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Fearī Tēru
Air Date
May 6, 2022
Volume 14
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Once upon a time, there was a man named Shido Itsuka. What awaits Shido, Momotaro, and Little Red Riding Hood at the ball? Next time: "Fairy Tale." The emperor has no clothes.
― Episode preview

Fairy Tale (フェアリー・テール, Fearī Tēru?) is the fifth episode of Date A Live Ⅳ.


Waking up, Shido discovers himself dressed in a pig costume. After leaving the house, he comes across a wolf who ravenously starts to chase after him. Running away, he takes shelter in a nearby home and finds Yoshino, who is now in a Little Red Riding Hood outfit. Soon after realizing this, Shido and Yoshino are attacked by the wolf, who has now assumed the role of the grandmother from Yoshino's fairy tale. Luckily, they are saved by Tohka and Nia, who have taken the appearances of Momotaro and Nia's original manga character Fatima respectively. With Nia’s quick thinking, Tohka feeds the wolf one of her millet dumplings, taming the beast who then apologizes for acting rashly out of hunger. Nia explains that Westcott has used <Beelzebub> to trap them in a fantasy world with elements of classical fairy tales. While trapped in this world, the girls aren’t able to use their Angels, so Nia suggests they find a character in this world with the power to send them back. While Shido doubts they can easily find a person that convenient, Nia remarks that they should at least aim to find the others first.

Elsewhere, the Yamai twins find Kotori unconscious in a snowing alleyway. In their attempt to wake her up, they pretend that Shido is giving her a cardiac massage, which causes her to wake up and shout in embarrassed protest. Kotori realizes that through Westcott’s doing, she has assumed the role of The Little Match Girl. By igniting one of her matches, it produces an illusion of luxurious food and Shido by a warm fireplace. Embarrassed by Yuzuru’s suggestions that Shido manifested due to her own personal desires, Kotori then asks the twins which role they’re assuming here. The twins reply that they woke up in a forest, snacked on a candy house, and then ran away from a witch who chased after them. From their story, Kotori deduces that the twins have now assumed the appearance of Hansel and Gretel. While snacking on the sweets the twins acquired, their fire runs out as the group overhears a story about the emperor procuring a mermaid that repeatedly sings, “Darling, Darling!”

Back in the real world, the Fraxinus crew is unable to contact Kotori as they realize the base has come under attack from DEM. MARIA reassures the crew of their skills and remarks that panicking now would be more dangerous than the enemy. As Kannazuki complains about MARIA stealing his thunder, Reine reports that Woodman is safe and has given them instructions to use Fraxinus to head to Zodiac. Hearing this instruction, Kannazuki decides to defend their base until Kotori and the others return. However, at that moment, an explosion is heard as the enemy has breached the ship’s hanger by damaging their hull. Kannazuki gives Maria the command to use the Territory to jam the incoming Bandersnatch units. Still, Kannazuki acknowledges that the Territory wouldn’t provide much defense against DEM Wizards and ordinary bullets. As if on cue, the crew is taken hostage by DEM Wizards. While the crew feigns surrender, MARIA deploys a hologram of a white tiger to distract them, allowing Kannazuki to knock down one of the Wizards. The remaining two Wizards are then taken down by Munechika and Shiizaki. For the former, Munechika flies into a rage after the Wizard has shot down his beloved Misty figure. For the latter, Shiizaki uses her voodoo straw doll to supernaturally move the Wizard’s body. Impressed, MARIA admits that she now reconsiders her prior ban on the staff’s choice of items on the ship.

Shido and Kotori’s groups converge at the castle gate; however, they are denied entry by the guards due to their shabby clothes. Natsumi, arriving as Cinderella while in her older form, nearly convinces the guard to let them in. However, the clock eventually strikes midnight and Cinderella’s magic wears off, reverting her back to her true appearance. In order to compensate for this, the group decides to use Kotori’s matches to create the illusion of gorgeous dresses, which also has the effect of inadvertently turning Shido into Shiori in the process. Arriving at the main lobby room, they find Miku now has assumed the appearance of The Little Mermaid. After refusing the sea witch’s offer to turn her human in exchange for her voice, she was captured by fishermen and brought to the castle. The group is then introduced to the king, who turns out to be Origami in the role of the emperor from The Emperor’s New Clothes. Despite being naked with only her robe, Origami foolishly bought the lie that the clothes were only visible to those who love Shido.

As everyone has reunited, Kotori suggests using Origami’s royal authority to search the lands for a superhero with the ability to return them home. However, at that moment, the group comes under attack from the various villains of their fairy tales. Since they are not able to use their powers, the girls are left helpless to respond, which causes Shido to remember Mukuro’s remark that he might be doing more harm than good by sealing their powers. As Shido is about to tell them to run, the group is saved by a second Shido, who is a fictional variant created from the manga they had written earlier for Comico. Using his Sandalphon, this Shido slices apart the villains and reverts them back into storybooks. Since this fictional world was created by a Demon King, Shido is able to use his Angel to open a portal back home for everyone. Before leaving, Shido has a one-on-one conversation with his fictional counterpart, voicing his fears that he may have made the wrong choice. However, the fairy tale version of Shido reassures his other self, remarking that Mukuro’s willingness to seal her emotions could mean she was once miserable enough to resort to such a drastic action. In that case, he should save Mukuro and help her come to terms with her own emotions. After the two part ways with a fist bump, Shido returns to the real world. From there, Shido and the Spirits head back to Fraxinus as the newly upgraded ship departs for its maiden voyage into space.



Major Events[]

  • Shido's group is sent into a fictional world through <Beelzebub>, but they are able to escape thanks to the appearance of Shido's fantasy counterpart, who was created from the doujin they made.
  • Shido receives a pep talk from his fantasy counterpart, who remarks that Mukuro's willingness to seal her emotions can also be interpreted as a cry for help.
  • Fraxinus EX begins its maiden voyage into space in order to save Mukuro.

Differences from the Light Novel[]

  • In the novel, Nakatsugawa's Valkyrie Misty figure is destroyed by a ricocheted bullet after a DEM Wizard shot at MARIA's holographic tiger, provoking Nakatsugawa's assault. In the anime, he was already charging at the Wizard while holding the figure, which is hit by a bullet that was aimed at Nakatsugawa himself.
  • The third DEM Wizard was originally incapacitated by Kannazuki after Shiizaki's voodoo doll restrained him. In the anime, the Wizard is directly incapacitated by Shiizaki's voodoo.
  • The anime excludes the man who invites "Shiori" to dance while dismissing Kotori.
  • The anime excludes the MC woman threatening Miku into singing at the castle ball.


  • The episode title is the same as the fourth chapter of Volume 14.


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