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Date A Live Ⅳ Episode 11


Kajitsu no Zaigō
Air Date
June 17, 2022
Volume 16
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Long ago, Kurumi Tokisaki was an ordinary human. Why did she end up as "The Worst Spirit"? Next time: "The Recent Sin.” Kurumi's past unfolds.
― Episode preview

The Recent Sin (過日の罪業, Kajitsu no Zaigō?) is the eleventh episode of Date A Live Ⅳ.


In the classroom, Tohka gives chocolate to Shido, and he thanks her as today's Valentine’s Day. He asks her if it's kinako flavored, to which Tohka replies that it’s homemade kinako flavored chocolate. The Yamai twins enter the classroom and give their feather version of chocolate to Shido. Origami displays her miniature chocolate sculpture of herself and blushes after receiving a compliment from Shido. The male students are jealous of him, so they start a bizarre ritual by smashing a chocolate figure, written with Shido’s last name Itsuka, to pieces and devouring it. However, Ai, Mai, and Mii bring obligatory chocolate for their male classmates, which in turn satiates their bloodthirsty moods. Kurumi then appears and greets Shido. She tells him there's no need to be tense and they should save the fun for later. In response, Shido playfully replies that they have already prepared a room for her in the Spirit mansion.

When class is over, Shido approaches Kurumi and asks her out on a date, which she accepts. Tohka and Origami are also present as they watch Shido and Kurumi leave, wishing him luck. Kotori and Kyouhei inform Shido that the choices have come up to decide where to go: 1. Home, 2. Karaoke, 3. Net Café. However, Shido tells Kotori he has already decided where to go for the date. When MARIA questions if he doesn't trust her capabilities, Shido replies it's not like that. MARIA then states she is just kidding as he has a strong conviction to follow. Kotori tells Shido to go for it, and he thanks her and MARIA. He comes out of the school building and apologizes to Kurumi for making her wait, but she says it's okay and has somewhere she likes to go. Shido remarks he probably has the same place in mind as her. Kurumi, wanting to see if he's right, lets him lead the way to where she's thinking of going.

They arrive at the underwear store in the shopping mall. Kurumi asks if Shido wants to see her wear one, but he replies that's not the case. However, Kurumi states his guess was accurate, as she wanted to come here too. Kurumi asks if Shido remembers bringing one of her clones to the mall. Ever since, she has always wondered how she felt during her date with him. Shido asks Kurumi if she wants the same date, and he'll take her on the same date as back then. As the date progresses, they shop for underwear, go to the pet store to see the cats, and stop by the café. As the evening approaches, Kurumi wonders if Shido remembers this park, and he recalls she made him watch her fight Mana. Kurumi gives the chocolate to Shido, and he thanks her. However, he also gives her chocolate as they eat. Kotori and the Fraxinus crew are watching them and examining Kurumi's affection status. Reine explains that she is genuinely enjoying the date, but she points out that something resembling a strong conviction is holding Kurumi back. As a result, they won't be able to seal her Spirit powers until they root out whatever is the cause. When Shido brings up Kurumi's desire to kill the Spirit of Origin, she asks him if he wants to know her motives. As Kurumi is about to explain, she shoots Fraxinus' surveillance cameras and destroys Shido's intercom.

They went to the abandoned building, and Kurumi uses the Tenth Bullet <Yud> of Zafkiel to show her memories to Shido. Kurumi's story begins with her saving a cat from the tree and giving the pet to the little girl. Her friend Sawa praises her as Kurumi thanks her. As they walk, Sawa compliments Kurumi for always being a hero of justice who always helps the elderly and kids. They see the news on TV about the town getting destroyed by Civil War and 20,000 refugees have fled to camps, but the disease there runs rampant. Sawa invites Kurumi to her house and mentions an American Shorthair cat named Marron would love to see her, and she happily accepts. When Kurumi is looking at the photos she took with Sawa and Marron, an ice-like giant approaches her, but she is saved by a mysterious woman. Kurumi asks for the identity of both the monster and the woman. The girl, who introduces herself as Mio Takamiya, reveals the monster to be a Spirit which destroys the world and claims to be a hero of justice.

At night on the rooftop of the building, Mio explains to Kurumi that the Spirits are her enemies who harm the world. Mio asks if Kurumi wishes for power as she is compatible with the Sephira Crystal, and she wants her to join her to save the world. As Kurumi touches the Sephira Crystal, she turns into a Spirit. Mio tells her to don her Astral Dress as she will know how to use Spirit powers. When Kurumi summons her Astral Dress, Mio shows her a reflection of herself in her Spirit form as she talks about searching for an ally. Subsequently, Kurumi begins killing the Spirits under Mio's watch.

At school, Kurumi is in the restroom as she wears an eyepatch. Sawa appears, believing Kurumi has a stray cat, and invites her to her house when her aunt is coming with Marron's siblings. However, Kurumi turns her down and asks Sawa to invite her some other time. Kurumi then meets with Mio on the rooftop and kills another Spirit. As she prepares to head to Sawa's house, Kurumi decides to invite Mio. But upon seeing Mio, Kurumi is horrified to see Mio extract the Sephira from Sawa's corpse. Mio reveals that she gave humans the Sephira Crystals, using them as human sacrifices in order to refine them for the sake of her goal. The realization she had murdered her best friend causes Kurumi to begin inversing. However, Kurumi quickly uses the Fourth Bullet <Dalet> to reverse her mental state back to before being overcome by despair. Mio is shocked that she avoided getting inversed on her own and remarks it'd be bothersome if Kurumi's refined Sephira went back to normal, much to Kurumi's confusion. Mio explains that Sephira aren't initially compatible with humans, and they'll go berserk as they're unable to control its power just like Sawa who Kurumi had killed. She also explains that Sephira Crystals must go through repeated hosts in order to become more refined in their compatibility with humans. Furthermore, with a purified enough Sephira, a human with a strong affinity will retain their sanity as a Spirit like Kurumi. Kurumi asks Mio how could she do this, to which Mio replies that she has no grudge against the humans. However, she cannot stop until she achieves her goal. Mio then leaves Kurumi after rendering her unconscious.

Back in the present time, as Shido finishes seeing Kurumi's memories, he begins to understand Kurumi's motives for wanting to kill the Spirit of Origin.



Major Events[]

  • Kurumi is revealed to have been turned into a Spirit by Mio Takamiya, who had tricked her into killing other Spirits while she was unaware they were actually also humans.

Differences with the Light Novel[]

  • The portion of Kurumi's flashback in which she is attacked by the AST before recovering her memories with her Tenth Bullet <Yud> is removed. Instead, Kurumi simply explains to Shido that she used her Angel to restore the memories that Mio had suppressed.


  • The episode title shares the same name as Volume 16, Chapter 4.


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