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Date A Live Ⅴ Episode 3

DAL V Ep 3

Seirei no Fukkatsu
Air Date
April 24, 2024
Volume 17
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The Spirit of Origin

And the battle has begun. What is the new combat strategy that Shido employs against the Nibelcole? Next episode is episode 3: "The Spirit's Revival." The most powerful Spirit now manifests.
― Episode preview

The Spirit's Revival (精霊の復活, Seirei no Fukkatsu?) is the third episode of Date A Live Ⅴ.


After Kotori comments on the success of Ratatoskr arming the buildings of Tengu City with weapons, the Spirits are deployed to the battlefield. As everyone else scatters to perform their roles, Miku and Natsumi stay behind to boost the strength of everyone else with <March>. Ryouko and the AST squad also arrive as the war begins, growing even more conflicted as DEM Wizard Irene Fox deliberately uses them as friendly fire against the Spirits. After being saved by Yoshino and Mukuro, Ryouko is convinced that Origami's warning is correct and tells her team to prepare for re-employment.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Origami is confronted by Artemisia, who rejects Origami's suggestion that DEM has brainwashed her due to those words coming from a Spirit. Despite Artemisia being betrayed by the AST team she had expected as reinforcements, she still manages to parry Origami's blows and injures the Ratatoskr Wizard's flank. However, this ends up serving as a second distraction for Mukuro to sneak up and unseal Artemisia's memories with <Michael>.

In a separate Ratatoskr airship, Woodman sees from the monitor that Ellen has been dispatched to the frontlines. Knowing he is the only one available capable of intercepting her, he stands up and prepares to use his CR-Unit again. His assistant Karen admits she is in love with him and jokingly suggests that they should perhaps flee from the battle and start a family someplace else. Woodman politely turns her down, complimenting her humor before leaving for the battlefield. Equipped with his golden CR-Unit which restores his youth to its prime, Woodman casually greets Ellen, asking if she enjoyed the title of being the strongest Wizard without him being present. Woodman's presence causes Ellen to lose her composure, howling in fury as she advances to attack.

Meanwhile, a team of Nibelcole is sent to eliminate the Ratatoskr Wizards guarding the weapons installed at ground level. Tohka, Kaguya, and Yuzuru distract the Nibelcole army long enough for the Wizards to retreat. They then introduce Shido as the Nibelcole's opponent. The Nibelcole are incredulous that their target has deliberately come to them, but Shido begins to enact MARIA's secret plan. Due to the Nibelcole being derived from Nia's powers, Nia's feelings for Shido will be the deciding factor rather than the Nibelcole's personal feelings in determining if he will be able to seal them. Consequently, displays of affection or even outright kissing can revert the Nibelcole back into sheets of paper before fading away.

While chasing after the Nibelcole who are fleeing, Shido reunites with the original Kurumi, who still wants to absorb Shido's Reiryoku, so she can change history to prevent the birth of Spirits in the first place. As the two simultaneously deal with surrounding Nibelcole, Shido argues that Kurumi has no guarantee that changing history will work, which Kurumi refutes that she doesn't want to hear those words from someone who has already changed history for the better. Still, Shido doesn't want that to happen since altering the past in this manner would change things so that he never met Kurumi. He proposes that he confront the Spirit of Origin in Kurumi's place, sealing her to rewrite history and ensuring a happy future for everyone. One of the Nibelcole is angry at being ignored and charges forward while equipped with paper armor that allows her to avoid Kurumi and Shido's attacks. Just as she is about to land a fatal blow on Kurumi, the eyepatch Kurumi clone sacrifices herself in her master's place. Kurumi quickly retaliates by removing the Nibelcole's armor with <Dalet>, and Shido subsequently seals her away with a kiss.

As the dying clone leaves behind her final words, she tells her original to be more honest with her feelings. Kurumi finally concedes, admitting that Shido has won their wager, and she is willing to let him seal her power after this war concludes. However, before Shido can celebrate, Kurumi screams in agony as a hand emerges from her chest. Shido can only look on in horror as the hand extends outward to reveal a mysterious person.



Major Events[]

  • Artemisia fights against Origami, Mana, Yoshino, and Mukuro, and is defeated when Mukuro unlocks her sealed memories.
  • Woodman uses his CR-Unit <Wodan> to return his body to its prime so he can fight Ellen.
  • After Shido wins over Kurumi's heart, Mio Takamiya violently emerges from Kurumi's chest.


  • This episode shares the same title as chapter 5 of Volume 17.


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