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Kimi no Mono wa Watashi no Mono
Air Date
April 22, 2022
Volume 13
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The doujinshi convention is a battle of passion! The love and fervor of artists heats up the winter cold! Next time: "What's Yours Is Mine.” Westcott's intentions are finally known.
― Episode preview

What's Yours Is Mine (君のものは私のもの, Kimi no Mono wa Watashi no Mono?) is the third episode of Date A Live Ⅳ.


As the doujinshi battle at Comico commences, Nia starts with an early advantage due to the popularity granted by being a well-known manga artist. However, the group quickly retaliates by inviting friends and coworkers to purchase their work, with Tohka inviting the Ai, Mai, and Mii trio from school, and Origami inviting her old AST teammates, Ryoko, Mikie, and Mildred. Additionally, the girls reveal their trump card, using bunny girl costumes to help promote their sales. After realizing Nia is still ahead of them, Miku also uses her status as an idol as a form of promotion as well, promising everyone who bought their manga a handshake and selfie. In the end, both groups sell out their entire stock, leading the competition to conclude in a tie. Despite this, Nia agrees to read their manga, claiming that they had put up a good enough fight.

After reading their manga, Nia is impressed when seeing that it wasn't bad given that the group had 2 days to complete it. She decides to use Rasiel to find out how they made it in time, only to find that everything they had put in it was true. She later went back to the group and announced that she would go on a second date with Shido. But after the Spirits cheer, Nia warns them not to celebrate too early. As if on cue, an inverse reaction is suddenly triggered. While Shido and the Spirits are taken aback by the sudden change in mood, Westcott and Ellen have been observing Nia's mental state. After Westcott praises the successful inversion, Ellen asks him how he had managed to do it, as they had tried multiple methods of torture to make her hit rock bottom and go inverse. Westcott then reveals that he purposely allowed Nia to escape after she was freed because he told his facility crew to install a micro Realizer in her brain, which gave her amnesia regarding her DEM captivity. After remarking that Nia had almost lost all faith and trust in humanity, he says that he counted on her opening up to Shido and then automatically set the Realizer to deactivate, making her remember all 5 years of being in DEM's captivity. He then tells a blonde lady in the car with him that he and Ellen will both be relying on her assistance.

After recovering from their shock, the Spirits quickly equip their Astral Dresses. As if to counter them, Nia brings forth her Demon King, <Beelzebub>, and then summons several of the shadowy monsters from her own manga. Miku tells Shido to get to Nia, only for Ellen to arrive in her CR-Unit shortly afterward. Kotori immediately realizes that DEM is responsible for Nia's inversion. Ellen replies that they needed to end this quickly, as her Demon King presented a troublesome challenge. Kotori then tells Tohka, Kaygua, Yuzuru, and Miku to delay Ellen while everyone else helps Shido deal with the inverted Nia. When Shido and Kotori get closer to her, she uses what seems to be Future Entry, paralyzing Shido and Kotori. Origami, Yoshino, and Natsumi then attack some of Nia's monsters with their Angels, only for Nia to use Future Entry again and turn their own Angels against them. At that moment, Shido borrows the powers he sealed to use Zadkiel to freeze more of Nia's monsters, which are advancing on them quickly.

This also disrupts Nia's Future Entry and allows Shido and Kotori to move again, which grants Shido the opportunity to immediately summon Sandalphon to slice apart the frozen monsters. After hearing Nia scream again, Shido uses Miku's Gabriel to pull back Nia's consciousness. As it seemingly begins to work, another female Wizard appears out of nowhere and knocks him and Kotori to the ground. She then proceeds to stab Nia and remove a crystal from her chest. Shido then hears Origami shockingly call the Wizard "Artemisia Ashcroft". After this, Westcott appears as well and, after exchanging pleasantries with Shido, quickly grabs Nia's Qlipha Crystal. He states that he is now closer to fulfilling his deepest desires and absorbs the inverted Sephira crystal into his chest. After letting out an agonizing scream, Westcott grins and lets out a crazed evil laugh.

Westcott then ridicules Kotori's surprise that he was able to absorb a Sephira Crystal by saying Shido had done the exact same thing to 8 other Spirits. He then summons Beelzebub and creates more of Nia's Silver Bullet monsters, curiously remarking he knew exactly how to use his newfound power just by touching the Demon King. Ellen later joins Westcott and Artemisia, where Westcott creates a miniature flame and tells Ellen that it is the first of the majestic demons that will light their path to victory. He then remarks that they needed more than one Demon King to satisfy their ambitions. Tohka and the other Spirits later arrived on the scene and slashed away the monsters Westcott had summoned. After seeing Ellen get ready to fight, Westcott decides that obtaining one Demon King is enough to satisfy him for today and orders a retreat, remarking that not savoring each of them one by one would be a waste. As he begins to teleport away with Ellen and Artemisia, he warns Shido and the Spirits that he will plunder their Qlipha Crystals as well, advising them to enjoy their final days of peace while it lasts.

After Westcott's group left, Shido and the Spirits immediately ran up to Nia, where Tohka and Kotori quickly found out that Shido had successfully managed to draw her out of her Inverse Form and that she could now be sealed. Shido screams at Nia to open her heart, before kissing her. Nia then wakes up and tells him that she has already done so, thanking him before passing out again.

The next day, the Spirits all gather around to see the first sunrise of the year, and Nia remarks that she is relieved that Rasiel is gone, since having it for years only caused her to discover terrible things about other people. After Nia jokes about her age, she asks the other Spirits when they all became Spirits. In response, Kotori states that she, Miku, and Origami are the only non-pure Spirits in the group, but Nia replies by stating that all Spirits were once human, which quickly silences the entire group.



Major Events[]

  • The doujinshi sales contest ends in a tie; however, Nia still agrees to read their work.
  • DEM uses the Realizer implanted in Nia's head to force her to relive the days of torture they subjected her into, causing her to invert in the process.
  • Shido manages to use the other Spirits' angels consciously for the first time after remembering the sensation that happened when he lost control before.
  • Thanks to the new Adeptus 2, Artemisia Bell Ashcroft, Westcott successfully steals Nia's Qlipha Crystal and ends up taking ownership of the Demon King <Beelzebub>.
  • Shido manages to save Nia by sealing her and allowing her to heal through the circulation of Reiryoku between him and the other Spirits.
  • Nia reveals her theory that all Spirits used to be human.

Differences from the Light Novel[]

  • The beginning of the competition, when Nia first meets the other Spirits and exchanges a copy of her manga with Shido's, is omitted.
  • Munechika's backstory on why his circle disbanded and he stopped attending Comico is cut.
  • Ai, Mai, and Mii do not react negatively toward Shido for his behavior during his Reiryoku high.
  • When Origami's former AST comrades observe her change in personality, she dismisses it as their imagination. In the Light Novel, she attributed the changes to Shido, provoking a jealous reaction from Mikie.
  • Shido also questions why the AST members do not remember the old timeline, with Kotori explaining that the Reiryoku paths allowed the Spirits to do so. In the Light Novel, this was explained shortly after Origami was sealed.
  • Miku does not get upset over Nia not knowing her.
  • Shido attributes his ability to move within Future Entry to his actions not being overwritten yet, instead of his passive resistance to some Angel powers because of his sealed Reiryoku.
  • Shido does not try to attack Artemisia after she stabs Nia.
  • Nia's Inverse Astral Dress remains intact after losing her Qlipha Crystal rather than disappearing like in the Light Novel.
  • Westcott's suit remains intact rather than a portion burning off after taking in the Nia's Qlipha Crystal.
  • Nia's bleeding from Inversion and getting stabbed by Artemisia is heavily toned down, so Natsumi isn't seen using <Haniel> to assist in stabilizing Nia's condition, nor is the issue of her nearly dying from blood loss mentioned.
  • Westcott and Ellen learning about the old timeline via <Beelzebub> is omitted.
  • Shido and the Spirits visiting Nia in Ratatoskr's underground ICU after waiting for her to wake up is omitted.


  • The concept art and design of Inverse Nia's Astral Dress was drawn by Tsunako. [1]
  • The episode title is taken from the fifth chapter of Volume 13.



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