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Muma no Yūwaku
Air Date
June 3, 2022
Volume 16
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The Worst Spirit has returned. Her goal? To take Shido's life and Reiryoku. Next time: "Nightmare's Temptation." What awaits at the end of this fierce battle!?
― Episode preview

Nightmare's Temptation (夢魔の誘惑, Muma no Yūwaku?) is the ninth episode of Date A Live Ⅳ.


Within their classroom, Shido, Tohka, and Origami discover that Kurumi has returned back to school. Despite Origami's hesitation to believe her, Kurumi reassures Shido that she isn't here to cause any trouble. To further prove this, Kurumi remarks that she could simply use her Angel to take all the other students hostage if that was her intended goal. During breaktime, Shido asks Kurumi if she's not here to enjoy school life. Despite Shido personally holding doubts over this notion, he and the Spirits will throw her a welcome party after her powers are sealed if that's the case. Kurumi says she's fine with it, however, there is one condition they'll need to talk about after school.

Elsewhere at DEM headquarters, Westcott discusses Ratatoskr’s recent acquisition of Zodiac with Ellen and Artemisia. Despite Ellen’s apologies for the failure, Westcott assures her that everything is going according to plan. Now that ten Spirits have gathered around Shido Itsuka, the time has come to use him as the key to inverse all the Spirits at once. After summoning Beelzebub to his hand, Westcott remarks that, despite Sister’s survival and interference, he can still use the Demon King to find opportunities to strike Ratatoskr at their most vulnerable moments. In order to assist the two Wizards with this mission, Westcott has decided to provide them with an additional helper. With a snap of his fingers, countless girls with the same face emerge from the scattered pages of Beelzebub. Westcott introduces them as Nibelcole, the daughters of the Demon King Beelzebub. The DEM director then concludes by telling them to start the operation and expects Shido's head by the end of the day.

At school, Shido is preparing to meet Kurumi, but Tohka, Origami, and the Yamai twins suggest it would be better if they tag along. He thanks them but says he'll be fine. While it's true that Kurumi is dangerous, Shido understands she won't go back on her word. Shido meets Kurumi on the school rooftop, where the other Spirits are secretly watching them from behind the entrance door. Kurumi tells Shido that she noticed him changing quite a bit and says that he has matured, supposedly from all the carnage he has lived through. But he tells her not to make fun of him and asks what is the condition for sealing her Spirit powers. As Kurumi responds, Shido is struck by a sudden spell of dizziness.

Meanwhile, Ellen is dispatched while communicating with Artemisia, but she is attacked in mid-air by Mana. Ellen, surprised by the sudden interception, wonders if their plans had been leaked. She tells Artemisia to regroup, but her message ends up jammed. Ellen tells Mana that she doesn't know how she did it, but compliments her for thwarting DEM's plans. Nevertheless, Ellen uses her Realizer to scatter countless sheets of paper, which then summons the Nibelcole to take care of Mana as she prepares to take her leave. Suddenly, Kurumi's clones appear to help Mana.

Meanwhile, Kurumi asks Shido if he's alright, and he responds by apologizing for spacing out. Kurumi explains to Shido that her goal is the same as before, with her desiring to claim the Reiryoku dwelling in his body. Shido questions if Kurumi wants to kill him, but she retorts by asking if sealing her Reiryoku is his goal. He responds by saying he also wants her to atone for all she has done and live a happy life. However, Kurumi says that's a problem because it's impossible for their desires to intersect. She states it's better that one of their dreams come true rather than both of them staying incomplete, even if one of them loses everything for it, much to Shido's shock. Kurumi tells him not to be afraid because she doesn't intend to steal his Reiryoku by force, and she's willing to do things through his methods. Kurumi proposes a contest where the one who makes the other fall in love first will be declared the winner. If he makes her fall in love, then she will allow her Reiryoku to be sealed. But if she is the victor in making him concede in falling in love, she will devour him for his Reiryoku. Shido accepts the challenge, and Kurumi asks when they can begin their date.

Later that evening, when Shido enters the house, Kotori punches him out of frustration, asking why he decided on his own and not considering the consequences if he loses. But Shido responds that he wasn't able to reach Fraxinus, and Kotori is aware of him having no choice but to accept the challenge. However, she says knowing it and accepting it are two different things and scolds him for never thinking about himself. Kotori is willing to accept punishment since she failed to support Shido, so he tickles her until she is exhausted on the couch where both of them are. The Spirits and Reine enter the room and see the Itsuka siblings in a compromising position. Kotori jumps to Reine crying, leading them to misunderstand that Shido did something perverted to Kotori.

After the situation calms down, Kotori explains that Shido and Kurumi are competing to make the other fall in love first. However, since Kurumi’s overall goal remains going after Spirits powers, she advises everyone to be on their guard. Mukuro asks why Kurumi wants to steal Shido's Spirit powers. Nia, knowing her goal, explains that Kurumi came to her apartment and requested information about the Spirit of Origin from her Angel, Rasiel. Kurumi wanted to know where and when it shows up, and about its powers in order to kill it, which shocks the others. They realize she needs Shido's sealed Reiryoku to travel back in time in order to kill the Spirit of Origin that appeared 30 years ago. Suddenly, Mana appears injured and has something important to say. She shows them a video of herself fighting Ellen and the Nibelcole, with Kurumi's clones coming to assist Mana. Mana explains that Kurumi appeared yesterday in the infirmary and informed her that Ellen will launch a surprise attack on Shido. Kotori asks Mana why she kept this secret, which leads to the Fraxinus commander figuring out that Mana realized she would have been benched from fighting had she informed her. Then, Kotori tells her that they'll have a long discussion about this later, which causes Mana to beg to be spared. Shido questions why Kurumi informed Mana about this, to which Origami responds that she was likely trying to prevent DEM from obtaining his Reiryoku first.

The next morning, Shido leaves the house to find Kurumi waiting for him by the entrance. He asks why she's here, but she responds by asking if it's odd for classmates to walk to school together. Shido contacts Reine about Kurumi, who tells him she’ll inform Kotori while he plays along with Kurumi’s request. So, he asks Kurumi to come with him as he wants to show her something. They end up in an alleyway filled with stray cats. As Shido pets the cat, Kurumi attempts to do the same with another, but it walks away. Shido chuckles, saying it's not supposed to happen while telling Kurumi to pet another cat. However, she pouts and complains it'll run away again. Shido promises her it'll go better this time. However, Kurumi instead pets and treats Shido like a cat instead.



Major Events[]

  • Kurumi challenges Shido to a match in which whoever falls in love first loses; with the loser relinquishing their Reiryoku to the winner.
  • Westcott reveals his plans of assassinating Shido in order to force the Spirits to enter their Inverse Forms. To aid Ellen and Artemisia in this task, he creates new soldiers in the form of the Nibelcole born from Beelzebub.


  • The episode title shares the same name as Volume 16, Chapter 1.


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