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Kagi to Ken
Air Date
May 27, 2022
Volume 15
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A world crisis. Humanity is in danger. Can Shido save the world and Mukuro against this planetary threat? Next time: "The Key and The Sword." The Mukuro arc concludes!
― Episode preview

The Key and The Sword (鍵と剣, Kagi to Ken?) is the eighth episode of Date A Live Ⅳ.


While still having their memories of Shido sealed, Kotori and the Ratatoskr crew, monitor his date with both Inverse Tohka and Mukuro, and they send the Spirits to find them. Kotori decides to take their usual measure in handling the Spirits, but the discrepancy in her memories leaves her confused about how they've dealt with scenarios like this in the past.

Origami suggests they visit the Tengu Tower, a place Mukuro once visited with her foster family. The location causes Mukuro to feel momentarily sick as Origami takes her to a nearby restroom to recover. Shido begins a short conversation with Inverse Tohka, who explains that she is a true Spirit born of the Sephira Crystal, and that the Spirit of Origin deliberately changed the Sephira Crystal to make them into their current state. As Shido asks why the Spirit of Origin would do such a thing, Tohka angrily states that her prior comment was said merely out of a whim. She lifts up Shido and states she could just forcefully kiss Shido right then and now to obtain victory. This act enrages Mukuro, who has just returned, and triggers a battle between them. During the battle, Inverse Tohka cuts off a lock of Mukuro's hair, which further enrages Mukuro to the extent that she uses Michael's Shifuru to unlock her full power.

Stopping their battle, Origami once again combines the Brunhild Cr-Unit and her Spirit powers to distract Inverse Tohka. Meanwhile, Shido goes off to talk to Mukuro. Shido questions why Mukuro would seal everyone's memories of him, much to Mukuro's confusion. However, their conversation is interrupted by Mukuro seeing the other Spirits arrive, which causes her to believe they are here to take Shido away from her. This results in her snapping and using Michael in an attempt to stop the planet's rotation, thinking that she and Shido could live forever in space. Mukuro then departs to get rid of Inverse Tohka. Thanks to Yoshino believing in him even without her memories, Shido convinces the rest of the Spirits to help him save the planet. Just as Mukuro is about to take the opportunity to launch a sneak attack on Inverse Tohka, Shido gets in the way and subsequently has one of his arms blown away.

At that moment, Mukuro suddenly remembers when she first obtained her Spirit powers. Out of a misguided attempt to monopolize their love, she used her newfound supernatural powers to make everyone forget her foster family existed, an act that caused her family to fear and reject Mukuro. Horrified by what she has done, Mukuro almost enters her Inverse Form, but Shido comforts her and says that he will be her new family. Shido seals her powers, subsequently allowing everyone to recover their memories of Shido. Meanwhile, Inverse Tohka also forcefully kisses Shido, allowing the regular Tohka to return. A few days later, Shido and the Spirits return to Raizen High School, only to find Kurumi waiting for them.



Major Events[]

  • Mukuro nearly inverts after accidentally landing a near fatal blow onto Shido.
  • Shido realizes that he and Mukuro's memories were interconnected with each other after he broke the seal on her heart. Through this knowledge, he brings Mukuro out of her inverse state and successfully seals her.
  • Inverse Tohka also willingly lets Shido seal her, but adds that she doesn't want him to make Tohka sad again.
  • A few weeks later, Kurumi returns to school and greets Shido.

Differences with the Light Novel[]

  • In Mukuro's flashback at Tengu Tower, Asahi and her friends are not shown criticizing Mukuro's hair length.
  • A conversation is included between Kotori and Reine in which the former, whose memories of Shido were currently sealed by <Michael>, asks why Tohka Inversed and Origami's new timeline personality resurfaced. Reine dismisses the cause to focus on solving the issue, but does not necessarily indicate that her own memories of Shido have been sealed. In the novel, Reine does not speak up at any point while the memories of Shido are sealed, making it unclear if she was affected or not.
  • Shido and Inverse Tohka's conversation about how he named her other self is removed.
  • Inverse Tohka cuts Mukuro's hair with Nahemah instead of her hand.
  • <Jerez> only disintegrates the skirt of Inverse Tohka's Astral Dress instead of the entire outfit.
  • Inverse Tohka does not assist Shido in stopping Mukuro's Inversion.
  • Inverse Tohka does not express intent to kill Shido and Mukuro after Mukuro's sealing.
  • Mukuro's Astral Dress remains completely intact after her sealing.


  • The episode title shares the same name as Volume 15, Chapter 10.


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