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Yoroshii, Naraba Nijigen da
Air Date
April 15, 2022
Volume 13
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The opening narration can now do the episode preview. Now that is freedom. Shido's dates are again underway! Next time: "So Be It, 2D It Is.” Date A Live's fourth act has begun!
― Episode preview

So Be It, 2D It Is (よろしい、ならば二次元だ, Yoroshii, Naraba Nijigen da?) is the second episode of Date A Live Ⅳ.


Shido attempts to win Nia's heart by cosplaying her favorite manga character, Tokiya. While initially successful in leaving a good impression, the date ends sourly when Nia is quickly angered by Shido acting out-of-character while dressed as Tokiya. As Nia is back at home showing some regrets over ditching Shido on their date, she sarcastically complains and requests her Angel to tell her what to do. At that timing, she receives a video game demo, which is secretly Ratatoskr's second plan, that allows Shido to communicate with her through the 2D world. Nia is soon impressed by the number of interactive options in the game, but her curiosity over the gameplay mechanics causes her to use her Angel and uncover Ratatoskr's plot.

Now with Nia in a rage over being deceived, Ratatoskr holds a group meeting with the other sealed Spirits in order to discuss their next plan going forward. As Tohka questions why Nia can only love 2D, Shido finds himself unable to provide a satisfactory answer. Yuzuru suggests that they simply continue to make Shido fulfill her preferences, to which Natsumi sarcastically remarks that she can use her Angel to literally turn Shido into a manga page. This gives Origami the idea to draw their own manga with Shido as the main character. As everyone decides to go with this plan, Nia interrupts by accessing their communication line through Rasiel. While she would normally read their doujin, that's not the case anymore after they made her angry, and her time is limited with her participating in the upcoming Comico. Kotori then has to taunt Nia by saying they also plan to sell their manga at Comico, with her requesting that she read it if they manage to outperform her in sales. Despite having no obligation to agree, Nia decides to humor them by accepting the challenge anyway. Later that evening, Kurumi visits Nia and asks for information and a method to kill the Spirit of Origin, the Spirit responsible for the creation of all other Spirits. From what she's learned, Kurumi tells her clones that the Spirit of Origin is so powerful that defeating her in straight-up combat is impossible. However, Kurumi still believes that such notions are trivial compared to any indirect advantage gained from her powers having authority over time.

Meanwhile, everyone ends up drawing a practice sketch of Shido to determine who will land a role on the illustration team. In the end, despite her own reluctance, Natsumi is elected head artist while the Yamai twins and Origami aid her as assistants. While the Spirits work hard at creating the manga, Shido and Kotori visit Takajo, Nia's old friend whom she eventually started to avoid, leading her friend to believe Nia did not like her anymore. This causes Kotori to believe that Rasiel made Nia aware of people's hidden dark thoughts. However, Shido believes Nia wouldn't do that and can overcome this problem with the help of the Spirits. Natsumi manages to finish the manga in time, but the strain from overworking causes her to pass out from exhaustion. At the same time, the other Spirits also state that they have completed their own secret preparations for the festival.



Major Events[]

  • After Shido's Tokiya cosplay and dating sim game fail to woo Nia, the Spirits decide to create a doujinshi sharing their experiences of Shido saving them.
  • Kotori challenges Nia to a manga sales competition at Comico, with Nia having to read their doujinshi if she loses.
  • Kurumi visits Nia to obtain information about the Spirit of Origin, ultimately learning that she is too powerful for her to directly kill.
  • The doujinshi, largely led through Natsumi's efforts, is finished just before Comico.

Differences from the Light Novel[]

  • Nia identifies Kurumi as her savior from DEM's captivity. In the light novels, her direct savior was Shido, and she instead identified Kurumi as the reason DEM did not interfere with her escape.
  • Kurumi's revelation from Nia to her clones about the people who are responsible for the creation of the Spirit of Origin is omitted.
  • Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Origami do not fall asleep after finishing their portions of the doujinshi.


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