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Sora no Seirei
Air Date
April 29, 2022
Volume 14
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See the stars! See the sky! See Mukuro! It's a new Spirit, floating in the cosmos! Next time: "The Spirit From Space.” When Earth is in trouble, Shido will rise! Shido will fight!
― Episode preview

The Spirit From Space (そらの精霊, Sora no Seirei?) is the fourth episode of Date A Live Ⅳ.


While in class, Shido reflects back on both what Nia had told them and what Mana said about Artemisia's background. Then, entering the classroom, Tama-chan appears while looking greatly distressed over having finally turned thirty. Despite her students' attempts to comfort her, Tama-chan merely laughs insanely and states that she would ask for a meteor to descend if granted a wish. Much to the class' surprise, the wish is fulfilled mere moments later as a meteor crash lands near the school.

Kotori soon contacts Shido, revealing this to be caused by a space-bound Spirit fending off attacks by DEM forces. Using a camera to project a 3D image of himself into outer space, Shido attempts to talk to the Spirit, Mukuro Hoshimiya. From Reine's analysis, her Angel, Michael, can move objects across long distances, as well as lock and unlock physical skills and memories of objects and people. Mukuro states that she used Michael on herself to seal her emotions, becoming a person of cold, dispassionate logic. Shido's attempts to persuade her to come to Earth with him fail, as she believes that the Spirits' reduced power will not protect them from anyone who would wish harm on them. She also threatens to stop the Earth's rotation should anyone interrupt her solitude again.

Between the threat of DEM successfully capturing Mukuro and Earth's destruction, Kotori tells Shido that Ratatoskr will travel into space with its upgraded spaceship, the Fraxinus Excelsior, in order to save Mukuro. Upon their first visit to the ship, the group is greeted by MARIA, the AI of Fraxinus who can now communicate with them thanks to the upgrades. But before liftoff, the Spirits receive a visit from Elliot Baldwin Woodman, the chairman and founder of Ratatoskr. Due to Nia already having prior knowledge of Woodman's backstory from Kurumi's request, she asks how Woodman could preach such altruistic rhetoric when he helped co-found DEM. In response, Woodman acknowledges his role in DEM and his original goal in attempting to capture Spirits and harness their power. However, upon realizing the immorality of their actions and falling in love with the Spirit of Origin, Woodman parted ways with Westcott and founded Ratatoskr to save Spirits. As soon as Woodman thanks Shido for keeping the Spirits safe, Westcott launches a surprise attack, having discovered Ratatoskr's secret base through <Beelzebub>'s power.

Shido's group then hurries back to the ship. But in the process, they run into Westcott, who then traps them in a dark void while he goes to confront Woodman.



Major Events

  • A new Spirit named Mukuro Hoshimiya is introduced.
  • Mukuro points out the hypocrisy in Shido's actions, noting how he is actually making the Spirits weaker and more vulnerable to DEM by sealing them.
  • Kotori takes the others to the construction location of the Fraxinus EX.
  • During the process, the group encounters Woodman and Karen, with the former confessing to being part of DEM but having since left due to falling in love with the First Spirit.
  • DEM launches a surprise attack on the Ratatoskr base. During the attack, Westcott uses <Beelzebub> to ensnare Shido and the sealed Spirits.

Differences from the Light Novel

  • Shido and the Spirits' first shrine visit of the year is omitted.
  • In the Light Novel, Nia arranges a private conversation with Shido and Kotori to discuss her past and the current state of her powers. In the episode, Nia simply discusses the state of her powers on the roof.
  • Instead of both Mana and Origami, only Mana discusses Artemisia with Shido, and "Mio" is not brought up.
  • Ellen and Artemisia exercising and meeting with Westcott at DEM’s Japan HQ are omitted.
  • Karen's declaration that her love for Woodman was her primary motivation for her defection from DEM is removed.
  • Shido and the Spirits' brief fight against DEM is removed, as Westcott immediately traps them in <Ashufiriya>.


  • In the title, space (宙) is specifically provided with furigana to indicate that the chosen pronunciation is "Sora". Coincidentally, this is the same phonetic name as Sora (ソラ), the main character from Kingdom Hearts, whose keyblade weapon shares many similarities with Mukuro's <Michael> in terms of design and powers.
  • The episode title is taken from the name of the second chapter of Volume 14.


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