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Tojirareta Kioku
Air Date
May 20, 2022
Volume 15
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Shido has opened Mukuro's heart. As a new battle begins, a new Origami and Tohka awake. Next time: "The Locked Memories." Be tasty! Moe Moe Kyun!
― Episode preview

The Locked Memories (閉じられた記憶, Tojirareta Kioku?) is the seventh episode of Date A Live Ⅳ.


A flashback shows a young Mukuro looking at the stars with Asahi, who is explaining the names of the stars to her. In the present time, Shido is walking with Mukuro during their date. Kotori contacts him while she and Kyouhei are checking if Mukuro's affection status is rising, saying that they got his back.

Mukuro asks Shido what did he have in mind that would make her happy, and he responds that there are a lot of options. When Mukuro is walking, Shido stops her, saying her hair is getting dirty. As he asks about cutting it, she harshly refuses the very notion. Mukuro apologizes as she doesn't remember, but is still against cutting her hair. Shido apologizes and asks Mukuro if she's against tying up her hair, but luckily she is willing to have her hair braided to make it easier to walk.

Kotori brings the choices: 1. Let a pro do her hair, 2. Have Shido tie it up, 3. Walk behind Mukuro, carrying it like a wedding dress train and nuzzling it tenderly. She asks the crew who picked option 3, and Kyouhei responds that it was him, making her sigh. Kotori asks MARIA if she comes up with the choices, but MARIA denies the idea by explaining that they're generated based on happiness level and the date's progression. Kotori says she's always wondered: "Is there always a risky choice on purpose?" MARIA replies there's typically a favorite, a contender, and a dark horse, much to Kotori's confusion about a dark horse. She asks the crew if they're using MARIA's computation power to predict horse racing results, which leaves them all silent. She sighs and tells Shido to personally tie up Mukuro's hair.

Shido asks Mukuro if she can come to his house, and she accepts. In the house, Shido ties and brushes Mukuro's hair. She wears Kotori's clothes but says they're too small, much to Kotori's anger. However, Shido asks her if she can reproduce it with her Spirit powers, and she uses them to fit in Kotori's clothes. Kotori irritably asks Shido why he didn't start by having Mukuro use her Spirit powers to make her own clothes. Shido and Mukuro then leave for their date where they eat, enter the art gallery, and buy a fan. Near the end of their date, Mukuro asks Shido if he loves her. Upon getting a reassuring answer, she attempts to make him vow to stay away from other girls. However, Shido says he loves other Spirits as much as her and wants to save them all, hoping she can get along with them. Mukuro tells Shido to leave it to her and bids farewell by leaving through a wormhole.

The next morning, Shido is cooking breakfast and greets Kotori, but she suddenly screams and asks who he is, much to his confusion. Despite his attempts to deescalate the situation, he is forced to leave the house after she threatens him. At school, Shido says good morning to Tonomachi, but he has no idea who Shido is. He asks Ai, Mai, and Mii if they know him, but they believe Shido is hitting on them. As Tohka and Origami enter the classroom, Shido approaches them, but they have no knowledge of him. As the Yamai twins are discussing their homework, Shido repeats his question but receives the same answer from the twins. Shido heads to Nia's apartment and rings her doorbell, but she only asks if he's a fan of hers. He calls Miku, but she screams out of fear of an unknown boy having her phone number. As Yoshino and Natsumi walk out of the building, Shido asks if they know him, but they also treat him like a stranger approaching them.

After trying to figure out what is going on, Shido realizes that it's Mukuro's doing. So, he summons Natsumi's Angel, Haniel, and mimics Mukuro's Angel, Michael, in order to turn everything back to normal. However, Mukuro prevents that from happening by sealing Haniel's ability to transform into Michael. When Shido asks Mukuro if she made everyone forget about him, she answers that she locked their memories so they can be alone.

At the Itsuka house, the Spirits discuss about the stranger who approached all of them today. Origami’s head starts hurting during the conversation, which causes Kotori to offer calling Ratatoskr's medical team. However, Origami says there’s no need and begins taking in the same manner as her persona from the new timeline. She realizes Mukuro is responsible for causing the Spirits to forget about him (Shido). Kotori asks Origami who's Mukuro and "him", so Origami tells the Spirits it was Shido Itsuka who saved them. Tohka's head also begins to ache from intuitively sensing that something is missing, which sparks her transformation into her Inverse Form.

Meanwhile, Shido and Mukuro are holding hands as they walk. She asks Shido if he's having fun and loves her, and he replies that he does, much to Mukuro's joy. When Shido asks Mukuro how close they are, she tells him that she saw a dream of a lonely child finding a family and wanted to see him afterward. As Shido realizes what Mukuro meant, they are interrupted by Origami's arrival. Shido asks her if she's the Origami from the new timeline. She answers affirmatively and states that she also still remembers him, much to Shido's relief. As Mukuro is left confused, she attempts to reseal Origami's memories. However, the new timeline Origami warns Mukuro to stop, as using Reiryoku will allow that person to find them. As if on cue, Inverse Tohka also appears and fires a flying slash toward them. Fortunately, Mukuro negates her attack by deploying a wormhole. As Inverse Tohka and Mukuro get into a fight, Origami tries to calm them down by saying that the only method to obtain victory is to win Shido's heart during a date with him. Within this challenge, the one who steals his lips first wins, much to their initial shock and later acceptance of the task.

From Origami's suggestion, the four enter a maid café. As Shido and Origami are discussing, Inverse Tohka and Mukuro attempt to feed him, which causes enough of a ruckus for a waitress to intervene. The waitress tells the two that if they're too rowdy, they'll trouble Master (Shido), and she teaches them the magic words to make him hungry for the cake. Inverse Tohka says that she has learned something new and utters the same magic words for the cake she placed on the floor. She grabs Shido, uses him as a chair, and forces him to eat the cake. However, Mukuro attempts to feed him with a strawberry from her mouth, leading her to get into a fight with Inverse Tohka. All the while, the other Origami is terrified witnessing their escalating tension.



Major Events[]

  • Mukuro seals everyone's memories of Shido due to a desire to monopolize his love.
  • Tohka inverts again due to the unconscious stress of not having Shido in her life, and Origami's personality from the new timeline resurfaces.
  • Origami convinces Mukuro and Inverse Tohka to compete for Shido's lips.

Differences from the Light Novel[]

  • Inverse Tohka's initial attempt to forcefully kiss Shido, and the resulting brief fight with Mukuro, are removed.
  • The maid at the cafe does not urge Origami to perform the "Moe Moe Kyun" gesture alongside Inverse Tohka and Mukuro.
  • Inverse Tohka and Mukuro sabotaging each other's attempts to feed Shido at the maid café are removed.


  • The episode shares the same Japanese title as Volume 15, Chapter 8.


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