for both of them to strengthen his power with March. With his strength invigorated, Shido summons Halvanhelev and eliminates the surrounding Nibelcole. But thanks to Westcott's defenses, it fails to be decisive. However, Shido has anticipated that this wouldn't be enough due to Westcott's omniscient foresight and his version of the Angels being weaker than the original owners. He then surprises Westcott with his original technique: Roaring Flash Blast Wave. The Reiryoku energy blast proves to be enough to incapacitate Westcott. However, rather than killing the DEM Director, Shido decides to seal away Beelzebub with Michael instead. Westcott complains about Shido's mercy, remarking that he wouldn't get another chance and it was a pity since he was curious about experiencing death. But just as Shido tries to silence his compliants, the surrounding scenery transforms and Westcott's chest is pierced to extract his Qlipha Crystal. Natsumi and Miku are then also swiftly disposed of as Mio also retrieves their Sephira Crystals.

Having finally collected all of her Sephira Crystals, Mio approaches Shido while reaffirming that the time has come for them to be together forever.



Major Events[]

  • Shido defeats Westcott, but he chooses to spare his life by sealing Beelzebub instead. However, the DEM director is killed by Mio shortly afterward to retrieve Nia’s stolen Qlipha Crystal.
  • Mio finishes retrieving the remaining Sephira Crystals by killing Origami, Tohka, Nia, Kotori, Natsumi, and Miku.


  • This episode title shares the same name as chapter 3 of Volume 18.


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