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Saigo no Kyūsoku
Air Date
April 17, 2024
Volume 17
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The big battle against DEM is approaching with everyone harboring different feelings as they spend what time remains. Next time is episode 2, "Final Rest." The curtain rises on Date A Live season 5!
― Episode preview

Final Rest (最後の休息, Saigo no Kyūsoku?) is the second episode of Date A Live Ⅴ.


Mukuro and Tohka are making onigiri in preparation for the final battle when Yoshino and Natsumi enter the room. Despite Natsumi's initial hesitation, Yoshino convinces her to lend a hand in the cooking process. Meanwhile, Nia, Miku, Yuzuru, and Kaguya are playing a game of Shiritori where the theme is innocent words that sound erotic. The three of them proceed to tease Kaguya for her pure-hearted answers, which primarily consist of puns of the word kiss. Nia then changes the topic to their favorite moments with Shido, causing all four of them to reminisce on the times when Shido saved them. The group then receives phone calls from the cooking team asking for assistance, with Miku complaining about being the only one to receive a text message from Natsumi instead.

Back onboard Fraxinus, Kotori is organizing their forces for the decisive battle. Shido hands her a drink to let her relax for a moment, and after doing so, she describes the various sides in the upcoming conflicts, with Phantom being a potential wild card due to them still not knowing the enigmatic Spirit's motives. In response, Reine remarks that Phantom's motives might turn out to be surprisingly childish. Tohka and the others arrive at Fraxinus and start distributing the onigiri they made. However, in order for them to strive to overcome the upcoming adversity, they made specific onigiri for each person with ingredients that they disliked. When it comes time for Shido's turn, they refuse to elaborate on what ingredient they added, which causes him to yell in protest.

Later that night onboard Fraxinus, Tohka, after leaving her bedroom due to Miku's intrusion, finds Shido having trouble sleeping due to the impending battle. Shido confesses that he is uncertain if his help will offer salvation for Kurumi, as his goal of sealing her powers will mean sacrificing Kurumi's attempts to save her best friend. In order to help him relax, Tohka lets him rest on her lap. Tohka also admits that she also feels guilty, feeling heartache when hearing about Shido's death without Kurumi's intervention, and wonders if it would have been better if they had never met in order to save him from his current hardships. However, Shido gently reassures her that he has no regrets and would have made the same choice even if he could go back in time with his memories, as he treasures having Spirits be part of his life.

The next day, Tonomachi greets the Ai, Mai, and Mii trio on the way to school, with them chatting about how it's suspicious that Shido, Kurumi, and Tohka are all absent at the same time. Tonomachi catches a glimpse of a flying airship in the sky, but this observation is treated as him finally going delusional by the female trio. At that moment, the Spacequake alarm echoes, forcing them all to the shelter in order to evacuate. In the skies of Tengu City, Kotori delivers a speech to motivate their troops' morale, ending it with her hoping that they can help save her precious older brother. Due to Ratatoskr's 6 ships being outnumbered by DEM's fleet of 30, Kotori requests that the Spirits partake in the battle in order to increase their chances of victory. With Nia jamming <Beelzebub>'s search function, the group finally reveals their hidden plans to each other. Origami and Mana announce that DEM's Bandersnatch units have been programmed with the brain activity of Artemisia Ashcroft. They remember her as a Wizard who was originally suspicious about DEM's goals, which means she has likely been brainwashed. If they capture her, MARIA can analyze her brainwaves in order to disable the Bandersnatch drones. Meanwhile, MARIA also believes that Shido is the key to neutralizing the Nibelcole army, but that means he will have to be deployed to the front lines. Shido agrees with the decision despite Kotori's initial reluctance due to his life being targeted.

Onboard DEM's flagship, Westcott reveals that he knows Ratatoskr's goal is to target either him or Ellen, as they are the key figures in the DEM's leadership hierarchy. Despite Ellen's request for him to retreat to a safer location, Westcott merely replies that he can't let Ellen be the only one wagering her life when they both started this quest to usher a revolution to this world. DEM prepares to deploy its Bandersnatch units against Fraxinus. However, the initial wave is destroyed by Kurumi's clones, who taunts over the communication line that she is now coming to hunt them down. As the DEM captain is about to request reinforcements from the other ships, they come under attack by magical cannons built on ground level. Despite this setback, Westcott merely laughs as he is confident that DEM's overwhelming might will still prevail in the end.



Major Events[]

  • Westcott begins mobilizing the entirety of DEM's forces to kill Shido.
  • Ratatoskr plans to utilize their entire arsenal and the Spirits to defend Shido and assist Kurumi. They aim to destabilize DEM by defeating Westcott and Ellen, deactivate the Bandersnatch by jamming Artemisia's brainwaves, and determine that the Nibelcole can be sealed with Shido's kisses.


  • This episode shares the same title as chapter 3 of Volume 17.


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