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Date A Live Ⅳ Episode 10


Otome no Jikan
Air Date
June 10, 2022
Volume 16
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Valentine's is here! Excited girls! Panicking boys! When the world's fate is involved, excitement and panic are expected! Next time: "A Maiden's Time." Watch it or I'll seal you!
― Episode preview

A Maiden's Time (乙女の時間, Otome no Jikan?) is the tenth episode of Date A Live Ⅳ.


Kurumi's clones are discussing what they have planned for the next step. At school, Shido opens his bento, and Kurumi is surprised by the cat theme of the food. Shido asks if Kurumi wants a bite, but she declines by saying she'll feel guilty if she didn't share. As she reveals her bento, Shido is left surprised by the beautiful presentation of her well-made food. Hiding nearby, Tohka, Origami, and the Yamai twins are watching them compete against each other through their food. Shido offers Kurumi his lunch, which she accepts. As she takes a bite, Kurumi says it's delicious. In return, she feeds Shido her lunch, and he praises the meal with the same compliment. As Tohka is impressed, Origami tells her to stand back because it's dangerous. Meanwhile, the Yamai twins are upset as they want to compete too. As both of them offer each other's lunch, Kurumi also offers miso soup to Shido.

In the end, Shido and Kurumi end in a tie for the contest, and Tohka, Origami, and the Yamai twins clap their hands. Kurumi then eats the leftover rice sticking to Shido's cheek and asks if he has any plans after school next Wednesday. However, he replies with not having any spare time because of already planning to have a date with her then. Kurumi then leaves and thanks Shido for his time as she looks forward to their date. Shido responds with likewise, but also sarcastically remarks that there was a double meaning in how Kurumi gave her thanks for the word time. Tohka asks if Shido is okay, and he replies he is more or less fine. Kotori communicates with him, citing Kurumi had some swings in her mood, but the same could also be said for Shido. Kaguya questions why Kurumi choose next Wednesday. In response, Origami checks her phone to find out it’s when Valentine's Day will start.

During nighttime in the Itsuka residence, Tohka is excited about Valentine's Day where people can give chocolate to someone they like, however, Kotori tells her that she's on the giving side. Tohka says it's okay and is happy to give something to Shido, but Kotori can tell she's disappointed. As the Spirits discuss the matter, Miku suggests Kurumi is planning to win the contest on Valentine's Day so she can devour Shido's Reiryoku and life. However, Natsumi doubts that he'll admit defeat if it means costing his life. Nevertheless, Kotori remarks that Kurumi wouldn’t have suggested this if she wasn’t confident in her victory. Kotori then instructs them to all give chocolate to Shido.

Later that evening, Shido wakes up to find three people underneath his blanket, which he easily guessed it's Origami, Miku, and Nia. When they show themselves, they're dressed in their undergarments, much to his surprise. They tell Shido that they're giving him the "experience" against Kurumi's seductive advances, but he yells and forces them out of his room. Afterward, he suddenly hears something outside from his window, believing it's Kurumi. But the surprise visitor ends up being the Nibelcole. They greet Shido and reveal they are a Spirit created by DEM. Then, they attack Shido with the intent to kill him. However, this triggers the healing power of Kotori's Angel, Camael, for Shido. Nevertheless, the Nibelcole decide to keep killing him until he stays dead. Shido awakens screaming in his bed, believing it all to have been a bad dream. Upon heading to the living room, he sees Kotori sitting on the couch and greets her, but he is shocked to see that she has a mature appearance.

Kotori questions Shido if he's staring at her legs, but then remarks he's a guy after all. Shido asks if she's Kotori and says the growth spurt doesn't explain her bust, much to her anger and leading her to throw a pillow at him. Yoshino appears and also has a mature appearance. Yoshinon tells Shido that Yoshino needs his help for a taste test. The other Spirits also appear in more mature forms: Tohka dressed as a health education teacher, Natsumi wearing only a towel, the Yamai twins cosplaying as nurses, and Mukuro wearing an elaborate kimono. While shocked, Shido sees Origami, Miku, and Nia in their child form. As Shido wonders what is the meaning behind this, Origami explains it's training to not fall victim to Kurumi's advances. Kotori informs him that he needs to get used to a mature girl's charms in order to build up a resistance towards Kurumi's charms. When Shido asks them if they used Natsumi's Angel, Haniel, they resume the training and force him to run away. However, he bumps into Reine, who just happens to come by through the entrance. As she sees Tohka, Origami, and Mukuro, Reine comforts Shido, causing the three clap their hands in applause.

Kotori informs the Spirits to move to the next plan as Reine has obtained the ingredients necessary to make homemade Valentine's Day chocolate. When Mukuro asks Kotori the difference between light and dark cacao, Reine answers that darker means it's bitter and lighter means it's sweeter. As Kotori thanks her, Reine inquires what kind of chocolate she will plan to make for Shido. Kotori says melting it into a simple shape feels uninspired, but she might mess it up if it's too complicated. However, Reine reassures Kotori that she's worrying over nothing, and she should think about the person it’s going to. Kotori admits to Reine being correct about her overthinking. Miku calls out to Kotori and Reine about making chocolate that she can drizzle over her body, and Nia wants to make Shido some super-energy-boost bars. Flustered and embarrassed for them, Kotori yells at them to just make normal chocolate.

When Kotori sees Origami and asks what she is using to make chocolate, Origami answers it's silicone for a mold case of herself. However, Reine reminds Origami of the problem of needing to think how much volume there is in a human body as Shin (Shido) will consume an excessive amount of sugar. As Origami feels embarrassed over not considering that, Reine tells her that she's too busy thinking about Shido and needs to keep his health in mind next time. As Origami plans to size down her chocolate model, Kotori apologizes to Reine for getting her involved during her day off. Suddenly, as Yoshino asks Reine why she always refers to Shido as Shin, Reine replies that she thought his name was Shintaro at first. As Yoshino understands, Reine has decided to make chocolate as well. When Kotori questions who is it for, Reine replies it's for the Fraxinus crew, colleagues at Raizen High, and Shido. Kotori thought she found someone special, but Reine says there's no one like that these days. Then, Kaguya and Yuzuru curiously inquire if there's someone she liked in the past, which is a question that gathers the interest of the other Spirits as well.

As Reine admits to the Spirits that there was someone she liked, she mentions he was a kind person and doubts that anyone can surpass his place in her heart because her first love will be her last love. Suddenly, Kurumi appears and comments on how beautiful it is to hear Reine’s story. Kurumi explains that she is planning to give Shido some chocolate as well and requests if she can join them. Reine agrees to the request, as it is a good chance to collect data on Kurumi, and returns to Fraxinus. Since Kurumi has gotten permission, she announces the beginning of her preparations to seize Shido's heart. However, Tohka confronts Kurumi, saying she'll protect Shido. Meanwhile, Yoshino and Mukuro agree and state they will do the same.

As they get started, Yoshino asks Kotori how to melt chocolate, but she's unable to respond. Kurumi wonders if it's Kotori’s first time tempering chocolate, but she lies to save face by remarking she has done it before. Kotori places the chocolate in the pot and turns on the heat, but her inexperience causes it to accidentally burn. Kaguya tries to take the pot off, but has her hands burned. As Kotori is about to request aid from Origami, she sees a chocolate statue of Origami with wings and no clothes, much to Kotori's silent disbelief. Fortunately, Natsumi appears to help her by knowing the basics. Kotori quickly holds Natsumi's hands and tearfully requests for her guidance, much to Natsumi's embarrassment.

The next day, Kotori, Yoshino, Miku, Natsumi, Nia, and Mukuro present their homemade chocolates to Shido for Valentine's Day. They tell him not to lose to Kurumi as he's about to head to school. Meanwhile, Kurumi's clones are discussing their next turn in having a glorious death for their and Shido's sake.



Major Events[]

  • Shido is visited by the Nibelcole.
  • The girls, minus Origami, Miku, and Nia who are being punished for trying to get ahead, use Natsumi's Haniel to age themselves up for Shido's training against Kurumi.
  • The girls begin making homemade Valentine's Day chocolate for Shido.

Differences from the Light Novel[]

  • The Nibelcole begin their assault on Shido by slashing his chest instead of cutting his feet off.


  • The episode title shares the same name as Volume 16, Chapter 3.
  • The kimono Mukuro wore is inspired by Encore 8's short story Mukuro Geisha.


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