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Date A Live Ⅴ Episode 6

DAL V Ep 6

Sannin no Majutsu-shi
Air Date
May 15, 2024
Volume 18
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A cruel fate assails young Westcott and his friends. However, a suspicious smile forms on his lips. Next time is episode 6: "The Three Magus". This is where it all began.
― Episode preview

The Three Magus (三人の魔術師メイガス, Sannin no Majutsu-shi?) is the sixth episode of Date A Live Ⅴ.


In a flashback, Westcott reminisces about his childhood living in a hidden community of mages along with Elliot, Ellen, and Karen. Even back then, Westcott knew that he was different from everyone else, deriving pleasure from seeing pain and misery from others like when his mother passed away. Afraid of being ostracized from his community, he worked hard to keep this dark side hidden. However, when his hometown was burned to the ground by people who feared their magic, Westcott smirked upon realizing that he was finally free to live out his twisted pleasures. Outwardly, he convinced his friends to join him in creating a world of only mages out of retribution against the world for the destruction of their families and hometown. Yet internally, he secretly thanked the perpetrators for giving him an excuse to act out his ambitions by turning him into a victim.

As the years passed, Westcott was adopted by a wealthy couple who then proceeded to die in an accident. Using his newly acquired inherited wealth, Westcott and his friends devoted their time to studying the secrets of magic. The culmination of their research was the Spirit Formula, a ritual that would gather the world's mana into a single point to create a new lifeform called a Spirit. The Spirit's birth would envelop the planet and create the Neighboring World, a world bordering the real world which Westcott's group hoped would eventually be used to rewrite the current world. After surviving the massive Spacequake caused by the Spirit's birth through a protective talisman, they were left in awe by the majesty of the newly born Spirit.

Back in the present day, Westcott notices Shido's angry glare and correctly deduces that he has regained his memories as Shinji Takamiya. While overjoyed at Deus' arrival on the battlefield, Westcott confesses that he isn't strong enough to confront the primordial Spirit yet, which is why he plans to slay Shido to claim his Reiryoku. Disgusted by Westcott's cruel intentions, Shido retaliates by summoning Sandalphon, Zadkiel, Raphael, and Metatron simultaneously. Elsewhere, Woodman has succeeded in defeating Ellen, but despite the DEM Wizard's request to be killed, he simply destroys her Realizer and knocks her unconscious. Unfortunately, Woodman's usage of Wodan has depleted his lifespan and he dies on his knees, but not before deciding to leave the rest to Shido while gazing upon Mio's power one final time.

Horrified by her sister's death, Yuzuru furiously charges at Mio in vain, as the Spirit of Origin quickly stabs her with her Astral Dress and takes back her Sephira fragment. Mio then begins to overwhelm Tohka with her attacks, but just before another decisive blow can be dealt, Tohka is pulled back to safety by a wormhole created by Mukuro. Origami, Yoshino, Mukuro, and Mana arrive to support Tohka, with the entire team left shocked by the Yamai twins' deaths. Mio summons her second Angel, Ain Soph, which is a mystical tree that summons the core of the Neighboring World into the real world, allowing Mio to freely control the laws of reality within its boundary. She also reveals to Origami that the Territory technology used by Wizards is an imperfect copy made from studying this power. Mukuro attempts to use Michael to seal Ain Soph, but her attack is redirected to herself due to Mio having established a rule that no one can attack Ain Soph. After reclaiming Mukuro's golden Sephira, she adds another new law that prevents the Spirits from escaping. Taking the time to pull Mana closer to her, Mio apologizes to Mana and restores her memories of her old life. Deeming her necessary for Shinji, she teleports Mana away from the battlefield.

Origami tries to use this opportunity to attack Mio with Metatron. However, the attempt is ineffective and Mio soon takes control of Metatron to fire back at them. Yoshino's defensive ice barrier is nullified by Ain Soph, and she is subsequently gunned down by Metatron's lasers. After reclaiming Yoshino's blue Sephira Crystal, Mio announces that she has reclaimed four of her Sephira.



Major Events[]

  • The backstory of Elliot Woodman, Isaac Westcott and Karen and Ellen Mathers is revealed.
  • Woodman defeats Ellen but burns up his remaining lifespan from using <Wodan>.


  • This episode title shares the same name as chapter 2 of Volume 18.


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