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Awateru na. Kore wa Seirei no Wana da
Air Date
April 8, 2022
Volume 13
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Don't Panic. This is a Spirit Trap (あわてるな。これは精霊の罠だ, Awateru na. Kore wa Seirei no Wana da?) is the first episode of Date A Live Ⅳ.


A DEM research facility comes under attack by Kurumi's clones, as she finally has discovered where the Spirit codenamed “Sister" had been kept hostage. The scientists and guards are unable to call in reinforcements before they are overwhelmed, which allows Sister to escape in the ensuing chaos of the facility being destroyed. Kurumi is overjoyed that she finally found the captive Spirit.

Meanwhile, Shido wakes up in Ratatoskr's secret underground base after being examined by Reine. Reine expresses her relief that Shido's powers are returning to normal, as she had been worried about his spirit powers going out of control. As Shido thanks her for all the work done to monitor his health, the rest of the Spirits walk in. After Shido greets them, he asks Reine where Kotori is, to which she replies that she is busy with something in exam room 2. He then told the Spirits to get their checkups done and went to the room. When he walked in, he found Kotori trying to strip Mana. After recovering from the shock, Shido tells Kotori it's wrong to be so forceful. Kotori and Mana both then explain that Kotori had been trying to give Mana a checkup in order to see if her body could be saved from the magic treatment DEM inflicted on her. After seeing Kotori aggressively retaliate against Mana’s complaints, Shido slowly leaves the room as Mana screams for him to help her.

On the way home, Shido encounters Nia, who is collapsed on the streets from starvation. He brings her to her workplace where she draws her manga manuscripts and reluctantly cooks a meal for her. Before he can leave, Nia reveals herself as a Spirit with knowledge of his goal to save Spirits. She is already aware of Shido's mission thanks to her Angel, Rasiel, which is akin to a super-search engine that grants omniscient knowledge. For her own amusement, Nia decides to go on a date with Shido to Akihabara. Despite the date seemingly proceeding well, the Fraxinus crew discovers that Nia's affection values haven't changed at all. It is then that Nia reveals that she has never fallen in love with anything other than characters from fiction.



Major Events[]

  • Kurumi's attack on a DEM base allows the Second Spirit, Nia Honjo, to escape captivity.
  • Nia, using the power of her Angel, discovers Shido's existence and offers him a date to seal her power.
  • While the date to Akihabara proceeds smoothly, Nia's affection level remains stagnant, which causes her confess that she can only love 2D.

Differences from the Light Novel[]

  • Nia is still undergoing torture in DEM's captivity in an attempt to make her Inverse when she is freed from their base by Kurumi. In the Light Novel, she is instead being transported to Japan in a state of hibernation while codenamed as "Material A".
  • In the Light Novel, it was Shido who shot down Nia’s transport aircraft during his Reiryoku high. Consequently, her encounter with Shido was partially arranged out of gratitude for this.
  • The confrontation between Kurumi's clones and the new Adeptus 2 is omitted.
  • As Shido's flirting with Tamae, Ai, Mai, and Mii during his Reiryoku high were omitted, Reine does not suggest any methods to address the consequences.
  • While in Ratatoskr's underground HQ, Shido is visited by the all the current Spirits besides Kotori. In the novel, Kotori was the only one overseeing his inspection before leaving to attend to Mana.
  • Due to Mana not making an appearance in season 3's adaptation of volume 12, Shido doesn't thank Mana for helping when he went of control. Consequently, Mana’s interrupted attempt to ask Shido about the name "Mio" is also omitted.
  • Shido and Munechika's discussion about Souji Honjo's manga returning to serialization is removed.
  • Nia reveals that she is a Spirit by manifesting her Astral Dress right before bringing up that Shido secretly seals Spirits. As she does the latter first in the novels, Shido became paranoid over how she knew before she revealed her Spirit powers.
  • Nia displays her Future Entry by forcing Shido to flip up her dress instead of massaging her.
  • Nia does not mention that she was caught specifically by Ellen, and her admission to not remembering what DEM did to her occurs during her date instead of when Shido was at her apartment.
  • Shido's discussion with Kotori explaining Nia's powers and captivity after meeting her is removed.
  • Nia offering Shido a choice of cosplay outfits for her to wear is removed.
  • Nia's confession of only loving 2D happens on the way to the café, when Shido falls on top of her and attempts to kiss her, instead of within the café itself.


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