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Hirakareta Kokoro
Air Date
May 13, 2022
Volume 15
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The Locked Memories

Fraxinus gains a new life, but blocking their way is Ellen in Goetia. How will this fateful showdown end? Next time: "The Unlocked Heart." Shido and Mukuro's destiny awaits!
― Episode preview

The Unlocked Heart (開かれた心, Hirakareta Kokoro?) is the sixth episode of Date A Live Ⅳ.


As everyone has evacuated from Ratatoskr's headquarters, Woodman and Karen head to the elevator to make their escape. However, when exiting the elevator, they're confronted by Westcott. Westcott wants to bring both of them back to DEM, but Woodman refuses to comply. In response, Westcott summons <Beelzebub> and asks his old rival to at least entertain him. Despite Karen's initial protests, Woodman stands up from his wheelchair and takes out a dog tag with the name Wodan inscribed on there.

Onboard Fraxinus EX, Shido, Kyouhei, and the Spirits see Mukuro sleeping in outer space. When Mukuro wakes up, she sees their ship and uses her Angel, Michael, to attack them, but Kotori deploys the Territory to activate the ship's force field. Kotori teleports Shido to Mukuro as the defenses are getting deployed against the DEM ships who have arrived. When Shido meets Mukuro, she tells him that she doesn't want to be saved, but he says he's here for the real Mukuro. However, being the one who locked her own heart, she tells him to mind his own business. Shido questions Mukuro on why she sealed her emotions, but she retaliates by attacking him. Fortunately, Kotori tells him their Territory can detect and dodge objects as Shido evades Mukuro's attacks. However, MARIA informs Shido not to over-rely on it because he won't last from a direct hit by Mukuro's Angel. After he thanks MARIA and Kotori, Shido summons Natsumi's Angel, Haniel, to mimic Mukuro's Angel, so he can use it to unlock her heart.

As Fraxinus EX is prepared to retaliate against the DEM ships, Origami spots Artemisia and volunteers to fight her. Tohka, Yoshino, and the Yamai twins are prepared to fight too as Kotori commands MARIA to give Origami an emergency arming device. As a DEM ship attacks Fraxinus EX, Ellen communicates with Kotori. Kotori asks Ellen if she wants her, Shido, the Spirits and Fraxinus crew to surrender, which she reaffirms as her demands. Ellen notices that Kotori has a new ship, but remarks it's useless because she's going to wreck it again since Fraxinus has already been destroyed by Goetia in the previous timeline. After realizing DEM now has knowledge about the previous timeline due to <Beelzebub>, Kotori tells Ellen that Westcott's Demon King was impressive when he attacked Ratatoskr. This surprises Ellen, who was left in the dark about the planned ambush. Kotori taunts Ellen for not knowing by saying Westcott doesn't trust her. Despite feeling deliberately mocked, Ellen replies she'll go check after the battle is over. As the DEM ships move closer to attack Fraxinus EX, Kotori dispatches only Tohka and Origami to the battlefield while the rest need to stay in the ship. As the other Spirits protest against that decision, Kotori informs them that she has a plan that requires their presence.

Back in outer space, Mukuro attacks Shido, but he blocks her attacks by summoning ice barriers with Yoshino's Angel, Zadkiel. She asks him if he's a human, and he responds by considering himself one at least. Shido approaches Mukuro, but he is interrupted by DEM Bandersnatch units led by Artemisia. Artemisia attacks him, but he is saved by Origami. As Origami and Artemisia start fighting, Tohka saves Shido from Mukuro's attack. As Shido thanks Tohka, he summons Zadkiel to shield both of them from DEM’s attacks, and Tohka attacks them. Mukuro attacks Shido and Tohka, and he tells Tohka to fall back and contacts Kotori to do him a favor. As Origami fights Artemisia, the Ratatoskr Wizard asks why she's with DEM as it doesn't make sense for her to be friendly with them, much to Artemisia's surprise. Artemisia asks Origami how does she know her name as her head hurts, but it doesn't matter as she still attacks her. Origami admits Artemisia is stronger than herself as a Wizard, so she needs to combine her CR-Unit with her Limited Astral Dress to make up for the difference in skill. Artemisia realizes Origami was there when she came for Nia; however, she's still going to kill her without guilt since she's a Spirit.

Back at the fight between Fraxinus EX and the DEM ships, Kotori deploys the <Yggd Folium> and fires Mystletainn at them, but Goetia survives the blow. Ellen chases and attacks Fraxinus EX, but the Yamai twins, Yoshino, and Miku share their Reiryoku to power up the main cannon for an ambush that finally shoots down Goetia. Elsewhere, Shido and Tohka confront Mukuro again. Shido attacks Mukuro by mimicking her Angel, but she fends it off. Tohka charges at Mukuro as a distraction, but Mukuro dodges and seemingly sees through Shido's plan. She attacks him, but it turns out to be Natsumi in disguise, giving Shido the chance to unlock Mukuro's heart. Mukuro asks Shido who he is, and he responds that he's an ordinary high schooler before he finally unlocks her heart. As Origami and Artemisia continue fighting, Artemisia notices Goetia is heavily damaged. Origami tells her to give up as she has lost. However, Artemisia decides to launch one more attack at Mukuro and Shido before retreating. Shido uses Yoshino's Angel to shield them, but they find themselves pulled in by the Earth's gravity. As they enter atmospheric reentry, Shido holds her as they're about to crash land.

A brief flashback shows a young Mukuro being adopted and greeted by a family. Shido wakes up from this dream in Fraxinus' infirmary, much to everyone’s relief. Shido asks about Mukuro’s whereabouts, but Kotori doesn't know since they were separated when Fraxinus found him. However, Mukuro abruptly appears from a wormhole and hugs Shido from behind, much to his and everyone's surprise. She is grateful to him for everything he has done. Since Shido hasn't recovered, Mukuro will see him tomorrow. As everyone is discussing about Mukuro, Tohka asks Shido what he'll do when Mukuro says she'll come tomorrow, but Kotori says he still needs to be healed first. Kotori also explains the ship has some new facilities to soothe his body. Shido is relaxed in the bath imbued with magic. As Shido wonders about the dream he had in the infirmary, Origami comes out of the water, wanting to help wash him. Soon, the rest of the girls appear and offer to help wash him as well.

At DEM Headquarters, Ellen is shocked to hear that Westcott had attacked Ratatoskr's base while the director is undergoing recovery treatment. He also loses his arm from his fight with Woodman who had escaped with Karen. Ellen asks Westcott why he never told her about the ambush, but he responds by saying if she's going to kill Woodman without question, much to her surprise. Onboard Fraxinus EX, Shido is getting ready for Mukuro as he and Kotori are discussing about her. However, Mukuro suddenly grabs Shido without warning, and they're transported to Tengu City for their date.



Major Events[]

  • Origami reveals a new CR-Unit <Brunhild> that she can use in conjunction with her Limited Astral Dress.
  • Thanks to <Fraxinus EX>'s new ability to be fueled directly by the Spirits' power, <Fraxinus EX> deals a decisive blow to <Goetia>, forcing Ellen to retreat back to Earth.
  • By using <Haniel> to copy <Michael>, Shido is able to successfully unlock Mukuro's heart.
  • With her emotions free, Mukuro falls deeply in love with Shido after he saves them from atmospheric re-entry.


  • The episode title is the same as Volume 15, Chapter 7.


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