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Date A Live Ⅴ Episode 1

Kurumi Prepared

Kaisen no Noroshi
Air Date
April 10, 2024
Volume 17
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The Signal Outbreak of War (開戦の狼煙, Kaisen no Noroshi?) is the first episode of Date A Live Ⅴ.


After having engulfed Phantom in her shadow, Kurumi collapses to her knees in exhaustion. Several of her clones come to her aid, questioning if the enigmatic Spirit has truly been dealt with. In response, Kurumi reiterates that her goal is to kill the Spirit of Origin in her prime, rather than her current state where she has likely been weakened from dividing her powers. This causes one of the Kurumi clones to question why Phantom would go to such risks when she should know such an endeavor would make her more vulnerable.

On the Fraxinus bridge, Shido has just finished explaining Kurumi's motives and recent actions to everyone. The group is shocked that Kurumi has saved Shido's life 204 times, especially Mana who expresses doubts that Kurumi can be trusted, but she also acknowledges that the chances of Shido lying to her are even slimmer. Mana then brings up the name Mio Takamiya again, suggesting that this enigmatic person might be related to hers and Shido's past. Unfortunately, neither of them can remember anything from the past that could shed more light on Mio's identity. Mukuro suggests that Shido uses Michael to unlock his sealed memories, as Michael is an absolute key that can unlock anything. Following the suggestion, Shido summons Michael and transforms it into a hand-sized version to point at his own head. The attempt causes Shido to fall unconscious, with the image of a Spirit floating above a destroyed city briefly flashing in his mind. Upon waking up, he finds himself at the medical bay surrounded by the Spirits. The attempt seemingly ends in failure, as while Shido could feel something being remembered, he can't recall it precisely after waking up. Mana suggests that they try the procedure on her next, but Kotori discreetly turns down the offer, as it could also awaken the memories Mana suffered while in DEM captivity.

Meanwhile, at DEM headquarters, Westcott has finally discovered the method behind Kurumi's interference through <Beelzebub>. Ellen understands how their plans have been foiled up until now, as Kurumi's mental time travel essentially gives her foresight toward their plans before they are even conceived. However, Westcott also notes that the mental fatigue of repeating the same events will eventually prove too much for her endurance to handle. As such, he plans to use DEM's entire military might to kill Shido Itsuka to such a degree that she won't be able to change the outcome no matter how many times she resets time to change history. As the Nibelcole bring the freshly decapitated head of a Kurumi clone, Westcott, knowing full well their conversation is being eavesdropped, taunts the Worst Spirit to try her best to stop them.

The next day, the eyepatch Kurumi arrives at the Itsuka Residence to inform Shido and Kotori of DEM's plans to kill the former on February 20th, which she is doing without the original Kurumi's permission. Shido thanks the clone for the warning and asks the clone to deliver a message to her master. While thankful to Kurumi for saving him, he remarks that he is fine now and still intends to seal her Reiryoku while teasingly calling her "my honey." Eyepatch Kurumi giggles at the request and comments on how her original is truly blessed. Kotori then schedules an emergency meeting on Fraxinus to prepare for war against DEM. During the meeting, Woodman contacts them that he'll also be participating. While DEM outnumbers them in resources, Westcott's control over his company ensures that the chain of command will fall if he is taken down. MARIA and Origami reveal that they also have plans to stop the Nibelcole and Bandersnatch respectively. However, Nia warns them to not reveal their plans publicly, as Beelzebub will discover their plans if spoken but it can't be used to read minds or predict the future. Despite acknowledging Nia's point, MARIA zaps Nia with an interface console for teasing her and calling her Roboko.

Back at Kurumi's hideout, the original Kurumi is pointing her pistol at her eyepatch variant, angered by her actions done without authorization. Eyepatch Kurumi willingly accepts being executed as punishment, but she still takes the time to deliver Shido's message. Knowing that Kurumi has likely already heard the message from another clone, she edits the message to make it more embarrassing for the original. Kurumi then fires a warning shot that barely misses. Eyepatch Kurumi is surprised she has been spared, but the original makes it clear that she's not dumb enough to whittle down her own forces right before a major battle. Meanwhile, Origami and Mana arrive at the AST base to warn their former comrades about the likelihood of DEM deploying them during the final battle. They also reveal the existence of Ratatoskr and how Spirits being evil is just false propaganda propagated by DEM. Ryouko takes Origami's advice into consideration, but she ultimately refuses as disobeying a deployment will get them court-martialed. Origami understands and requests that they at least stick to the backlines so she won't have to kill them. Ryouko is angered by this insulation, but the AST Wizard is quickly silenced by a warning shot fired from Origami's Metatron.

Elsewhere, Kurumi is standing on a rooftop, repeatedly firing the Eighth bullet Het to create more clones in preparation for the final battle.



Major Events[]

  • Shido uses <Michael> in an attempt to unlock his past memories.
  • Westcott learns through <Beelzebub> that Kurumi has put herself in a time loop to avert Shido’s death.


  • This episode shares the same title as chapter 1 of Volume 17.


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