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Date A Live Ⅴ Episode 5

DAL V Ep 5

Hahanaru Zero
Air Date
May 8, 2024
Volume 18
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Mio Takamiya, the mother of all Spirits. As the battle rages on, some confront their most beloved and others confront their most hated enemies. Next time is episode 5: "Mother Zero." The flower of death blooms in the sky.
― Episode preview

Mother Zero (母なるゼロ, Hahanaru Zero?) is the fifth episode of Date A Live Ⅴ.


After absorbing Shinji into her body, Mio's plan is revealed to be rebuilding him within her womb. She plans to strengthen him by bestowing her powers on him. However, since the human body wouldn't be able to endure that much strength, she initially only grants him the ability to gradually take in more power. She then sets out to sow the seeds, distributing her powers to the women that would later become Spirits so it becomes more refined for human usage.

Back in the present day, Kurumi is left mortally wounded after Mio Takamiya fully emerges from her chest. After firing one last Zafkiel bullet that seemingly misses, Kurumi warns Shido to run before collapsing onto the ground, with her Astral Dress and remaining clones vanishing to indicate the end of her life. Mio thanks Kurumi for being her friend till the very end and closes her eyes as a sign of respect. Sensing Shido's confusion, Mio restores his memories as Shinji Takamiya. Back on Fraxinus, the crew is left shocked over Kurumi's abrupt death. However, Kotori is more disturbed by Mio's stark resemblance to Reine. Despite wanting to treat the similarity as just a bad joke, Kotori is forced to give MARIA the command to electrocute Reine's console due to the analytic officer's eerie silence. However, Reine merely stands up and thanks everyone for everything before announcing her departure, confirming that she and Mio are one and the same as both Phantom and the Spirit of Origin. They are two halves of the same whole who have split off to fulfill different roles, which made things more convenient when distributing the Sephira Crystals.

Reine then teleports to Mio's location, with the two of them merging back together into a singular entity with an ethereal Astral Dress equipped. Mio is overjoyed at them finally being reunited, but Shido has reservations about the number of sacrifices made to bring back Shinji Takamiya. Mio questions what alternative she had since she is simultaneously not weak enough to die but also not strong enough to move on from him. Shido is left unable to reply back, so Mio decides to erase his guilt along with his memories as Shido. However, before she can do this, Shido is pulled back by Tohka and the Yamai Twins, who have all been briefed on the situation. Mio sends Shido away from the battlefield while resolving to eliminate the other Spirits to retrieve their Sephira Crystals.

Shido arrives at an underground shelter for Raizen High School, having landed on top of Ai Yamabuki. Despite their initial surprise and insults for taking another perverse action, the trio and Hiroto decide to help Shido distract Tamae and leave the shelter after he comments that Tohka and Origami are still outside. Much to their bewilderment, Shido uses this time to concentrate on summoning Michael and creating a portal to leave. Back on the battlefield, Mio uses her Angel, Ain Soph Aur, to summon a flower that scatters pollen that neutralizes the Nibelcole and Bandersnatch army. Its destructive range spreads to the DEM's fleet and incapacitates several AST Wizards, including Mikie Okamine, despite the team defending with a protective Territory. Origami instructs Ryouko to take refuge within Fraxinus, as the ship has equipment that may resuscitate their fallen comrades. Meanwhile, the Spirits leave to help Shido, as his coordinates seem to be the source of this new threat.

Elsewhere, Woodman parries Ellen's attacks while trying to reason with her. Ellen is furious that Woodman betrayed DEM and took her sister Karen with him. Woodman confesses that Karen followed him on her own accord, and he still considers her and Westcott to be his friends. But upon watching the Spirit of Origin for the first time, it made him incapable of using such an innocent girl in service of their goals. He even compares the cruelty of doing so to be the same as the people who burned down their hometown. Unwilling to listen any longer, Ellen unleashes her Rhongomiant, which then clashes against Woodman's Gungnir.

Despite their best efforts, Tohka, Kaguya, and Yuzuru are unable to break through Mio's defensive barriers even with a combination of their ultimate attacks. Mio sneaks up behind Kaguya and stabs her with a portion of her Astral Dress to retrieve her Sephira fragment, much to Yuzuru's horror. As Shido races to return to the battlefield, he finds Westcott already waiting for him and preparing to fight to determine who is truly worthy of obtaining the power of the Spirits.



Major Events[]

  • Reine is revealed to be a clone of Mio Takamiya. The two merge together after the latter kills Kurumi by emerging from her body.
  • Mio restores Shido's memories of his past life as Shinji Takamiya.
  • Mio decides to erase Shido's memories in an attempt to completely restore Shinji, as well as retrieve the Sephira Crystals from the Spirits to cut off their paths.


  • This episode title shares the same name as chapter 1 of Volume 18.
  • For the Crunchyroll's episode release, the episode is titled Mother Mio.


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